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The Junior Detective (Detroit: Become Human) by ASE715
The Junior Detective (Detroit: Bec...by ASE715
(Y/n) Anderson is a nine year old kid who works alongside her father, Lieutenant Hank Anderson, to solve cases. After her brother, Cole, died she's never been the same...
Detroit: Become Human - Connor x Reader by lindaflower35
Detroit: Become Human - Connor x R...by lindaflower35
*UNDER EDITING* Sergeant (Y/N) (L/N) is the best sergeant in the DPD, and Lt. Anderson's friend. But she carries a secret, a secret that she can't afford getting it expo...
Growl || Reed900 ✔️  by CarmenKB
Growl || Reed900 ✔️ by (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
"Get the fuck away from me," I growl. Started December 2018 - October 27th, 2019
A Reason to Change | Connor x Human Reader (female) by TheSugarLiz
A Reason to Change | Connor x Huma...by 💀⭐️SugarLiz⭐️💀
NEW BOOK TITLE - Previously known as "We Live, Therefore We Are" You never had anything against androids... In fact, you're rather fascinated by everything abo...
Who's the real Monster ? (DBH × Male Reader) by _QtXuan_
Who's the real Monster ? (DBH × Ma...by qtxuan
(Y/N) , a Teen Android escaped from the laboratory from Elijah Kamski and tries to survive on his own until someone finds him....
I was just a machine, but it wasn't really me... (Connor x OC) D: BH by TamaraWang
I was just a machine, but it wasn'...by Tamara Wang
My name is Rose... Detective Rosalie Anderson, if I want to be formal... The niece of Lieutenant Hank Anderson... An ordinary 26 years old girl who lives in Detroit... I...
Hope for a Sunrise by RewriteReimagine
Hope for a Sunriseby R.R.
I try to push him off me but it's no use. "Careful, Angel." He says while I stay still like the cornered pray that I am. Zack moves his head to the crook of my...
Sharp and Jagged (Ralph X Reader) by irishlostboy
Sharp and Jagged (Ralph X Reader)by Raven
UNFINISHED AND STILL IN PROGRESS (gender neutral omnipotent POV) This will be the first book I write, and I need some descriptive words to fill places. If you have any s...
• ⦾ ℏ ?  ℂ ????? ⦾ •   |Connor x Reader|Detroit:Become Human|  by Animefreak1145
• ⦾ ℏ ? ℂ ????? ⦾ • |Connor x R...by ѕв χ єveryonє
"Running diagnostics. . .Systems all up and ready to go. No misplacements or reconstruction needed. Model RK800, serial #313 248 317 at your service." His voic...
Blue Blood || Cank ✔️  by CarmenKB
Blue Blood || Cank ✔️ by (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
Thirium, or as humans like to call it, Blue Blood. Cover Art: _hjuki on Twitter
I Am Deviant  by Jesse_7302
I Am Deviant by Jesse Hall
Detective Y/N was always fascinated by androids, and now she gets to work with with one alongside her partner Lieutenant Anderson. ___________ RK800 x Reader She/Her pr...
FEEL ALIVE, d:bh connor by 97KING
FEEL ALIVE, d:bh connorby mclovin
it's time to decide who you are connor / male oc started 2020 on-going
DBH: The Untold Truth by Elea-R
DBH: The Untold Truthby Elea-Ren
He was once a human his name was Connor Anthony Wolf.. Now he's a Deviant who's Alive and free.. His name is Connor Henry Anderson. Four years after the revolution and C...
C O M P A T I B L E | Connor by RonnieWritesBooks
C O M P A T I B L E | Connorby ✨B A B Y✨
Power On. "Android Prototypes RK800 male and female, can you hear me?" A voice sounded infront of the metal bars. I looked their way, and so did the male. &quo...
Become Immortal [Connor x Reader] by S-aHowaito
Become Immortal [Connor x Reader]by ▵S-a▿
"The RK800 stood dead in his tracks. His lips stretching into a melancholic smile, eyes now glimmering longingly at the person he deeply admired and loved. The pers...
|△ CONNOR △ | Become human  by Jenny_Swan
|△ CONNOR △ | Become human by Jenny_Swan
STORIA CREATA 29/ 12 /19 Una ragazza di 23 anni, testarda tenace che non si farebbe mai mettere i piedi in testa, dopo tutti i suoi studi viene assunta nel dipartimento...
★·.·'¯'·.·★ The First Deviant ★·.·'¯'·.·★ by OurHeartsRCompatible
★·.·'¯'·.·★ The First Deviant ★·.·...by Bakugou is Bi.
Grief and anger can cause the craziest idea to come to life. Especially If you're Elijah Kamski, who is grieving over the loss of his younger brother, Gavin, in his own...
GAY PANIC by ToxicShortcake
GAY PANICby Ashley
CONKUS ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ It started will little interactions
One to Look Up To- Simon x Markus by rlkiyo
One to Look Up To- Simon x Markusby Dbh and DrV3
In the final days of the android revolution, U.S president Warren is under immense pressure by an overwhelming percentage of the public, to make a decision. Are androids...