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Muse Chatroom **CrackFic** by SylviaXD
Muse Chatroom **CrackFic**by SylviaXD
WARNING: slightly inappropriate jokes inside. You have been warned... Don't take this fic seriously. NicoMaki, NozoEli, KotoUmi, RinPana and CRACK. Lots and lots of cr...
You're my world by Kouhai4Lyfe
You're my worldby Kouhai4Lyfe
(Crdts to the artist) Sequel of I'll change your world After years, everyone has kids and some problems. Will they achieve a good ending?
Love Live Oneshots by Shun-chan0824
Love Live Oneshotsby
Just a bunch of stories that has been on my mind. This book tackles both u's and Aqours. And hopefully include the Nijigasaki girls. Edit (6-29-19): Also something rand...
The Warm Melody by InfinitxLilies
The Warm Melodyby SimpForNicoNii
Nico has been acting weird and everyone is trying to get on her case. She tries her best to avoid telling the truth but fails. What could possibly be troubling Nico? Ni...
Otonokizaka Academy! OC by Samidskiee
Otonokizaka Academy! OCby Samidskiee
Otonokizaka Academy is a school for girls with Remarkable Abilities! love live is way different here, School Idols or should I say School Ideal Heroes all over japan wan...
A Vampire Inside Hogwarts by Samidskiee
A Vampire Inside Hogwartsby Samidskiee
(2020 version minus the quarantine and stuff...) There's a scary new student in Hogwarts and everybody was talking about her back story. She is stunningly strong and dev...
Something's Not Right With Honoka.  by Samidskiee
Something's Not Right With Honoka. by Samidskiee
In a dark night in Akibha, Nico Yazawa was buying some grocery for her siblings then she saw Honoka going to the a dark alley with a girl they met earlier. Nico was curi...
Love Live School Idol Project Romance: The Little Bird and The Shy Archer by AwesomeNinja1027
Love Live School Idol Project Roma...by Wilfredo M. Fernandez
My second Love Live School Idol Project Romance story. This time it is a KotoUmi shipping. Three childhood best friends. One is blinded by her love for their group's le...
>{ Reader }< X Muse And otp oneshot(DISCONTINUED) by Tkym_Zen
>{ Reader }< X Muse And otp onesho...by Zen Takiyama
Muse x reader story and OTP story... you can request too!!!! Want some lemon? Request!
Random Love Live! Story Book (OLD & CRINGE) by G-Zoe13
Random Love Live! Story Book (OLD...by Inactiveuser
HALF OF THESE JOKES ARE UN CREDIT AND I APOLOGIZE As the title says, full of weirdness hilarity and gayness all around scenarios has questionable situations and it may o...
El Dia Que El Infierno Toco La Tierra by Hoshizora6680
El Dia Que El Infierno Toco La Tie...by Hoshizora6680
Todo paso ese trágico dia, el dia que el mundo se sumio en una oscuridad total... Todo cambio, Todas cambiamos, solo el mas fuerte sobrevive... Esa a sido la regla desde...
I HATE YOU! by G-Zoe13
I HATE YOU!by Inactiveuser
Yazawa Nico and Nishikino Maki are the two stubborn headed members of μ's, everyone knows that they fight, quarrel argue you name it, but they seem close yet so far from...
Pure Nico and Sin Nico (PNSN) by Ritsu_Tedeza84
Pure Nico and Sin Nico (PNSN)by ~ Datenshi Yohane ~
//This is an AU (Alternate Universe) story. As the well-known idiomatic expression says, "Don't judge a book by it's cover"~ Just read it :D There was a girl w...
Love Live Fanfic- Vampire SAGA by Samidskiee
Love Live Fanfic- Vampire SAGAby Samidskiee
A girl name Aiko Yozoru they called her The Dark Lily. she's a singer, a vampire and a first year from Otonokizaka high school. Her father which is the Alpha of the Bloo...
¹ eliminate | the soldier game trio ✓ by EYDEL_
¹ eliminate | the soldier game tri...by EYDEL
❝ your life is more fragile than you think. ❞ + nishikino maki, a female japanese doctor in her family hospital, disappeared without a trace. before her, a good friend...
The Yakuza's Honour by Ritoru_Demon
The Yakuza's Honourby YOSHIRIKO!
So here it is..!!! This is where I am gonna continue this Fanfic that I planned to drop before. This was requested by Skye-san in my old account and I decided to make...
Our Unique Love-Nozoeli Twilight by NamiKaru648
Our Unique Love-Nozoeli Twilightby NamiKaru648
Vampire/werewolf AU minna-san~ i think it's time for me to do what nozoeli fags do XD "She's a vampire!" "You can't love her! You're different!" Afte...
→ Till Then | NozoEli by JuiceWrites
→ Till Then | NozoEliby JuiceWrites
Love Live's Champion Muse have been invited to take 2-Day Tour to- once in the U.S but now London. Nozomi and Eli have been unsure about their feelings for one another...