Turning Point (A Reaching Out Novel) by lovelessmelodramatic
Turning Point (A Reaching Out lovelessmelodramatic
It has been three months since the wedding, and Allana's announcement and the married life has been treating us quite fairly, in fact, it is amazing. Our life couldn't...
  • london
  • out
  • point
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Reaching Her { sakura x reader } by MiDNiGHTHUEE
Reaching Her { sakura x reader }by Lisa Jay
while she is currently married to her childhood love, you can't help but notice that her husband is away pretty much all of the time. you have loved her for as long as s...
  • sakura
  • sasuke
  • reader
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Asexual Dust by NormanREdwards
Asexual Dustby Norman Roger Edwards
I have been writing poetry since I was nine years old. I've gotten awe, I've gotten tears. So now it's time to share. Everything I've ever written (poetically speaking)...
  • deathwish
  • poetry
  • victor
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Before You've Known by CancerSaMars
Before You've Knownby キラー蜂
A story about friends falling for the other ended up being strangers... Hope you'll love the book:) PS:This is my first book
  • friendshiplives
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Drowning by apate_
Drowningby Apate_
D R O W N I N G She was drowning in her own thoughts but nobody saw her struggle.
  • deception
  • sinking
  • poetry
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