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I'm okay | | ✓  by busan_line
I'm okay | | ✓ by 17
❝ I'm okay, I don't need your pity. ❞ Two persons broken by the people they trusted the most. Can two broken souls heal each other? ©2020 busan_line
my secret mistakes • {poetry} by 10V3R80Y
my secret mistakes • {poetry}by p a r i s
< COMPLETED > The most deeply personal thing I may ever write, from an old soul trapped in a young body. Imagine a window into my life, my unfiltered, strange and...
Don't look for me  -Deku-  by Diamond_Wreck
Don't look for me -Deku- by Diamond_Wreck
- Rewriting - After years of bullying Izuku finally decides he has enough. He packs his bags and runs away. Has his life changed for the best? ==================== &qu...
Grief by wydSam
Griefby Sammi
[#2 in my series of sad things] Filled with sad sayings and quotes. Warning: you'll probably feel sad. Read at your own risk ☻ *None of these quotes/sayings are mine unl...
Pain Is Hard (Zolu) by Bl00dybutterfly
Pain Is Hard (Zolu)by Bloodybutterfly
Luffy's hiding his real emotions from his crew, he doesn't want them to know, to be burdened by his pain. But unknown to him they see under his mask, they can see his s...
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His Poems And Proses by urlivingmerman
His Poems And Prosesby Shoukoi
When a merman falls in love, deep thoughts and he would even drowned by his own subtle words. Just to express his agony, sacrifice and pain for his girl. More on tragic...
Dollhouse by wordlesspoem
Dollhouseby may
in which a girl writes letters to her best friend with cancer, that she won't send until all the envelopes are filled.
Late Night Things P.JM FF by mARMYbts12
Late Night Things P.JM FFby Unknown.bts.lover
I don't really have a description for this book. But I hope you guys will at least check it out. Thx❤ Disclaimer: -Not for young audience. -Contains voilence. -Sexual...
Thoughts That Hurt by Wren_the_Bird
Thoughts That Hurtby Your_Unknown_Author
A collection of thoughts I have sometimes...or a lot of the time. Some others gave to hurt me...some I created.
LONELY Heart (POETRY) by Faime_Legend
Poetry All the pictures that I used here are not mine - Ctto Date started: April 19, 2020 Date finished: --,--,--
Why...? by blacknwithelife
Why...?by blacknwithelife
I needed to get this out of my mind... Thanks for reading:)
Depressing thoughts by Hakate14-7
Depressing thoughtsby A fucking simp
Just some depressing thoughts of mine
Dark poems by TaraDaoud
Dark poemsby TaraDaoud
It's darks.....
3 am thoughts - sad stories :( by ktsrach
3 am thoughts - sad stories :(by kaye
12:00 am | September 18 She typed, I wish I can say 'I love you' to you, but hundreds milliseconds and five tragic events flashback later, she deleted every single word...
Why Am I Still Here? (Depressed Poems) by Abigail_Archer
Why Am I Still Here? (Depressed Edith_Arcane
These are my thoughts in verses, the heaviness of depression and anxiety lie on me. It is uncensored; it is raw; it is who I am, the darkness that overshadows my mind. I...
Random Thoughts by Eli3705
Random Thoughtsby Eli3705
This is a collection of the madness in my head. If you some how get you're hands on this, please respect my words for I am fragile. Thank you. xx
Thoughts by inevitablelabyrinth
Thoughtsby xav
dark and depressing I don't know.. just stuff I think about..
Sober thoughts  by JasminaGhafouri
Sober thoughts by Jasmina Ghafouri
just my thoughts yk yk read if u want to but I just write this cuz it's like therapy 😔
a compilation of my thoughts. by chocolxterocks
a compilation of my a friend
The thoughts of a teenage girl living in an altered, depressed world.