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Accident Of Bliss by MonaMandy
Accident Of Blissby Monisha Gupta
A tale of two souls trapped in an unwanted marriage (Sandhir ff) What happens when you intend to attend a marriage function but get married instead? what happens when th...
(Sandhir) His wife.  by rainycloud138
(Sandhir) His wife. by Rainycloud
Another sandhir love story.
Main Agar Kahoon... by lokijokey
Main Agar Kahoon...by Ms. Potterhead
#317 in short story on 8th November,2017 #340 in short story on 14th November,2017 #150 in short story on 27th November,2017 it's a four shots story based on the love st...
Being Her Idiot... Exclusively by the_untamed_soul
Being Her Idiot... Exclusivelyby A.S.
Moody Complicated Unpredictable Difficult Rowdy Mysterious This is how the world has described Sanyukta Aggarwal since she was 16. And why not? She is totally different...
Mate  by ShilluParShian
Mate by Shillu SanDhir ParShian
Mate 2 shots sandhir story Credits goes to original writer
||SanDhir|| Incognito Love ✔ by -soufflegirll-
||SanDhir|| Incognito Love ✔by vee :)
❝Do you think I told you my real name? ❞ ❝ Nope. I lied too❞ What happens when two strangers fall in love in a foreign city without knowing their original identities? Th...
In Search Of Love [#YourStoryIndia] by The_Cryptic_Writer
In Search Of Love [#YourStoryIndia]by The_Cryptic_Writer
He loathed love, She carved for love. He runs away from love, She was in search of love. He believes love makes us weak. She believes love strengthens us. Join the journ...
Envious Love #wattys2016 by The_Cryptic_Writer
Envious Love #wattys2016by The_Cryptic_Writer
Randhir Singh Shekhawat, a Greek god Casanova , an extremely successful businessman, who carries the hearts of the women in his pocket and loves to play with it. But wh...
I LOVE YOU -SANDHIR FF by ShilluParShian
I LOVE YOU -SANDHIR FFby Shillu SanDhir ParShian
#8 in fanfiction what's hot category(27/08/2016) #9 in #randhir what's hot category(27/08/2016) A beautiful writer i have also included her ffs: wife on paper sanyukta...
RajevalochanaAatmaja : Heart of Marguerite by Leafxy_trxes
RajevalochanaAatmaja : Heart of Ma...by -Nyctophilia-
Book 1 of Moonlight Elixir. Madhulika,youngest Kuru princess,daughter of Gandhivadhari Arjuna and Yadavi Subhadra,has an heart of honey,just like her names suggests,She...
Contractual Responsibility by ShilluParShian
Contractual Responsibilityby Shillu SanDhir ParShian
#12 in FANFICTION(8th july) Its a sandhir FF. It is a story of our sandhir. They got married but never had a proper personal interaction. To know the exact reason do rea...
Isn't Exactly A Fairytale by ShilluParShian
Isn't Exactly A Fairytaleby Shillu SanDhir ParShian
Story is on a wife n huband. A sandhir FF read n njoy. Story credits goes to original writer.
Love me like never before(√) by A_rebelliousdreamer
Love me like never before(√)by Shrinkhla singh
Cover cr.Bhavya-sandhir Story of a young businessman who achieved a great height in a very young age but still hollow from inside. Having everything ,he has nothing.He k...
ABDICATION  by goldndiamonds
ABDICATION by Sonia Yadav
The rain made her wet clothes stuck to her body like second skin. He could see the pale skin from now see through material. The cool air made her shudder but that wasn't...
My Perfect Better Half- A Sandhir FF by sumusammy
My Perfect Better Half- A Sandhir...by sumusammy
She was a Lecturer.......... He was an actor........... She found happiness in small small things....... He found happiness in larger than life surprises........... He b...
Nutella Rolls sandhir ff by ShilluParShian
Nutella Rolls sandhir ffby Shillu SanDhir ParShian
#8 in fanfiction 18th march 2017 The story of our SanDhir Sanyukta: she is a divorcee. But a very hard working women and employee of Shekhawat firm. Randhir singh shekha...
Night Jasmine by kahiliginger
Night Jasmineby kahiliginger
She grew up adoring him. Even after he drifted far due to circumstances the adulation continued. The fragrance of the night jasmine he planted to placate her left his ma...
My Love's Happiness by blackheart489
My Love's Happinessby Cutie pie
He loves her madly, in a short span of time she has become his life. He needs her like human heart needs oxygen. She is his glass fragile doll who he adores, cares, admi...
Lending Hearts[SS](Completed √) by A_rebelliousdreamer
Lending Hearts[SS](Completed √)by Shrinkhla singh
#24 in short story on (11/1/17) Soulmates are people who bring out the best in you. They are not perfect but are always perfect for you. Falling for the second time i...
The Unfortunate Prince #ReadersChallenge ✔ by sandhir_ishika
The Unfortunate Prince #ReadersCha...by Ishika Goel
A story about a prince who is eventually left alone by his loved ones -his friends, his family and his love . Don't worry , it'll be a Happy ending 😊 #6 on 19/05/17 in...