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Kidnapped By Slipknot by BishWhutever
Kidnapped By Slipknotby BishWhutever
Erin goes to knotfest to see her favorite band. Little did she know that they'd capture her...
Unknown numbers.  by Miss-ESP-LTD-Arrow
Unknown numbers. by All Stuff Bands
in which a young girl accidentally shares a pic of self harm to an unknown number. but that number seems to care for said stranger. what happens when the girl grows de...
Thank you by 12_maggot_34
Thank youby yuh
Isabella a 19 year old metal head doesnt have it easy. Her mum, who is an alcoholic, hates her...running away seems to be her only hope but what happens when she's found...
Adopted little one. by Miss-ESP-LTD-Arrow
Adopted little All Stuff Bands
In which Corey decides to adopt a baby girl who caught his eye in the orphanage. Little does he know, she has a tough past at the small age of 6 months.
A Dim Christmas by BandannaHetfield
A Dim Christmasby BandannaHetfield
A Jim Root x Reader Christmas story. All I will say is:NO ONE SHOULD SPEND THE HOLIDAYS ALONE!
Rocker chicks new home.  by Miss-ESP-LTD-Arrow
Rocker chicks new home. by All Stuff Bands
Slipknot adoption. in which a girl has been foster to foster and no one wants her.
An old friend  [Joey Jordison] by numetalova
An old friend [Joey Jordison]by numetalova
Just when Kami's life is as boring as ever, a gas station run in with an old friend from high school changes her life, and things finally start to get interesting...
Hate me, love me by Sweettophat_bro
Hate me, love meby Sweettophat_bro
Netina, but you can just call her Nina is Slipknot's body guard and Chris's little sister. Corey is her best friend, Joey is her crush and Sid.. she hates Sid but, what...
7 minutes in Heaven  by Overdosed_on_Music
7 minutes in Heaven by Jax
A mix of bands including slipknot, KoRn, Avenged Sevenfold, 5fdp and a few others of my choice. Go ahead and request! Just enjoy 😝
Step Inside- Joey Jordison by sl1pkn0t_
Step Inside- Joey Jordisonby 3y3l3ss666
Joey Jordison X Reader (((Set in 1999))) Hi, I'm Jess, I'm 22 years old, and today I was supposed to be seeing Slipknot. Instead, I ended up falling in love with their...
hybrid moments • joey jordison ✔  by -inspiiratiojns
hybrid moments • joey jordison ✔ by ꧁ corey ꧂
" baby when you cry you hide your looks behind these scars" in which she ' s number nine and sees one as much more than a friend . cover by @enslavedreader
Slipknot Imagines by verincopia
Slipknot Imaginesby DemonWolf2900
There's not one of these books, at least that I think. I decided to make this!
Slipnut by itsJUNKIE
Slipnutby XƎꓶⱯ
Short stories of nine guys livin' under one roof (ya can send requests) (original line-up only) (Credits to my bro, some of ideas are his) ENJOY
The Devils Favorite Demon by DJPiper
The Devils Favorite Demonby ‘Lil Lucifer
It's really hard to kill a demon, you need alot of holywater, maybe a devils trap and a spell, or a special knife. But when it comes to the princess of Hell, Satan's dau...
♣ She's more powerful than you think... and more crazy.♣ Willow Rae Nejem is more commonly known as 'Bonesnapper'. This metahuman is one of the most powerful yet. People...
You can never leave (JOREY) by MyChemicalSlipknot
You can never leave (JOREY)by Dan
"I love you, I need you, I'll have you, I won't let anyone have you" Just a Yandere Slipknot Jorey story, what else could the desc be. Read the GOD DAMN STORY...
freak ࿂ suicide squad by wiltedember
freak ࿂ suicide squadby issa
❝what if i sigh, and the black earth beneath me scatters like insects running from my breath? am i a god then? am i insane because i worry about the disassembling of ear...
Life Is Beautiful » Lil Peep ✔ by followtheleader_T-T
Life Is Beautiful » Lil Peep ✔by ♡
RIP Lil Peep. You'll never be forgotten. *Mild language and drug references* BOOK 1/2 *THIS WAS MY FIRST STORY PUBLISHED SO EXCUSE ANY MISTAKES* Started: December 16, 20...