His Maid (Various Black Butler x Female!Reader)

His Maid (Various Black Butler x Female!Reader)

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[Ciel vs Sebastian vs Claude vs Alois x reader]

Smart, strong-willed, kind and positive, (y/n) is loyal to her master, West Johnson. But when she bumps into a certain Earl, things in the estate get a little more interesting.

Takes place between episode 6 and 7 in the anime (Ep 6: Jack the Ripper Case Solved & Ep 7: Goes to Houndsworth).

If this is your first time reading an x reader, then here is a little information key to help you!
(Y/N) - Your Name
(N/N) - Nickname
(L/N) - Last Name
(H/C) - Hair Colour
(H/L) - Hair Length
(H/T) - Home Town
(F/C) - Favourite Colour
(S/F/C) - Second Favourite Colour

Disclaimer: I do not own any black butler characters, they all belong to Yana Toboso and Funimation. I do not own any of the photos in this book, they are from their respective artists, if you would like to know where they come from, you can PM me and let me know. Thank you!
  This book is also published on Quotev, under the username EllaTheBellaBean. So if you see it there, then don't worry! It's still me!

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