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FOR THE HIDDEN WORDS [✔] by storyshaheer
FOR THE HIDDEN WORDS [✔]by storyshaheer
What if Shivika consummated their marriage before the separation and story took a leap of 7 years and in these 7 years Shivaay became hard hearted version of SSO, Anika...
By your side.... always. by write_books_love
By your side.... writer_ love_ books
hey guys this is my first story so please ignore any grammatical mistakes. Omkara and Rudra 2 lifelines of shivaay Singh oberoi. shivaay can do any thing for his brother...
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PACT OF LOVE ✔️ by Meera5oberoi
PACT OF LOVE ✔️by ❣ मीRa Obeरौय ❣
Shivaay Singh Oberoi, a business tycoon, wants to marry as soon as possible due to circumstances. Anika, an orphan, is in immediate need of money. What happens when th...
Poisoned by BlurredLines10
Poisonedby BlurredLines10
What happened after Shivaay was poisoned by Veer? A short story from Ishqbaaaz.
Shivika ff :My life with you  by Klydia2000
Shivika ff :My life with you by Amy Lydia
when shivika left OM and left to Annika's chalw then the next day they left to Goa and never turned back
Frenemy Companions by Dawn_kaur
Frenemy Companionsby seher kaur
Love comes in different ways. Love can grow after an arranged marriage. Love can be limited to a physical relationship. Love can be something which exists but you can't...
The sso's princess by shayarak
The sso's princessby shaayara
The story will revolve arond shivaay and anika 's daughter the story has nothing to doo with serial current track its my first story hope you all will love this please i...
Bound by Circumstances by silver_dustXX
Bound by Circumstancesby silver_dustXX
It wasn't unwilled, but it was unplanned. She didn't expect a nuptial knot at 19. He didn't expect a spouse by his side at 23. Undoubtedly, a circumstantial relationship...
His Babies care taker  by kainat-kainat
His Babies care taker by heart_wrencher_girl
Shivaay Anika who married from two year . But still they don't have love between each other specially from shivaay side. What's the reason of his hate. Will he able to...
Kya Pyaar Karoge Mujhse.... by iamsanya
Kya Pyaar Karoge iamsanya
Shivaay Shakti Singh Oberoi married Annika. He was a man who believed that having a famous surname, blue blood and a huge rich background makes you a worthwhile person...
UNCHAIN MY HEART by Meera_Oberoi
Anika is a widow, she lives in a village while Shivaay visits the village for some business deal. He looks at Anika and falls in love at first sight. What will be their...
Ishqbaaz - A new story by Anika43Shivaay
Ishqbaaz - A new storyby Shivika
Shivaay who is proud of his family name is married to anika who does not know her family name. Little do they know that anika is also an oberoi? Read to know the life j...
Regret by Shivikaismylove
Regretby мιss ωrιtєr
When Anika found her family, she fought back to the one who mishandled her. She taught the lesson to the one who forcefully married her and then disrespected her. The s...
♡ Happy Weddings ♡ by nikithaniki123
♡ Happy Weddings ♡by nikithaniki123
An Arranged marriage story of our khidkithod Shivika
A Beauty So Rare (Completed)  by Aaruhi1707
A Beauty So Rare (Completed) by Aaruhi1707
From childhood shivaay saw his father using another girls and making scandals. But he was different. He wanted his weak mom to be strong but that never happened. He met...
Insta Life  by Shivikaismylove
Insta Life by мιss ωrιtєr
Instagram story on Shivika.
His Fake Love by kainat-kainat
His Fake Loveby heart_wrencher_girl
She trusted him but he broke her trust for taking revenge..her heart broke in zillion pieces when she saw him being with someone else.. she thought atlast now she got a...
SOULMATES  by aks_anu
COPYRIGHTS : *My all stories only belongs to me. All Rights are Reserved. I don't give any rights to copy my stories & Modify them. * Don't copy my work * Don't tran...
Can They Become Shivika? by amu0430
Can They Become Shivika?by amulya
| mainly a shivika fanficton | As plotted by Roop, Annika left Shivaay and disappeared. Now she is happy with her twins and successful fashion house. She doesn't want S...
Till Eternity by prachiraiii
Till Eternityby prachiraiii
Shivaay Singh Oberoi only child of his parents. Love his family like anything. His brothers are everything for him. He left his dreams so his brother and sister can ach...