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glee||incorrect quotes by peralpert
glee||incorrect quotesby loki stan
daily chapters! glee characters as quotes from tumblr and me! ????
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Little (Glee) Mix by RyleyBridges
Little (Glee) Mixby [ACCOUNT INACTIVE]
Marley Rose, Rachel Berry, Santana Lopez and Mercedes Jones are the famous girl group Little Mix. When their manager tells them they'll be going to a High School in Lim...
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Survivor - A Blaine Anderson Fanfic by lil-of-everythin
Survivor - A Blaine Anderson Fanficby lil-of-everythin
Rose Johnson is a junior at McKinley High School when her best friend Kurt Hummel transfers to Dalton Academy. There he meets a boy, whom he does everything in his power...
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Savor the Moment by SeeItToBelieveIt
Savor the Momentby SeeItToBelieveIt
Quinn and Rachel parted ways long ago after high school. One day they stopped texting, emailing, calling or any type of communication. Rachel Berry had simply forgotten...
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glee//instagram  by peralpert
glee//instagram by loki stan
if the glee club members had instagram! 💓
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landslide [glee one shots] by sherlocksglee
landslide [glee one shots]by nerdgirl
❛❛oh, mirror in the sky, what is love❜❜ just some one shots about the characters from the amazing show, glee.
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Tina and Mike. A love too strong to break. (A Tike Story) by IsabelleLightwood_
Tina and Mike. A love too strong IsabelleLightwood_
This story starts at Mr. Shues wedding. This is how I think the story should have went for Mike and Tina. I am a huge Tike shipper. Story lines will be altered. Thank yo...
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Glee Direction by RyleyBridges
Glee Directionby [ACCOUNT INACTIVE]
The band One Direction (members Finn Hudson, Sam Evans, Artie Abrams, Rory Flannagan and Joe Hart) are sent to Lima, Ohio for their senior year. Will it be a disaster or...
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Little bit of heaven by NatalieMccarthy1982
Little bit of heavenby Natalie Mccarthy
A finchel story
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Anything Could Happen - Little (Glee) Mix Sequel (CANCELLED. SORRY) by RyleyBridges
Anything Could Happen - Little ( [ACCOUNT INACTIVE]
Rachel, Marley, Santana and Mercedes are back with a new adventure to face. When they return from a huge tour, their manager tells them she's enrolled them in McKinley a...
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Cigars and Cigarettes | Glee Samcedes fanfiction by glee1810
Cigars and Cigarettes | Glee Audra
After being expelled from his old school, Sam Evans is shipped off to boarding school for a fresh start. Sam later finds himself in a bad crowd that could ruin his featu...
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Glee One Shots by romanticsap_000
Glee One Shotsby laila
Just a collection of one shots with my favorite glee ships. Feel free to request any ship you'd like me to write about and I will do so, unless it's like a really disgus...
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Dont Stop Believing (glee) by ellienerd14
Dont Stop Believing (glee)by Ellie :)
A collection of glee (read: KLAINE!!!) based stories co witten by the fabulous Love_love_me_do and Ellienerd14. Ranges from angst, humor romance and weirdness. Includes...
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My Crazy Random thoughts! by Bluebell_Roza
My Crazy Random thoughts!by Bluebell Rose
Lots 9f shadowhunters, glee and more shadowhunters rants. and lots of random things about music, celebrity's, and memes! and who knows?? Also percy Jackson
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Glee and Harry Potter crossover  by -_-Glee_-_Girl-_-
Glee and Harry Potter crossover by -_-Glee_-_Girl-_-
It's going to be the glee characters in Hogwarts 😌😌 Artie is not in a wheelchair
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Glee Diary by just-klainey-days
Glee Diaryby 🥳✌️
Just a place where I store my thoughts and opinions on Glee-related stuff 😳 I guarantee no one's gonna read this but I felt like making it anyhow
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Home is where the Heart is by JasmineJay44
Home is where the Heart isby Fantasy_293
Sam is homeless, and had just moved to McKinley High. Will Mercedes figure out his secret and let him crash at her place? This is a full Samcedes fic. They start off the...
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Worst Wish Ever by kylelouderman
Worst Wish Everby kylelouderman
Hi,my name is Brittany S.Pierce and one night,my life changed forever ========= I don't own GLEE,I wish I did... {COMPLETED} ʀᴇᴍᴇᴍʙᴇʀ ᴛᴏ ɢɪᴠᴇ ɪᴛ ᴀ sᴛᴀʀ
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GLEE carried on by riverdalestorytime
GLEE carried onby Riverdale fanfics😘
this is carrying on from roughly where they left off. with all endgame couples as they were left off (for just now). every 8 parts i post an authors note in which it wil...
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Glee next gen Instagram ❤️ by tiahmurphyxoxo
Glee next gen Instagram ❤️by Tiah
Klaine,brittana,tike,quick,finchel,samcedes kids are on Instagram and so out there parents let's see what they have to post Read my other story klaine's daughter for th...
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