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Atlas (A Selection/Hat Films Fanfiction) by ecstasy_of_silver
Atlas (A Selection/Hat Films Fanfi...by Ecstasy
Atlas thought her status excluded her from the draft. No eight would ever be allowed in a selection, especially one that competed in illegal cage fights for money. No...
Journey | Yogscast Lewis x Reader by FridgeTax4
Journey | Yogscast Lewis x Readerby FridgeTax4
Falling in love with your best friend stroke boss feels so wrong, but so right. Hang on in there - things are going to get hectic. - COMPLETE -
Dangan Minecraft by Sarkshine
Dangan Minecraftby 🐱
This is absolutely ancient, and it's writing is atrocious- proceed if you dare]] -- Sixteen YouTubers Are chosen to visit a new build on the server where they live. Litt...
The King's Sister (A Yogscast and Team Crafted Fanfic) by RainWritezStoriez
The King's Sister (A Yogscast and...by Rain Boww
Ali has a somewhat normal life. She lives with her mom in Chicago, her dad lives in Bristol. Ali's best and only friend is Jimmy. Jimmy shares a unique bond with Ali. Ji...
Divided We Stand- A Yog Story by i_hate_hate
Divided We Stand- A Yog Storyby i_hate_hate
There was a ruler in the Kingdom in the Sky, and he grew evil, corrupted, yet very intelligent. He wished to control the other six kingdoms below him. The Sapling Kingd...
Yogscast Short Stories (and other stuff) by FridgeTax4
Yogscast Short Stories (and other...by FridgeTax4
Cover art done by the wonderful Trottysan! A load of shorts completely inspired from YOUR prompts. - Anything from x Readers to ships - I prefer writing about Yogscast...
Short Stories - Alex Smith (Hat Films) by FridgeTax4
Short Stories - Alex Smith (Hat Fi...by FridgeTax4
So instead of cluttering up my other Yogscast book with loads of Alsmiffy chapters, I decided to make a whole new book. Enjoy! :)
The Yogscast Walking by i_hate_hate
The Yogscast Walkingby i_hate_hate
What would happen if the Yogscat were teenagers, during a zombie apocalypse? Well, in this story, that's exactly what happens. (This is a Xephmadia story, but it's not e...
Bark or Bite (A Yogscast Fanfiction) by ScottishWolfSpirit
Bark or Bite (A Yogscast Fanfictio...by Imagination Overload
Anya Atkinson was like any other person, well any completely unsociable and lone person. 23 years old and a full time photographer she struggles to pay the rent and keep...
A Family Worth Living For (A Yogscast/Hat Films FanFiction) [DISCONTINUED] by ScottishWolfSpirit
A Family Worth Living For (A Yogsc...by Imagination Overload
19 year old Leigh never knew her parents and after losing her Aunt and Uncle in a car accident, she is shipped off from Edinburgh to Bristol, where her big brother lives...
Yogscast x Readers by Fuyu_Tsukiakari
Yogscast x Readersby Fuyu_Tsukiakari
A collection of Yogscast One Shots! This book will be filled with a collection of Yogscast x Readers. If you'd like to request a story I'd be happy to attempt it for you...
He Returns (A Team Crafted and Yogscast Fanfic) ~Sequel to The King's Sister~ by RainWritezStoriez
He Returns (A Team Crafted and Yog...by Rain Boww
Its almost September, and Team Crafted is faced with a problem. The country of England is requiring Jason, Ali, Jimmy, Rachel, Daria, and Lucy to tackle their hardest ch...
Adopted by the Yogscast. by PandaLoric
Adopted by the Yogscast.by PandaLoric
Alyssa Hayford has been alone her whole life, her parents died in a tragic fire when she was only 4 years old. From previous ordeals, Alyssa is scared to talk and very r...
CLOUDS | hat films by aelewin
CLOUDS | hat filmsby maddie
Io is... well, new to England. She's been making YouTube videos for years now, and her idols, the Yogscast, offered her a place in their family, which she excitedly took...
The Last Ender Dragon by CCarsonCat
The Last Ender Dragonby Carson cat
You think you know the ender... You think you can just go and kill a dragon and take there egg well what if I told you everything you ever thought you knew.. Was wrong
The Adventures Of Lexi (Sequel to Related to Him) 2/3 by ScottishOwl
The Adventures Of Lexi (Sequel to...by Kate
If you haven't read Related to Him this probably won't make sense. So go read now! :) When Lexi starts off her new job in Africa. She meets new friends and old. With her...
Good Day? (Hatfilms Fanfiction) by Eloise_Haynes
Good Day? (Hatfilms Fanfiction)by Eloise Haynes
Ace is starting her new IT job in the Yogscast office however Hat Films aren't making it very easy.
A Dog in Yogtowers (A Yogcast Fanfiction) by ScottishWolfSpirit
A Dog in Yogtowers (A Yogcast Fanf...by Imagination Overload
A Dog in Yogtowers was a crazy idea for many of the Yogscast Members but now they couldn't live without her. This little stray will bring them all together and join the...
Imagines by thesugarunicorn
Imaginesby Robyn
All of the imagines I have written for you guys!
Love is a dangerous thing by i_hate_hate
Love is a dangerous thingby i_hate_hate
Meet Duncan Jones and Kim Richards. Otherwise known as Lalna and Nano, or more popularly, the Flux Buddies. They have fairly peaceful lives. Tending to dinosaurs and cho...