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Demon straw hat Luffy by AtharvaMishra0
Demon straw hat Luffyby Atharva Mishra
This is a story where Luffy ate two fruits that are the Avatar-Avatar fruit and Gomu-Gomu no mi, a Logia class devil fruit and a paramecia/Zoan mythical type, and became...
The king is back and it's here to conquer by Kinstrak
The king is back and it's here Kinstrak
Monkey D Luffy watches as his crew is murdered by Sakasuki Akainu and Blackbeard. Luffy is angry as the corrupted marine didn't even gave them a trial and just resort to...
Luffia, Goddess of the Sun by Blackreach2204
Luffia, Goddess of the Sunby DrekonDLuna
If you are new to my stories. I write long and detailed chapters. So expect 2000 to almost 4000 word chapter. This story is about a smart female Luffy x Zoro. The story...
Weird Kid by BLlover_4ever
Weird Kidby Lama
Basically Luffy has magic but an accident happens, aka being taken, which changes a lot. As he meets new people that get attracted to him. AU MxM MxG GxG One piece is ow...
Luffy's challenge by mikk1012
Luffy's challengeby mikk1012
ok this is a strange idea but hear me out. what if luffy was a girl the whole time, like not a secret but luffy is a literal girl the whole time. so through Luffy's whol...
Gravity God (DISCONTINUED) by BrevZinMihawk
Gravity God (DISCONTINUED)by Mihawk
Luffy the kid who will destroy or save world, he ate at age of seven zushi zushi no mi.
The Vaporic Strawhat by ChristianKoskie
The Vaporic Strawhatby Skyclonemerome
Poke Poke Fruit Model: Vaporeon Luffy found a Strange fruit when playing on the beach that allowed her to become a Vaporeon, one of the many extinct Pokemon in the worl...
The Surprise (One Piece Fanfic) - Discontinued  by SamahAhmed021287
The Surprise (One Piece Fanfic) Samah Ahmed
You wouldn't guess what's going to be in this story. And trust me, it is worth it. I'll be updating whenever I can. DISCLAIMER:I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS NOR TH...
Lost at see (LawLu) by -Raven_Shadow-
Lost at see (LawLu)by Shadow
Rain fell covering the tears that fell from his eyes as he walked forward, his legs shaking with each step he took barely able to hold his weight. They where all gone. E...
He fell at first sight by Trafalgar_D_Kairin
He fell at first sightby Alexa_Rakesha
Thacht was bored out of his life. He was banned from pranking ever again by the mother hen. That is until he met her.
Luffy The Flowering Human(Different Devil Fruit Two-Shot) by XxFirereddragonxX
Luffy The Flowering Human( Alicia Blomberg
What if instead of the Gum Gum fruit Luffy ate the Flower Flower fruit? (Robins fruit) P.S Luffy will be a little smarter in this Art work and One Piece don't belong to...
The Wind Demon Strawhat Luffy by JasonBlood7
The Wind Demon Strawhat Luffyby Jason Blood
Luffy eats a different devil fruit and is trained at the early age of 7 all the way up to 18 so different take on the usual one there will be at least 3 characters gende...
The Man Who Conquerors by Ace2378
The Man Who Conquerorsby AZURA Dracule Vain Midoriya
he was so close so close to achieving the one dream he set out to accomplish with him and his crew but he wasn't prepared to lose it all after so many years of sitting o...
The Empire Of Nightmares and Dreams  by Harli40
The Empire Of Nightmares and Harli40
Life was unfair. So very very unfair. Lethia knew this. Fuck she always knew this. So why? Why did this hurt so much? She knew. Fuck! She knew this could have happened. ...
The love that lasts forever(Luffy x Hancock) (One piece) by Rystyyy
The love that lasts forever( broken_record 💯
The Pirate Empress; Boa Hancock, joined his beloved Strawhat Luffy in his adventures after the shichibukai are disbanded. A few months have passed since Hancock joined t...
Luffy Second Chance  by JasonDeanLawton999
Luffy Second Chance by Jason Lawton
What if Luffy lost everything but one strange being gives him a second chance at life
The last piece by BloodofTyr
The last pieceby God
Luffy and Zoro return to the past and this time they get the help from a certain government Doctor. Luffy is blind (doesn't hinder him in anyway since his observation ha...
Monkey D. Luna (One Piece Fem. Luffy Story) by Harli40
Monkey D. Luna (One Piece Fem. Harli40
Luna a female who accidentally ate the Ginga-Ginga (galaxy-galaxy) fruit sets out to become the King of the pirates well queen in her case. What will happen to her? How...
The crew that will save the world by Blackreach2204
The crew that will save the worldby DrekonDLuna
What if Law, Bonney, Kid and Luffia all lost their crews. What if they found an ancient device that could send them back in time. Join Luffia as she gathers more crew me...
Strawhats In Dragon Ball(slow Updates and editing ) by Smiling_Shadow_69
Strawhats In Dragon Ball(slow Smiling Shadow
a story where after Luffy becomes pirate King but he and his crew are pulled into a portal that leads to the dragon ball world and Luffy DNA changes to be that of a sa...