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Daddy's Princess | Deviless by ghosts_kitten
Daddy's Princess | Devilessby Kitty
*This story is DDLG & a genderbend for Ghost* {Deviless | Sitkolson}
Love is a Broken Window | Cricky [C] by NonaHysteria
Love is a Broken Window | Cricky [ ɳøɳα
Hearts shatter like glass, and Devils throw stones at the most fragile of reflections. Ricky's heart has been broken, laid to bits for all to see. The one person who dar...
Chris Motionless is my dad.  by emo_fangirl596
Chris Motionless is my dad. by Victoria Galvan
Legacy-Ann Cerulli is the daughter of Chris Motionless of Motionless in white. But the thing is he doesn't know that he has a daughter. So what happens when her mom gets...
Hatefuck- Chris Motionless Fanfic by geekfanficwriter
Hatefuck- Chris Motionless Fanficby Megan
Chris and Megan absolutely hate each other. Chris thinks Megan is a stuck up, rich girl who is a pretentious musician and Megan thinks Chris is an asshole with an anger...
Your Sweet Six Six Six | Sitkolson [C] by NonaHysteria
Your Sweet Six Six Six | ɳøɳα
Yeah, I finally made a Sitkolson, per your requests. And it'll give you deja vu to any cheesy 90s rom-com you've ever seen.
I Long For A Love (Chris Motionless Fan Fic) by iluvsws_ptv
I Long For A Love (Chris Hi-Me
Marietta is a HUGE Motionless In White fan. When she meets Chris at her friend's party, he instantly falls in love with her and she feels the same. Marietta hasn't been...
One Shots [OPEN] by ScrantondailKittens
One Shots [OPEN]by Scrantondail Kittens
miw one shots | gay shit warning | requests open
Horrific Angel ~ Chris Motionless x Ricky Horror (Cricky) by corgilordway
Horrific Angel ~ Chris Andy
When Chris is in need of a job, a friend offers him one at the research facility he works at; a place that is said only to research the behavior in small animals for med...
Fatal by GhostlyDemons
Fatalby Allie
Hayden Madison is 16 and the weirdest girl in her town. Never knowing who her father was, she figured she was more like him than her snobby rich mom. They were total opp...
Forever and Always ~ A Josh Balz Love Story by BloodSapphire
Forever and Always ~ A Josh Balz Sapphire Von Asters
Being the daughter of the tour manager for Motionless in White is amazing, ESPECIALLY if you're working merch for them. But for 16 year old Farren Korel, she isn't so ha...
Motionless In White smut by ryanhorrorx
Motionless In White smutby ✖️Emil✖️
[requests currently closed] Writing this to improve my smut and oneshots, and anything else related to those. If you don't like it, don't read it. Mostly gay MIW stuff...
We're Finding Hope In The Hopeless by flyingrainbowpandas
We're Finding Hope In The Hopelessby Drielle S
(Sequel to That Which Doesn't Kill You, Just Fucks With Your Mind) Blaze has dropped the bomb of pregnancy on Ricky and Chris. Too bad she doesn't know whose baby it is...
Yoonmin ( chats humor) by saranheo_you
Yoonmin ( chats humor)by A W E B O
POR SI ACASO NO ME JUZGUEN NUNCA HE HECHO UNA DE HUMOR :V •Pareja principal: •Yoonmin •Parejas secundarias: •Vhope •Namjin Kookie se queda solo io luego le busco :v
Motionless In White One Shots by bleedxblack
Motionless In White One Shotsby ✴ Circe Cadaverous ✴
sub·mis·sive /səbˈmisiv/ adjective ready to conform to the authority or will of others; meekly obedient or passive. - Smut | Fluff | Gore | Requests - The author will be...
Fiend Club | Andley/Ghorror/Angeless [C] by ScrantondailKittens
Fiend Club | Andley/Ghorror/ Scrantondail Kittens
Monsters; They've disappeared for so many centuries, they've become old wives tales. For most, that is. When a few curious teenagers venture into a supposedly abandon ca...
Across The Stars by janethekiller212
Across The Starsby ~T•A•T•I•A•N•A•R•O•M•A•N•O•V~
An alternate ending of revenge of the sith. You'll understand once you read it.
Lost Soul | Ghorror  by VenomousWasp
Lost Soul | Ghorror by Venomous Wasp
You work hard every day and what do you get from it? Defiantly not enough not enough to survive. This is a fact that Devin knows to well. He is a stripper working at a s...
Stry by namjxxnfelixx
Stryby yxxngi
a story about a teen girl and her sad lonely life ... will it have romance?? Probably noT she sucks with interaction let's see how far she survives in her school life...
No One Can Know About Us (Motionless In White) by rad_lex1125
No One Can Know About Us ( Alex
Natalie thought she found 'the one.' She was convinced that this abnormal man from a small bar could make her forget about all the previous heartbreaks. She thought he w...