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His Hated Bride | √ by asmitadutta_
His Hated Bride | √by ♛
"I have made you mine-not so that you can live happily ever after..", he whispered as he twisted my wrist behind me, making me face the wall. I could feel his...
Our Arranged Love ✓ by asmitadutta_
Our Arranged Love ✓by ♛
❝ I will never be able to love you.. Even you know it.. Then what is the reason you stay with me?", he said teary eyed. " Because some things are meant to be...
INTEZAAR by kefimysa
(UNDER EDITING) //Mohabbat ka imtehan asan ni hota Pyar sirf pane ka naam ni hota Muddatein beeth jati hain kisi ke intezar mein Ishq sirf doo pal ka kaam ni hota// Sehe...
Cursed/response images by xxxplayboybunsxxx
Cursed/response imagesby ace
Cursed images for you to take and use as your own. They can be used as response images for when you don't know how to reply to a text. Enjoy or you will perish. Credit t...
My Best Friend's Brother ♡ by Ibtrill
My Best Friend's Brother ♡by S h Δ r d e ' .
I couldn't breath. He was so close to me. "Don't worry... She's not home..." He whispered in my ear. My heart raced. My legs were ready to tremble. Then he ki...
HYPNOSIS MIC ✡by Frosty Easter
Slow updates ahead lol
Comebacks by sleepyhearted
Comebacksby Lazi
The three laws of comeback: 1st law: All insults remain in a state of mockery or shade unless acted upon by a savage comeback. 2nd law: The comeback acting on an insult...
Top Reasons To Have Responsive Web Design by josephdennyy01
Top Reasons To Have Responsive Denny Joseph
Responsive web design brings more mobile traffic. Responsive design is about providing a consistent user experience. It improves your SEO. Being one of the hottest trend...
random stickers  by thhiccheeto
random stickers by mary
random stickers i have in my phone. there's a lot.. screenshot all of them 😌
What to say to your Enemies by MissNyanshima
What to say to your Enemiesby Miss Nyansii
Almost about at least 50% of us have had the problem when you've got someone who ticked you off and you don't know what to say to them to make them cry home to there mum...
Responses to Confessions by thelastmuse
Responses to Confessionsby PretTiLay Ko
These are my thoughts and pieces of advice to the confessions I've read from UCFB
response - cth by cliffordxfranta
response - cthby gabi aye
a wrong number and a situation no one should have ever been in
I have decided to combine two things I love with something I hate: social media + writing with revision. This book will be dedicated to GCSE Biology. If you don't know...
Meet the authors showcase edition volume #2  Est.  6/5/2020 (complete) by BooksbyLwordpress
Meet the authors showcase @BooksbyLwordpress
The newest addition to meet the authors program, this is another platform for interviews. But this time, instead of focusing on the writer. These interviews are to provi...
till 2 moons break apart by perfectgirl12
till 2 moons break apartby perfectgirl12
what happens when the one you love comes back? and he dates your daughter? for bella when Edward comes back he dates her daughter Crystal and Renesmee in no way is going...
One Way Solution to Fix Epson Printer Offline by printererrorcode
One Way Solution to Fix Epson printererrorcode
In technology's glimpse, Epson no doubt holds much value in the world, but, as well as some glitches we can't avoid which are nominal. Similarly, most of the time since...
Say by dreamsfalldown
Sayby *The Truth of Our Hearts*
I know not of what I say. My actions are a bleary mess. Still, I type of what's inside my mind. - Poetry & Prose Copyright 2020 @dreamsfalldown [Wattpad]
Let's Talk || Interviews with Let's Share by LetsShare7
Let's Talk || Interviews with Let' Let's Share
"How can I be like them?" We all have thought this once in our miserable lives, admit it, already! You have witnessed millions of achievers getting praised and...