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チャーリーの成功 THE CHARLIE SUCCESS by SubashGouda
チャーリーの成功 THE CHARLIE SUCCESSby Subash Gouda
as a scientist of Charlie his success and sorrow life style how he became a worlds best scientist this short story available in Japanese language and also available in E...
愛唄 Love song by YJDJNL
愛唄 Love songby YJDJNL
This comic is Japanese Not good at summary sorry Please enjoy ^-^
HORROR LIFE (BTS) by jiminmalove
HORROR LIFE (BTS)by minhyo 박민효
short horror stories of bts (fictional , non sampled ) by jiminmalove scary texts, stories etc. ENJOY!!!
侵入者 (The Trespasser) by rikuzz77
侵入者 (The Trespasser)by rikuzz77
幻想で和風なほのぼの神さま短編集「TOKIの庶民記」 by goboukaeru
幻想で和風なほのぼの神さま短編集「TOKIの庶民記」by 幻想TOKIの世界。The World of Toki i...
Fantasy and Japanese-style Short Stories! This is a fantasy novel and fiction. Don't criticize me. Comments in English are also accepted! ジャンルの違う短編を書いています。 どこからでも読めますよ! ...
戻ってくる! by Azusa_8899
戻ってくる!by ❈ Orizuru Shiro ❈
A fan fiction of Zankyou No Terror.A poem with a short story. Do enjoy.
愚かな私たちへ by KoujiTadokoro
愚かな私たちへby 怨!亜怨!
Japanese stories by Kawaiigurrls
Japanese storiesby ♥~𝓗𝓪𝓷𝓪𝓴𝓸 -𝓴𝓾𝓷~♥
(if the Japanese are is wrong i'm so sorry) Many of short stories in Japanese! (Nihongo ga machigatte itara gomen'nasai) nihongo no shōtosutōrī ga takusan! (日本語が間違っていたら...
向こう側のあなた by MiyukiMitsuboshi
向こう側のあなたby miyuki