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Alliums by tehmidnightstorm
Alliumsby TheMidnightStorm
So, this one. Tommy's a little street kid who's run away from many homes and orphanages. He's lonely, and a raccoon hybrid. One day, Tommy gets beat up and two kids save...
The Sketch of a Bee {Tubbo x reader} by _Lostinspace
The Sketch of a Bee {Tubbo x 🌙𝙇𝙤𝙨𝙩💫
Small youtuber Mintmochi has always been a fan of Tubbo. After grabbing the attention of the boy the two started interacting more. Watch as these sweet interactions flou...
Addison- A FatherSoot OC story by tehmidnightstorm
Addison- A FatherSoot OC storyby TheMidnightStorm
"M-My name is Addison." What happens when Wilbur's editing a video and he suddenly hears a knock? What happens when that's a little girl? What happens when sh...
Sleepy Bois sister by user78070511281357
Sleepy Bois sisterby User78070511281357
You are arpart of the sleepy Bois inc.!!! In this story you run far away from your original place when you come across a man known as Technoblade. He is like you but di...
Where is my family by beeQueen847
Where is my familyby beeQueen847
His life was perfect, untill their mother passed and then he no longer seemed to exist to his brothers and father. At what point did life seem not worth living for Thoma...
Goals of Empowerment by cranksels
Goals of Empowermentby cranks
Nobody believes that Wilbur and Tommy, two orphaned princes are alive. They were supposedly dead in the massacre and overthrow of their kingdom. But secretly, the two ar...
𝑨𝒎𝒊𝒄𝒂 𝑴𝒆𝒂 // DreamHusband Oneshot Book by selfyeet
𝑨𝒎𝒊𝒄𝒂 𝑴𝒆𝒂 // ☭
Legit mase this book for fun and jokes and to also practice my writing skills WHy is it getting reads$(_!!# !REQUESTS OPEN!
Ask the MCYT daycare (n dares)/and oneshots by MR_FADE
Ask the MCYT daycare (n dares)/ Mr fade
Philza Xisuma and dream didn't know it would be this hard to look after so many kids, but when they found each other they became friends Dream and Xisuma now worked with...
The Sleepy Girl? (A Dream SMP AU) [Moved To AO3] by PhoenixGirl26
The Sleepy Girl? (A Dream SMP AU) PhoenixGirl26
Tammy Innit is the only daughter to Philza Minecraft. She is also the younger twin sister to Tommy Innit. This is her story of her life in the Dream SMP. (Any shippin...
~'Wilbur angst oneshot book'~ by B00XX_
~'Wilbur angst oneshot book'~by !!Box!!
"when was the last time I've felt loved?" Ello, welcome to this wreck of a book!! I dont write so this may be bad. Some of these are vents but yeah. This is my...
Destiny-Dream SMP by xdElite6
Destiny-Dream SMPby
The Dream SMP has been in a state of chaos for over 5 years now. And the whole world is soon to be destroyed unless someone stops it. Enter Lucifer. The man sent by Drea...
Dream SMP Headcanons by Cherry_Blossom1423
Dream SMP Headcanonsby Cherry_Blossom1423
just a place for all of my dream smp headcanons (I have no idea where the cover is from, I found it on some "download wallpaper" website, if you do know the or...
TechnoBlade Oneshots by willy-the-fan
TechnoBlade Oneshotsby willy-the-fan
Technoblade Oneshots (Disclaimer I do not by any mean force anything I write. I also dont ship the people in real life, only their only personas) I Do Take Request. ship...
Memories of a Sleepy Boi Family by tehmidnightstorm
Memories of a Sleepy Boi Familyby TheMidnightStorm
Hey, these are just cute little stories that are memories from the Sleepy Bois if they were a family. These have no plot or anything, just little memories, especially of...
the little bird|tommy adoption au|sbi| Being Rewritten|discontinued  by cherrbeee
the little bird|tommy adoption au| robynn_writez
"Good bye, my little swan" tommy has been alone for a long time. a masked man destroyed what little family he had left. now he was caught stealing from the roy...
A Child Among the Leaves (Family SBI) by Happyhi123
A Child Among the Leaves (Family Happy
For his entire life Tommy had seen family as nothing more than an obligation. Something you didn't have a choice in. You were stuck with your family no matter what. He'...
Sbi headcanons and au ideas! by DaMinecraftBee
Sbi headcanons and au ideas!by DaMinecraftBee
These are literally just headcanons I have and also au ideas I created. Feel free to use any of them but I would appreciate if you gave me credit for the ideas, you don'...