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Hope [Danganronpa x Reader] by ak_lynn
Hope [Danganronpa x Reader]by Abby Lynn
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danganronpa theme songs by hearteyehimiko
danganronpa theme songsby whatever
a bunch of song from my spotify playlist that for each character?
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Danganronpa Oneshots („When Everything goes Dark") by itsthekookie
Danganronpa Oneshots („When itsthekookie
This will be a book full of oneshots for Danganronpa2 (mostly) x reader (mostly)taking place in the universe from „When everything goes dark" This is my first book...
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Danganronpa Boyfriend Scenarios by SweetAvocadoBoy
Danganronpa Boyfriend Scenariosby SweetAvocadoBoy
I saw a bunch of these and i tend to daydream plenty, so i thought I'd take a stab at it. Cover art is not mine. Perhaps lemon in the future. Just your average scenario...
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Lost & Found ✧ Soudam by ak_lynn
Lost & Found ✧ Soudamby Abby Lynn
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The Ultimate Assassin [SDR2 x Reader] by _-Invidia-_
The Ultimate Assassin [SDR2 x _-Invidia-_
[Danganronpa 2 x Fem!Reader] [F/N] [L/N], the Ultimate Assassin has been invited to attend Hope's Peak Academy. You're an assassin who has been working for the Governmen...
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Shining New Hope (Pre-Despair!SDR2xReader) by TheEvilPlatypus
Shining New Hope (Pre-Despair! The Evil Platypus
Starting at a new school is a daunting prospect, but starting at a school filled with exceptionally talented students is something else entirely. Not only do you have to...
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Danganronpa scenarios And Oneshots by Vichi_V
Danganronpa scenarios And Oneshotsby Viko
I decided to make this because yes :D Experience love of all kinds with your favourite Dr characters ♡ enjoy~
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An unexpected relationship ( Sodam fanfic)  by Dust_And_Blood
An unexpected relationship ( QueenOfHorrorLust
When Gundham arrived at Hope's Peak Academy, and hanging out with his best friends Souda and Sonia, something happes to Souda that makes him act like he does to Gundham.
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Soudam Story 💗🖤      [FINISHED] by iodine_deficiency
Soudam Story 💗🖤 [FINISHED]by Spacey Nevermind ©
I don't have a proper title and never will! This is just a Soudam fanfic that I'll most likely write at 3am every other morning, so bear with me! Anyways, enjoy I guess...
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Gundham Tanaka X Reader by DanganronpasTrash
Gundham Tanaka X Readerby RubyRed
This is based on the game Danganronpa 2 or Danganronpa 3 despair arc. You just graduated highschool, no job, no future in site. Your parents decide to send you to the c...
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It's Okay, Shark Boy (Platonic! Soudham)  by yupaninifics
It's Okay, Shark Boy (Platonic! ro•sēt•um
"Kazuichi, it seems you've lost something... personal. I doubt it was ever really meant to fall in my forbidden grasps, but... I'm glad it did." Venting writin...
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Troubles of the Heart (Soudam) by REader7289
Troubles of the Heart (Soudam)by REader7289
If one word was used to describe the life of Souda Kazuichi, it would be, in simple terms, the word disgusting. Although many don't know it at Hopes Peak Academy, Souda...
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separation {a danganronpa fanfic} by alwayspanicing
separation {a danganronpa fanfic}by alwayspanicing
when hajime and the others wake up from the neo world program, they have there school memories, the deaths, the executions, and chiaki. with all of the deaths of there f...
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soudam nsfw oneshots by lemonjuniper
soudam nsfw oneshotsby lemonjuniper
my otp (♡' ³')* (cover art is not mine)
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I'll Protect You, Always by crying-in-a-corner
I'll Protect You, Alwaysby ᕕ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ
Kazuichi Soda, a young teen with little to no confidence and an abusive father. With his out of this world mechanic skills, he won his way into Hope's Peak Academy. Ther...
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The Wrong Choice (a soudam fanfic)  by TheWeirdoOnAmino
The Wrong Choice (a soudam fanfic) by soudam weirdo
Gundham Tanaka had to choose between his now girlfriend and his best friend.
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Soudam Week! by ImMoRtAlxAlIeN
Soudam Week!by 🖤Space Bitch🖤
I saw this idea on Tumblr and I believe it was started by the user CrazyNekoChan! I will update the book daily for one week with the correct AU's/topics. 11/6/2018 - 17...
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The Daily Life Of Kazuichi Souda (A SOUDAM STORY) by milkshake_fanfics
The Daily Life Of Kazuichi Souda ( dumbass writer
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Soudam - Another Story~💗🖤 by iodine_deficiency
Soudam - Another Story~💗🖤by Spacey Nevermind ©
Guess who's back with yet ANOTHER Soudam story! So, I recently got some inspiration to write some more SOUDAM! This isn't a sequel to the last one or anything, it's just...
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