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 μ's x Aqours (The meet of the Two Goddesses) by peach_pengu
μ's x Aqours (The meet of the peach_pengu
μ's disbanded, and with that. Love live has not been alive. And years pass, A new School Idol has been Born. Named, Aqours. Chika, their leader idolized μ's and it beco...
No. 1 (NicoMaki) -Manga- [Terminada] by NicoNishikino-san
No. 1 (NicoMaki) -Manga- [ Proyecto Smiku
Manga NicoMaki Si quieren saber mas ... Léanlo, ¿que esperan?
Mine and only mine by mouniraK0
Mine and only mineby mounira.k
Read the first chapter to know~ this is a nicomaki story ~❤️🌞👊 Omegaverse.
You Lie That Time | NicoMaki by maroonierei
You Lie That Time | NicoMakiby ReïDaïsukï
Nishikino Maki is the 1st year student at Otonokizaka and she comes from a wealthy family of doctors and is somewhat pressured to become a doctor like her parents, which...
A Short NicoMaki Story by rhythmlive1997
A Short NicoMaki Storyby Dandi Memoir
Just wanna write a short (lol it's not even "short" anymore) NicoMaki story, since I am just new to writing novels and stuff. <3 Nico was having a normal da...
Love Live School Idol Project: The Next Generation by AwesomeNinja1027
Love Live School Idol Project: Wilfredo M. Fernandez
Tsubasa Kira and Honoka Kousaka decided to join the police force after high school. They got married after three years in the service. Having been gifted with a beautifu...
→ Till Then | NozoEli by JuiceWrites
→ Till Then | NozoEliby JuiceWrites
Love Live's Champion Muse have been invited to take 2-Day Tour to- once in the U.S but now London. Nozomi and Eli have been unsure about their feelings for one another...
I HATE YOU! by G-Zoe13
I HATE YOU!by Inactiveuser
Yazawa Nico and Nishikino Maki are the two stubborn headed members of μ's, everyone knows that they fight, quarrel argue you name it, but they seem close yet so far from...
Love Live! One-shots!(Loving You)(On-HOLD) by joshbradley04868
Love Live! One-shots!(Loving You)( joshbradley04868
Love Live! One-shots..! Parings: 1.NozoEli 2.NicoMaki 3.KotoUmi Summary: 1.NozoEli= Eli has been courting Nozomi for almost two years... But what Eli doesn't know is tha...
Maki The Tsundere (NicoMaki Fanfic) by inluvwithmycat
Maki The Tsundere (NicoMaki Fanfic)by grannycat
WARNING!! I wrote this when I was 12 so the first parts are going to be cringey as hell (seriously what was I thinking?) This is my first time writing so I hope you can...
Maybe It Was Fate by amateur-writer
Maybe It Was Fateby mi🌸
Yazwa Nico finally made her dreams come true, she was currently the number one idol. A party after one of her tours lead to a mishap bringing her to someone she hasn't m...
Love Live Oneshots by Shun-chan0824
Love Live Oneshotsby Shun-chan0824
Just a bunch of stories that has been on my mind. This book tackles both u's and Aqours. And hopefully include the Nijigasaki girls. Edit (6-29-19): Also something rand...
Behind The Clubhouse Door (being rewritten) by NicoMakironi
Behind The Clubhouse Door (being Fandom trash
This is a NicoMaki and it's only fluff so I'm sorry if you came here looking for lemon. But nevertheless, I hope you enjoy!
the switch body Effect :v (nozoeli And Nicomaki )  by Tkym_Zen
the switch body Effect :v ( Zen_
it's when nico born with a tall body and has boobs, when nozomi born with a small body like nico, with flat chest. then..... let's see the world like that with nicomaki...
Muse Chatroom **CrackFic** by SylviaXD
Muse Chatroom **CrackFic**by SylviaXD
WARNING: slightly inappropriate jokes inside. You have been warned... Don't take this fic seriously. NicoMaki, NozoEli, KotoUmi, RinPana and CRACK. Lots and lots of cr...
The Ocean Rose Maiden by AwesomeNinja1027
The Ocean Rose Maidenby Wilfredo M. Fernandez
Eli x Umi love story. A Love Live School Idol Project alternate universe love story. Love Live School Idol Project/Rozen Maiden crossover. Eli Ayase is a skilled doll ma...
It Started With a Video by AwesomeNinja1027
It Started With a Videoby Wilfredo M. Fernandez
A new Honoka Kousaka x Tsubasa Kira love story. Story begins at the end of Love Live School Idol Project Season 1. This is not a reboot of "Love Live School Idol Pr...
NicoMaki: Jealousy by rhythmlive1997
NicoMaki: Jealousyby Dandi Memoir
(I recommend you should've already watched the Love Live! School Idol Movie to understand the events here.) Yazawa Nico discovers that Maki is in a relationship...with s...
El Dia Que El Infierno Toco La Tierra by Hoshizora6680
El Dia Que El Infierno Toco La Hoshizora6680
Todo paso ese trágico dia, el dia que el mundo se sumio en una oscuridad total... Todo cambio, Todas cambiamos, solo el mas fuerte sobrevive... Esa a sido la regla desde...
The Warm Melody by infuri
The Warm Melodyby inflily
Nico has been acting weird and everyone is trying to get on her case. She tries her best to avoid telling the truth but fails. What could possibly be troubling Nico? Ni...