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Seize Fire (Book #3) GirlXGirl by LBrooks23
Seize Fire (Book #3) GirlXGirlby Lauryn A. Brooks
Book #3 in "Line Of Fire" Series: After six months of struggle, it was all finally coming to an end. Alexa could deal with the NIA's investigation, she co...
Changin' by DisneyIsLifeXX
Changin'by Kirsten
The newsies of Manhattan and Brooklyn just overcame big bad Pulitzer and want nothing more then to just "carry da bannah". But it only takes one to change ever...
Step Two: You'll Make Me Your Enemy (BOYxBOY) by Mouki21
Step Two: You'll Make Me Your ENJOY!
The follow-up to You Don't Want Me As Your Enemy! This story immediately continues the other one but now from Duncan Taylor's P.O.V. Who's Tom? Why is Target so interest...
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Seize Your Heart  by rchkives
Seize Your Heart by Rei
Daniel Riley Encarnacion is the second cousin of the famous model and engineer Amethyst Miracle Encarnacion and Tristan Rayson Encarnacion. He's a basketball player stud...
Seize the Clay by Paridhi7250
Seize the Clayby Paridhi7250
Rajeev and Nisha have been friends for ages. He has been in love with her for almost the same time. Fear of losing his friend has kept his feelings locked away for years...
Chasing dreams by frederickeackels
Chasing dreamsby frederickeackels
Realize that dreams not only happen when you sleep but also while u are awake
SEIZE YOU ▹ EN- s.jy by viemgeia
SEIZE YOU ▹ EN- s.jyby jay
"YOU" EN━ UNIV SERIES #3 [SOON] Wherein Jake who broke up with his girlfriend, a player that doesn't take girls seriously fell head over heels for someone else...
Newsies Preferences by MPHFPCandMORE
Newsies Preferencesby MPHFPCandMORE
I have seized the day and rote a Newsies (Broadway) preference book😊 It contains some of your favourite character such as The sweet and adorable Crutchie Morris The fam...
Projection of the Mind by danadiab_
Projection of the Mindby danadiab_
What is written here is what you are probably thinking of too.
Serenity Of Gods ( Origin ) by Nightion
Serenity Of Gods ( Origin )by Night Howler 99
Are you believe at destiny? When Six Races at the world are keeping in war, there's known six person from difference races that apparently have been chosen by destiny to...
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Panic by youngfreeandliving
Panicby Sophia
Dealing with panic attacks and anxiety in an abstract way.
Somber Thoughts [Poetry of Morbidity] by LuckOfTheApocalypse
Somber Thoughts [Poetry of LuckOfTheApocalypse
Poems with morbid themes and dark thoughts.
Poetry from the Psych Ward by SageJansen
Poetry from the Psych Wardby Sage Jansen
For twenty-five days I stayed in a "behavioral medicine facility" for being suicidal. During my final days I began to write poetry to pass the time. These are...