Well, HEY THERE! :D I'm glad you decided to view my profile, because quite frankly, I have the most pwittiest background ever >.< I wish I could say the same about my face, but I do try ;) Well, I think I should make myself clear with a list of the top 10 things I love ;D (It is not in any kind of order)

*Black Veil Brides
*Dinosaurs (hence the user name ;])
*My Chemical Romance
*You me at six
*Linkin Park
*Pretty things :3
Sorry, but I'm adding an eleventh one :/ CHICKENS... and a twelveth one BRING ME THE HORIZON

And I'll also do 5 things I dislike :D (only 5 cuz there should always be more positives than negatives! *even if life isn't like that* shhh realistic thoughts!)

*When people lie
*Fresh cooked mushrooms (No idea why, but I can't stand fresh mushrooms when they're cooked, but I don't mind them raw, and I don't mind tinned mushrooms)
*Bell peppers --> Urghhhhhhhhh
*Stuck up biaaatches who make unnessacery comments
*When people purposely annoy me

You can label and stereotype me all you want, but I will always be me, my unique self :D
Also, I'm currently ginger 'cause I didn't use a strong enough hair colour stripper thingy :/ I'm naturally blonde. BUHH NOT DUMB!! ;D

I always fan my fans back, cuz I'm nice like that ;D not that I have many fans...

P.S. I'm a ninja.

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    EVERYWHERE muahahahaaa
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    Jan 28, 2011 05:01PM

xXxRAwWwRxXx xXxRAwWwRxXx Jul 28, 2011 11:16AM
If you delete a story, does it get rid of your votes?D:
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