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My Life of Lies (Yogscast/Hat Films)ON HOLD by ScottishOwl
My Life of Lies (Yogscast/Hat Film...by Kate
Lola Hughes has been beaten and abused by her dad since the day she was born. Her mother received the same since she married Lola's dad. One day after school Lola came...
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  • secret
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A Family Worth Living For (A Yogscast/Hat Films FanFiction) [DISCONTINUED] by ScottishWolfSpirit
A Family Worth Living For (A Yogsc...by Imagination Overload
19 year old Leigh never knew her parents and after losing her Aunt and Uncle in a car accident, she is shipped off from Edinburgh to Bristol, where her big brother lives...
  • lewis
  • adopedbytheyogscast
  • smiffy
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Yogscast x Readers by Fuyu_Tsukiakari
Yogscast x Readersby (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ
A collection of Yogscast One Shots! This book will be filled with a collection of Yogscast x Readers. If you'd like to request a story I'd be happy to attempt it for you...
  • kim
  • zylus
  • caff
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Journey | Yogscast Lewis x Reader by FridgeTax4
Journey | Yogscast Lewis x Readerby FridgeTax4
Falling in love with your best friend stroke boss feels so wrong, but so right. Hang on in there - things are going to get hectic. - COMPLETE -
  • smiffy
  • smith
  • hatfilms
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yogscast one shots 2 by Kitty8153
yogscast one shots 2by shadow8153
A book filled with one shots from nearly every corner of the yogscast. The majority will be pairing.
  • yogscast
  • xephna
  • laljin
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Dream or Reality?- Area 11/Yogscast Fanfic by TheDrillIsMyPenis
Dream or Reality?- Area 11/Yogscas...by Spunkles*
My name is Cassandra Clarke. I am 14 years old. My best friend is called Alice. I'm in love with Area 11. Especially Sparkles*. With an abusive mother and dead father...
  • music
  • cassandra
  • sparkles
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The Clone (A Yoglabs Fanfic) by Always_Music
The Clone (A Yoglabs Fanfic)by Ms. Owl
I feel nothing but cold and only see black. Where the heck am I? Better yet, who am I? What happend to me? Will I be like this forever? I try to move, but find that I ca...
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  • fluxbuddies
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Yogscast One Shots by goopllmw
Yogscast One Shotsby goopllmw
Yogscast one shots that I write when I get extremely bored during my lessons.
  • smornby
  • ridgephos
  • parvill
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Sjin's Secret Siblings by SH4D3Y
Sjin's Secret Siblingsby SH4D3Y
Everyone has their secrets. Even in the Yogscast, there are some things that they choose not to tell each other. For instance, none of them seem to see that there are tw...
  • supernatural
  • werewolf
  • yogscast
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Polaroid • Yogscast || Hatfilms ✔️ by SierraOwls
Polaroid • Yogscast || Hatfilms ✔️by Natelley
New graduate: Pippa Brindley, starts her story as a working barista. Earnings are little, but the content was consistent despite living in the small village of Bourton-O...
  • alsmiffy
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  • lividcoffee
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Once in a Lifetime Opportunity - Yogscast Lewis x Reader by ColdestTrees
Once in a Lifetime Opportunity - Y...by Betty
(written in second person Pov) You've saved up to go to Britain for a long time, and now that you're finally there...you end up meeting someone who convinces you to stay...
  • lewisbrindleyxreader
  • yogscastlewis
  • xreader
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Yogscast X Reader by FunckyFunnyBunnies
Yogscast X Readerby BangtangOppa <3
Sup Diggity Dogs! I will write the following if suggested by you guys!: -Girl X Girl -Boy x Boy -I'll do suggestions for members who have left the Yogscast also (e.g- Ri...
  • lomadia
  • xreader
  • alsmiffy
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Cursed - Adopted By Yogscast by ThatHotGuy_Alex
Cursed - Adopted By Yogscastby Alex
Don't ask me why I'm still here. Or why I stay. But you know, even in times of darkness, there's still a light out there. When you live your life, feeling lonely, feelin...
  • sips
  • yogscast
  • yogscastsimon
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flames - smornby by nitrouss
flames - smornbyby ry
new conversation with 'djh3max - Ross ' ross: get your fucking ass up before I pound it into space, Sam ross: fuck this isn't Sam smit: what the fuck? - Ross accidental...
  • smithxross
  • alexsmith
  • hatfilms
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Atlas (A Selection/Hat Films Fanfiction) by ecstasy_of_silver
Atlas (A Selection/Hat Films Fanfi...by Ecstasy
Atlas thought her status excluded her from the draft. No eight would ever be allowed in a selection, especially one that competed in illegal cage fights for money. No...
  • djh3max
  • hornby
  • chris
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Elemental by ArtistBoat
Elementalby Artistboat
In this world the elements are more than real. They're gods. These gods have chosen a group of teenagers to stop a war threatening to destroy the world. Can these young...
  • yesfantasysci-fi
  • adventure
  • elements
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Yogscast Oneshots by ZombiekillerKy
Yogscast Oneshotsby Zombiekiller Ky
most of the Yogscast ships
  • minecraft
  • tekkit
  • yogscast
Short Stories - Alex Smith (Hat Films) by FridgeTax4
Short Stories - Alex Smith (Hat Fi...by FridgeTax4
So instead of cluttering up my other Yogscast book with loads of Alsmiffy chapters, I decided to make a whole new book. Enjoy! :)
  • yogscast
  • alsmiffy
  • hat
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YouTuber Oneshots (X Reader) by SappyNyan52
YouTuber Oneshots (X Reader)by Sap/Sappy/Nyanling
Oh look, another X Reader book! This will only be limited to the YouTubers I know about, but you still suggest the YouTuber or scenario. This mean I can only do them on...
  • youtube
  • reader
  • yogscast
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