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My Husband Is A Bad Boy by ANParker4123
My Husband Is A Bad Boyby Fιяε & ѕмσкε
❝Leave me alone!", I shouted at him as he pulled me forcefully towards himself. "Oh come on, girl! Don't be a fool! Women are dying for me there are you are pu...
  • sidharthmalhotra
  • disgust
  • love
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My Best Friend's Brother ♡ by Ibtrill
My Best Friend's Brother ♡by S h Δ r d e ' .
I couldn't breath. He was so close to me. "Don't worry... She's not home..." He whispered in my ear. My heart raced. My legs were ready to tremble. Then he ki...
  • kiss
  • tension
  • romantic
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We are Taegi by Shin_e_Sunn_y
We are Taegiby Je veux ton amour
Vkook, Vmin, Sope гэх мэт алдартай ship-ын stan-уудаас бага ч гэсэн бид бол TAEGI stan. Энийг уншаад та аз жаргалыг мэдрэнээ. Итгэлтэй байна. By Shine High rankings: #3...
  • reaction
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Wattpad Facts { ON HOLD } by cheekycocktail
Wattpad Facts { ON HOLD }by M
These are the common and acceptable things that happen in our own little Wattpad nation. Wattpad Facts is an enjoyable read meant for all - the newbies, the middle-Watt...
  • fact
  • common
  • response
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Life by sravanidevadurgam
Lifeby sravani devadurgam
It's is A journey to travel
  • responsive
  • emotion
  • dreams
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Ask Or Dare...Paw Patrol  by kahootduh
Ask Or Dare...Paw Patrol by NOT TODAY
The pups start a talk show with me as their host...Ryder. All you have to do is ask a question,dare or both and if it's will be on THE PUP SHOW! Enjoy... Ev...
  • updates
  • humor
  • enjoy
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response - cth by cliffordxfranta
response - cthby gabi aye
a wrong number and a situation no one should have ever been in
  • 5sos
  • 5secondsofsummer
  • calumhood
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Ask Suneater by Tamaki-Amajiki
Ask Suneaterby Suneater
An art blog where I answer your questions.
  • amajiki
  • art
  • ask
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till 2 moons break apart by perfectgirl12
till 2 moons break apartby perfectgirl12
what happens when the one you love comes back? and he dates your daughter? for bella when Edward comes back he dates her daughter Crystal and Renesmee in no way is going...
  • mistery
  • yelled
  • slumber
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Short Stories and other Literary Mishaps by AmyImdieke
Short Stories and other Literary Amy Imdieke
In coordination with and rather unexpected flashes of caffeine-induced brilliance, I present to you: Short Stories and other Literary Mishaps. This...
  • variety
  • short
  • creative
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matcha team. by matchaeditorscompany
matcha the matcha editors' company.
meet the editors of the matcha team---quirks, likes, dislikes, and all the little things in between. includes info on how to apply for each editor.
  • overview
  • info
  • read
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Responses to pick up lines by user02142734
Responses to pick up linesby
I love coming up with great responses to pick up lines. You can message me one and I'll come up with a response and post it
  • pickuplines
  • responses
Like or Dislike? by cat_warrior624
Like or Dislike?by Autumn
Inspired by JaneConquestBackup's book, Agree or Disagree.
  • random
  • responsive
  • series
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For You! [For Him Asks] OPEN by ItsTorTo
For You! [For Him Asks] OPENby 𝒢𝒶𝓎𝒞𝑜𝓉𝓉𝑜𝓃
Ask the cast of For Him any question, within reason, of course.
  • ewedd
  • asks
  • forhim
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Coach by kimmifauth40
Coachby kimmifauth40
Grass After above lights form place, blessed multiply a his moved stars over after spirit upon hath under for above fifth life Itself green she'd kind you'll give domi...
  • long
  • disease
  • admit
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English Essays by Mockingjay100
English Essaysby Mockingjay100
A collection of english critical responses showcasing Elizabeth Gaskell's Realist novel "North and South", a genre study, an analysis of Robert Gray's poetry...
  • boaz
  • realist
  • robert
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Writing Prompts with Responses (TheFakeRedhead) by Baconkitkat
Writing Prompts with Responses ( Baconkitkat
I do not own these writing prompts however, that does not mean I don't have responses to them. if you see a prompt or response that sparks inspiration use it by all mean...
  • horror-thriller
  • science-fantasy
  • response
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Haikus last longer by blondeep
Haikus last longerby blondeep
Haikus because sometimes that's all we need. Also because I love haikus; maybe I can change your mind about them too. And I wanted show how powerful words can be, even w...
  • true
  • collection
  • hiddenmeanings
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Service Dog And Things! by Mag_Writes_Stuff
Service Dog And Things!by SocialDerp
This is exactly what it sounds like! My journal of me figuring out what i will do with my future service dog. And also me talking about laws and such.
  • social
  • memes
  • ada
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[✔] My Response to 'A Child Called "It"' by SheWritesFanfiction
[✔] My Response to 'A Child SheWritesFanfiction
We had to write a paper in my Social Problems class on our response to the book we had to read... A Child Called "It". I might have ranted a little bit but I w...
  • opinions
  • books
  • responses
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