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Chance to start over // showki by lilmeowing
Chance to start over // showkiby lilnothing
"Just a reminder, the person never meant to hurt you"
Blush On by ChaliSense
Blush Onby ShowYooMyHeart
Hyunwoo likes my bestfriend Minhyuk. -Kihyun
Domesticby sᴡᴇᴇᴛʜᴇᴀʀᴛ🤍
In which Monsta X's dorm lifestyle is pretty fucking domestic. _________ Kihyun focus.
Pretend Girlfriend [Monsta X Fanfic] by FireFlakes25
Pretend Girlfriend [Monsta X ❤️Kimchii🔥❄
Sohn Hyunwoo is the CEO of the most famous fashion Magazine in Korea. He was deemed to be one of the most handsome and richest bachelor in Seoul. He is also being press...
✅FALSIFY: (Hʏᴜɴɢʜʏᴜᴋ x Hʏᴜɴɢᴡᴏɴʜᴏ)  by FireFlakes25
✅FALSIFY: (Hʏᴜɴɢʜʏᴜᴋ x Hʏᴜɴɢᴡᴏɴʜᴏ) by ❤️Kimchii🔥❄
¦><¦ |><| ¦><¦ Minhyuk x Hyungwon x Wonho ¦><¦ |><| ¦><¦ Minhyuk's been inlove with his best friend Hyungwon for a long long time...
Friends - HyungKyun by kdaj04
Friends - HyungKyunby 💙Ann💙
HyungKyun that's all I'll tell you :) Surprise yourself! I hope you enjoy it! ~~~ Big thanks to my best friend for helping me with this story. She's amazing and I would...
Hyung? // showki by polarb3ar
Hyung? // showkiby ⚡️
In which Kihyun is deeply infatuated with his roommate.
CHANGKI / changkyun is eighteen. when kihyun finds out, his life quickly starts to resemble his worst nightmares - the ones that look like the inside of a prison cell. t...
lean on me » showki by softbinnie-
lean on me » showkiby 𝙖𝙧𝙚 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙛𝙖𝙡𝙡𝙞𝙣𝙜...
in which hyunwoo is a single father with too many responsibilities while kihyun is a motherly nursery teacher with not enough. stuckihyun-©
Kpop boyxboy/mpreg one shots by kelandgel
Kpop boyxboy/mpreg one shotsby Kelsi L.U.
This is a kpop boyxboy/mpreg one shots. If any kpop fans who love boy ships wants me to do a one shot of their favorite ships, you can message or tell me on the comments...
You can't hide the lies by ughhtxt
You can't hide the liesby ughhtxt
An incident that leaves a boy alone, lost forever. His idols monsta x try and save him from the world, but can't they protect Kihyun or will they lose him just as he beg...
The Fallen Leaf | Yoo Kihyun & Monsta X by kirangebebe
The Fallen Leaf | Yoo Kihyun & KirangeBebe
[ON GOING] Untold story which hidden by Monsta X's main vocalist. "I shouldn't let go of that hand" - Kihyun "My past memories hold the present me"...
His Queen//Showki by lilmeowing
His Queen//Showkiby lilnothing
Everybody keep calling Minhyuk princess including hyunwoo. Kihyun wonder what if he could get hyunwoo to call him his queen.... Side ships: - hyungwonho - changhyuk/mink...
Roommates | Hyungwonho by sorabixxie
Roommates | Hyungwonhoby Lily
Flirty Wonho and Tsundere Hyungwon became roommates. Well..things happens. Let's find out what exactly. . . . "Missed me?" Wonho asked winking at him. "No...
All the way back from busan - showki by stray_kids_bang_tan
All the way back from busan - stray_kids_bang_tan
After a horrible break up kihyun set a new motive for himself. At first he didn't really comes across at how tired he looked until a student told him. So he changes his...
It's Up To Me/Showki🖤 by starrynightlife23
It's Up To Me/Showki🖤by starrynightlife23
Shownu, the son of a very wealthy business family, meets Kihyun, a boy who comes from a family of witches, who's raising a son. They hit it off almost instantly, and thi...
ᴅᴀᴅᴅʏ|ʜʏᴜɴɢᴡᴏɴʜᴏ by Starrykawa
ᴅᴀᴅᴅʏ|ʜʏᴜɴɢᴡᴏɴʜᴏby -𝑏𝑙𝑢𝑒𝐶𝐽𝑊シ
Welcome to ❗️Contains mature language and scenes❗️ ❗️This book is about bxb ❗️ HIGHEST #3 in Hyungwonho #4 in Showki #3 in Joohoney
MINE - 『MONSTA X SHOWKI』 by Wonnie_115
MINE - 『MONSTA X SHOWKI』by Wonnie_151
'Kau hanyalah milikku' 'Aku akan menjadi milikmu' Kihyun baru menyadari bahwa dirinya bukanlah manusia biasa semenjak ia bertemu dengan Shownu. Yuk langusng baca aja bi...
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the one with the love Problem chat by BND__ZB1_
the one with the love Problem chatby BND__ZB1_
a valentine's day special where zhanghao gathers a few of his sunbaes in relationships for advice but will they be helpful???
Monsta x Chatroom by SmilyAlways25
Monsta x Chatroomby SmilyAlways52
Monsta x members all in one chat room. I honestly don't know if it's very funny. But it's pretty clean other than bromance of course.