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Chris Motionless's lil Misfit by WhorrorLore
Chris Motionless's lil Misfitby Luna Horror
A pinky promise is forever...
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date rape Chris and kuza by xxbrucesnopxx
date rape Chris and kuzaby olivia
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blind eyes by WednesdaysCoffin
blind eyesby WednesdaysCoffin
He sat on the sofa in the front lounge, watching as she followed his bandmate around like a lost puppy. That beautiful, intelligent, amazing woman who was always so viva...
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The Dark Side - Chris Motionless by ImSoBadlyBroken
The Dark Side - Chris Motionlessby Miss Morgue
Samantha is a new kid in the public college her parents forced her to go to, what happens when she is involuntarily introduced to Chris Cerulli(motionless), the kid that...
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Motionless In White smut by ryanhorrorx
Motionless In White smutby ✖️Emil✖️
[requests currently closed] Writing this to improve my smut and oneshots, and anything else related to those. If you don't like it, don't read it. Mostly gay MIW stuff...
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Time To Live by WednesdaysCoffin
Time To Liveby WednesdaysCoffin
[Sequel to "Time To Waste"] Twelve months after the demise of her relationship with Chris, Jenna will come face-to-face with her ex-boyfriend for the first tim...
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Long Lost Twins (Chris Motionless) by LauraVampire33
Long Lost Twins (Chris Motionless)by Laura Vampire
Christopher Thomas Cerulli grew up in a small town called Scranton, Pennsylvania. He lived and grew up with his family, well most of his family... not all. At his 18th b...
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Cursed to Love You | Cricky by Chrysalis__
Cursed to Love You | Crickyby S.L.
[Read "Sleep Away Camp" first] 5 years have passed since Ricky first met Chris at a sleep away summer camp. 4.5 years after camp ended, Ricky & Chris are no lo...
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Miw boyxboy oneshots  by motionlessinfwhite
Miw boyxboy oneshots by 🕯🕯
Ig the title just says it already. Its a motionless in white one shot book. All boyxboy bc I loveee the ships C:
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Pinky Promise - Sequel to Chris Motionless's Lil' Misfit by WhorrorLore
Pinky Promise - Sequel to Chris Mo...by Luna Horror
"I keep it all inside because I know the man is everything but kind..."
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Against The Waves (Ghost X Reader) by coffincerulli
Against The Waves (Ghost X Reader)by Caylee:(:
Abused, broken and left to die out on the streets. The last image you see is of your boyfriend leaving you to die, as you pass out a stranger picks you up and carries yo...
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The Game//Vinny Mauro by cryanoverryanuwu
The Game//Vinny Mauroby Cryan😳🖤
Emma and Vinny have always been enemies in some sort of way. So Ryan and some other friends decide to do this little game. Eva,a girl in the school decides to post on he...
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Emo band smutshots *ON HOLD* by leaveOmeOalone
Emo band smutshots *ON HOLD*by leaveOmeOalone
Im a disappointment This is going to be cringey. and the title is self-explanatory.
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Motionless In White [SMUT]  by RickyXMYHEROIN
Motionless In White [SMUT] by Depressed T-Rex
It's exactly what the title says hon. Request open. Stories will be written with two different concepts. Sweet stories = semi love stories realized through sexy time lo...
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Little Horror (A Ricky Horror DDLG Story) by hipster_emo
Little Horror (A Ricky Horror DDLG...by Iris Strummond
**WARNING: This story contains a DD/LG Relationship. Read at your own risk**
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Motionless In White One-Shots ✔ by CharlottePacific
Motionless In White One-Shots ✔by Charlotte Pacific
A collection of drabbles. Smut will be indicated at the beginning of each piece.
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Fallen For  by Obsession_With_BVB
Fallen For by Kay
Ashley Sexton is a 22 year old girl, who has no family left in her life...except for Zak Bagans who is her cousin. What will happen when she joins Zak? Will everyone lik...
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Camp Kill Yourself by WednesdaysCoffin
Camp Kill Yourselfby WednesdaysCoffin
[AU][MIW/INK/ETF/AFI crossover][horror/slasher/comedy] Summer camp can be a bloody affair!
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Motionless in white preferences and imagines  by DeepestShade0fJADED
Motionless in white preferences an...by ScreamScarlet
Fantasizing about my life with all the members since 2012. Recommendations are always open to everyone and anyone.
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dare (Cricky) by andytheRat
dare (Cricky)by andy147
Popular punk Chris gets dared to ask nerdy quiet kid Ricky out. Need I say more? (@Rose11678 is doing an Angeky version of this so check that out)
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