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Others anime and cote reacts to Ayanokoji  by HarenaAntoine
Others anime and cote reacts to Ay...by Arrakis
it is (the continuation) of the Wattpad of Shadowmonarch325 because I really like the concept with now all the school of oreigaru QQ Cote ... as well as perhaps other pe...
The Single Father/The Tutor/The Quintessential Quintuplets by No_Body_Home
The Single Father/The Tutor/The Qu...by Stranger_On_Earth
A 17 year old must embark the help from his new schoolmate in order to graduate from his new high school. Only one problem. He has to share him with 5 sisters. As if hav...
COTE x Quintuplets  by AyanogodSolos
COTE x Quintuplets by Saint
What if Ayanokouji replaced Fuutarou I Do Not Own Any Of These Characters
The Quintessential Quintiplets X Fem! Reader! by Rosafan2003
The Quintessential Quintiplets X F...by Rosa
[ON HIATUS untill furthur notice) (Fuutarou is still in This btw) Futtarou and Y/N(You) were childhood friends. Both of you knew each other like a book, but, what would...
The One For Me [Nino Nakano x  Male Reader] by despairdotcom
The One For Me [Nino Nakano x Mal...by Ekoroshia
One day you are asked by Fuutaro to help on a new job he just got to tutor, 5 girls? Damn that's a lot.. This is the story of love between you and the second sister of...
Ayanokouji Kiyotaka x Quintuplets by Yp_idor
Ayanokouji Kiyotaka x Quintupletsby Graph_Leon
I decided to put Ayanokoji in the universe of the quintuplets. There will be no special exams, only regular exams and tests. Haruba Negi - author of Five brides. Kinugas...
Become a Tutor to 5 Dumbest Woman (The Quintessential Quintuplets X Male Reader) by Gale4Lifes
Become a Tutor to 5 Dumbest Woman...by ㄖҜ卂Ҝ卂
(Y/N) (L/N) is a lazy but very smart student. In class, he will either sleep or draw something. He doesn't have any family member. He live alone in his apartment room. O...
The Matchmaker - A Quintessential Quintuplets x Male OC Fanfic by LeavePromUnattended
The Matchmaker - A Quintessential...by Leave Prom Unattended
One day, one memory. Her first love, his mission. Tokugawa Daisuke had a memorable encounter with a girl that changed his life forever. Two years later, they have fi...
Can Hate turn to Love? (Quintessential Quintuplets Harem x OC) by KingFabia
Can Hate turn to Love? (Quintessen...by Fabia
The MC was in the same middle school as the quintuplets and was famous for being not the best either in academics or athletics, but for his unrelenting willpower and ded...
Surviving the Apocalypse with Five Children [MTL] by 0003min
Surviving the Apocalypse with Five...by 0003min
Title: 末世带娃闯天下 Author: 柚妃子茶 Wen Xiaoxiao woke up to find herself transported into a novel, where she became the mother of five children. In the original story, Wen Xiaox...
Reincarnated As A Tutor (Quintessential Quintuplets x Reader) by resevoir315
Reincarnated As A Tutor (Quintesse...by Resevoir
Y/N, upon death, is isekai'd into an anime. Thinking they would wake up with great powers, Y/N is stunned to realize that they were reborn as the main character to an un...
Reacting to (YN)'s Multiverse | Male Reader   by LazyButtAuthor
Reacting to (YN)'s Multiverse | Ma...by Whatever
Don't expect so many anime's, there will be My Hero Academia, RWBY, Komi Can't Communicate, The Quintessential Quintuplets... Best rankings: 3th at #quintuplets 6th at #...
Hourglass [Quintessential Quintuplets x OCs] by Kiriyarin_
Hourglass [Quintessential Quintupl...by Kiriyarin
Each of them has their own stories, their own choices. A lot of new characters, new choices and new events, ties that will be torn and repaired. The connection point of...
Quintuplets of the Dead by August_Forger
Quintuplets of the Deadby August Forger
When an outbreak struck, our beloved Quints and MCs embarked on a journey of survival against all odds. Will they be able to make it alive with mere luck by their side?
Vehemence - an Original Quintessential Quintuplets Story by smartwolf85
Vehemence - an Original Quintessen...by mr. wolf
(Y/N) just moved to Japan. The plan is to stay there for a year, away from his home, so he's not too enthusiastic about it. But he meets a certain few people, and sudden...
The unsuccessful runaway from family by All_Pregnancy
The unsuccessful runaway from fami...by pregnancy lover
Chapter one: Jamie and Leo had a beautiful relationship until Leo obsessfully started wanting kids and Jamie did not agree or wanted it in any way so she ran away. 9 yea...
Lost Memories (Nino Nakano x Male Reader x Itsuki Nakano) by Guardian4674
Lost Memories (Nino Nakano x Male...by Guardian
(Y/N) was a Young, Joyful boy who was best-friends with 5 identical sisters. Until an accident changes him forever. Now he must find his past while helping 5 prepare for...
The Quintessential Quintuplets, Eternal Hearts by Itska_Idora
The Quintessential Quintuplets, Et...by Reika Koguro
The past can never be changed, wrongs can never be made right, and for 17 year old Rokuro Touko, this is even more true. After a traumatic experience in his past, Rokuro...
17 Siblings by MBonsey151
17 Siblingsby Addie
This story about a girl who has 10 brothers and 7 sisters. how does life play out when a sibling get badly injured and the oldest has to move back in to help out their s...
Even You is Split in Fifths (A quintessential quintuplets fanfic) by Kazuya_Fish
Even You is Split in Fifths (A qui...by Kazuya
What if Fuutarou never gave his answer... What if he didn't visit any of the girls at the festival... What would have happened... Thats what Fuutarou Uesugi wonders. Aft...