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I Think I Love My Best Friend by JoeysIowaMask
I Think I Love My Best Friendby JoeysIowaMask
Bandmates and long term friends, Y/n Myers and Joey Jordison are suppressing their love for each other.
Slipknot Imagines by verincopia
Slipknot Imaginesby DemonWolf2900
There's not one of these books, at least that I think. I decided to make this!
The Nine- A Slipknot Story by the-known-failure
The Nine- A Slipknot Storyby Trash Beyond This Point
Mia has a normal life. She works for a radio station, playing music and interviewing celebrities. She has a nice house and is single for life. She has a best friend who...
Shaken by idioticlaney
Shakenby Laney 🖤💫🖤
- You're Rainn, you design almost everything for the popular band Slipknot. You're 23 and living your best life in 1999. Could you be enjoying it too much? Some of the m...
My world (A Corey Taylor ff) by oofioii
My world (A Corey Taylor ff)by oofioii
What would happen if you went to a slipknot concert, and had VIP passes to meet them. But Corey act weird around you almost embarrassed and soon ask for your number...
The Negative One  by 7_MICK_7
The Negative One by ᑕᖇᗩᘔY ᗯᖇITEᖇ
The members of slipknot are grieving the death of Paul gray. One night Mick stumbles upon a small child behind the venue they are preforming at. What happens when they...
Things Happen (DISCONTINUED) by weirdo_dre
Things Happen (DISCONTINUED)by weirdo_dre
In which Sid Wilson's sister falls in love with the drummer of Slipknot NOT AN X READER!!! (Joey Jordison fanfic) #1 in slipknot 8/30/20 #2 in joeyjordison 3/20/21 #1 in...
Step Inside- Joey Jordison by sl1pkn0t_
Step Inside- Joey Jordisonby 3y3l3ss666
Joey Jordison X Reader (((Set in 1999))) Hi, I'm (Y/N), today I was supposed to be seeing Slipknot. Instead, I ended up falling in love with their drummer. This is that...
The Tattered and Torn by 666KAM999
The Tattered and Tornby ☆Kam☆
When Mick Thomson is graced by the presence of Victoria Smith he is faced with confusion on why she, a perfect woman would even bother with a man like him.
The Difference Between You And Me (Slipknot Fan Fic) by Chef-Leppard
The Difference Between You And Chef_Leppard
Cortney Sixx is the new girl in school. She's shy and hates socialising. She meets Corey Taylor, the class clown, and ends up falling for him. Trying to ignore her feeli...
metal/grunge/rock oneshots bc why not by aprettyweirduser
metal/grunge/rock oneshots bc poop
hi fam, send requests through any request or suggestion chapters I have!!! please also look at what I won't do for requests 😋🙏 grrrr hi im jenny and I write silly litt...
The Devils Favorite Demon by DJPiper
The Devils Favorite Demonby ‘Lil Lucifer
It's really hard to kill a demon, you need alot of holywater, maybe a devils trap and a spell, or a special knife. But when it comes to the princess of Hell, Satan's dau...
♣ She's more powerful than you think... and more crazy.♣ Willow Rae Nejem is more commonly known as 'Bonesnapper'. This metahuman is one of the most powerful yet. People...
Dolly | Suicide squad |updating by cookiecupcakefighter
Dolly | Suicide squad |updatingby Naya
"I've been a sinner since i was born" Being bad isn't really that hard well in Trinity eyes a.k.a dolly who is certainly one of the most dangerous woman who ca...
freak ࿂ suicide squad by wiltedember
freak ࿂ suicide squadby issa
❝what if i sigh, and the black earth beneath me scatters like insects running from my breath? am i a god then? am i insane because i worry about the disassembling of ear...
You're Mine by bruh624
You're Mineby bruh624
When 22 year old Erin goes to a Slipknot concert, she's taken backstage. Where she Meets Corey Taylor. Will her life change for the better or worse? SETTING: 1999 ******...
El Diablo : Fiery Love by MagicCrank16
El Diablo : Fiery Loveby MagicCrank16
Number 11 in #chatosantana Chato Santana a.k.a El Diablo. A gangster with pyrokinetic powers who once burned down a building with his wife and children inside. ...
Short Stories for Slipknot (totally legit) by spagh3ttiincid3nt
Short Stories for Slipknot ( neo/bunny ①
A wonderful collection of short stories featuring: the members of Slipknot! I know Joey and Chris aren't in the band anymore but they'll still be included. I AM TAKING S...