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Short Stories for Slipknot (totally legit) by spagh3ttiincid3nt
Short Stories for Slipknot ( 🔪Jäsper🔪
A wonderful collection of short stories featuring: the members of Slipknot! I know Joey and Chris aren't in the band anymore but they'll still be included. I AM TAKING S...
☠️I fucking love you☠️ by RockerGirl9086
☠️I fucking love you☠️by RockerGirl💋🖤
She was a broken girl who followed her best friend as he made his dream come true. He was a guy who no one dared to anger, misunderstood and always on the 'danger' word...
Slipknot Imagines by verincopia
Slipknot Imaginesby DemonWolf2900
There's not one of these books, at least that I think. I decided to make this!
Duality • {Jim Root} by -lovethevoid
Duality • {Jim Root}by love the void
finished - october 8, 2019 In which she's a mess and he's exactly what she needs.
Gently • {Joey Jordison} by -lovethevoid
Gently • {Joey Jordison}by love the void
finished - october 28, 2019 In which he makes her feel safe when nothing else does.
The Beginning (a Joey Jordison fanfic) by imscaryandyourscared
The Beginning (a Joey Jordison No one
Y/n Taylor aka Corey Taylor's little sister, the ex bassist for Modifidious (and soon to be number 9) Has a thing for the drummer(Joey) But between being in a band/s wit...
My Plauge  by tattooed_millionaire
My Plauge by Crackwhore
Two lonely men meet one day and change everything for each other. Tw
Slipknot Memes and Stuff by geckothedemon
Slipknot Memes and Stuffby Gecko
read the title Ranks #141 in metal 7/25/20 #39 in slipknot 7/25/20 #27 in coreytaylor 7/25/20 #17 in joeyjordison 7/25/20 #11 in craigjones 7/25/20 #11 in shawncrahan 7...
The Devil In I (Corey Taylor) (Slipknot) (Vampire) *COMPLETED* by mediagirl94
The Devil In I (Corey Taylor) ( Beth Robinson
*COMPLETED* When Fae gets dragged to a club she doesn't expect to catch the attention of Corey Taylor, the man is a mystery which draws Fae further into a world she didn...
Slipknot memes by Slashstreetboys
Slipknot memesby Aiden
slipknot memes Thanks for 15k!
Things Happen (DISCONTINUED) by geckothedemon
Things Happen (DISCONTINUED)by Gecko
In which Sid Wilson's sister falls in love with the drummer of Slipknot NOT AN X READER!!! (Joey Jordison fanfic) #1 in slipknot 8/30/20 #2 in joeyjordison 3/20/21 #1 in...
Avenged Sevenfold/Slipknot Imagines by Keely_A7X
Avenged Sevenfold/Slipknot Imaginesby Keely Lewis
This book is now about Slipknot and Avenged Sevenfold. Enjoy
Break a fuckin' limb  by fff4get
Break a fuckin' limb by Faget
Creating another fanfic myself because I can't find any good ones anymore :| Joey and Corey look like they do on the cover Warning: ALOT of smut/slight gore imagine...
Slipknot Stuff 🔪 by LxttleVampxre
Slipknot Stuff 🔪by Vamps 🔪
"Stop, drop, and scream like a bitch" - Mick Thomson *alien language* - Sid Wilson
disasterpiece || c.taylor × j.jordison by _castaway__
disasterpiece || c.taylor × 𝔧𝔞𝔶 <3
Hopeless • Corey Taylor •  by falloutboy7
Hopeless • Corey Taylor • by Rose
Amelia Rose has lived her whole entire life without a voice. She refuses to speak. Since the accident her whole world has been turned upside down and she won't open up t...
when you coming home? (ON HOLD) by AustinEdwards6
when you coming home? (ON HOLD)by king of hell
Mac was 5 when her father left... after 12 years mac gets out of hand ... vandalizing schools . getting into fights. Smoking. stealing. her mum gets tired of it and send...
Slipknot Reactions & Imagines by leeyiwa
Slipknot Reactions & Imaginesby 달
A compilation of Slipknot imagines & reactions written by me. Might also include some incorrect texts because those are really funny.
Slipknot Memes by YeahDeidara
Slipknot Memesby Deidara
As the title says. It's just Slipknot memes that I do not own. Every meme is credited to their owner.
Me inside  by 7_MICK_7
Me inside by ᑕᖇᗩᘔY ᗯᖇITEᖇ
"Gone. Who am I?" Sparrow has been battling to find herself. Every time she thinks she understands who she is or she starts to love herself, someone or somethi...