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St. Berry by JME2014
St. Berryby Jamarion Erving
Haven't You Ever Wondered How The St. Berry Wedding Turned Out To Be?? I Sure Have! ❤ Let's Find Out!😊
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The next generation of Glee by stories4uandme
The next generation of Gleeby stories4uandme
Ever wonder if the hit TV show GLEE was aired again? In this book it is, but with one girl as the star and one of GLEE's favorite couple as her parents.
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Amelia Mae by Pierce_All_Sirens
Amelia Maeby Hannah
Amelia didn't want to be known as Jesse St. James' little sister. She chose to go to McKinley instead. Dealing with making friends, finding her place and every day teena...
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A Total Eclipse of the Heart by catrinalewis01
A Total Eclipse of the Heartby catrina!!
It's a St.Berry thing
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The Transfer: A Glee Fanfiction by Whatever_Our_Souls
The Transfer: A Glee Fanfictionby Whatever_Our_Souls
Since Kurt transferred to Dalton Academy, Rachel's life has been miserable. She misses her friend, the only one who understood how she felt when bullies called her names...
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I Love You But I Think I Need Him Too by daisy310
I Love You But I Think I Need daisy310
A story where a girl name Rachel Berry is stuck between her previous love with Finn Hudson and the new guy, Noah Puckerman. When Rachel shows the world her voice Finn re...
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The Unseen Scenes of Glee (Glee Oneshots/Fanfic) by wonderland_batgirl
The Unseen Scenes of Glee (Glee geekymaddy
This is a collection of one-shots that could all exist in the world of glee. So nothing from the original show has changed; these are just how I imagine things to have h...
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Glee Ship Short Stories by frootloops717
Glee Ship Short Storiesby frootloops717
Any Glee Ships or Crackships send in any requests(may take a while-apologies in advance) only Glee
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Hell to the Divergence by NeneJPhilly
Hell to the Divergenceby Nene J. Phillips
Marcy Jones didn't know she was pregnant until she gave birth. Oops...
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Glee Season 1 (The Deleted Episodes) by haleyandthejets
Glee Season 1 (The Deleted Jazzie Hart
Jazzie has an unhealthy obsession with Season 1 of Glee. This will serve as a bit of a prequel to Gleedone in which I do some holiday episodes with the Season 1 cast as...
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Life's a mess but you make it messier  by finchelisendgame__
Life's a mess but you make it finchelisendgame__
Everything was perfect with Rachel and Jessie, until Rachel looked into Finns eyes once again.
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Rachel (?) by gleeksanatomy
Rachel (?)by nolz
Rachel has had many lovers, but which one will be hers to keep forever?
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Hell to the No by NeneJPhilly
Hell to the Noby Nene J. Phillips
Mercedes Jones and her friends and family are going to have a year to remember... Hell Series - the beginning
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Our Not So Perfect Life (Klaine Fanfic) by kurtcedes
Our Not So Perfect Life (Klaine kurtcedes
"lifes not perfect."
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Faithfully by catrinalewis01
Faithfullyby catrina!!
Currently unpublished until I finish the first book, so y'all just have to wait. Sequel to Total Eclipse of the Heart.
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Glee drabbles  by Sierracat101
Glee drabbles by Sierracat101
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She was the Sun and I was the Moon by SeeItToBelieveIt
She was the Sun and I was the Moonby SeeItToBelieveIt
My attempt at something poetic
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Klaine: Life In the Future by merder_for_lyfe
Klaine: Life In the Futureby merder_for_lyfe
In this story, this will be an AU of Klaines life after Rachel won her Tony award, etc. I'm afraid Finchel isn't in this story. St. Berry is, I'm sorry.
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