Promiscuity Stories

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Balls in yo jaw by Gingiberrithefirst
Balls in yo jawby Gingiberriface of gingerland...
A journey into the life of a very very promiscuous man. What will unfold?
Promiscuous by jazmennn_
Promiscuousby jazmennn_
pro·mis·cu·ous prəˈmiskyo͞oəs/ adjective 1. derogatory having or characterized by many transient sexual relationships. "she's a wild, promiscuous girl&q...
"Family Friends" by dave_is_elite
"Family Friends"by dave_is_elite
"Are you calling me a liar, Vee? I'm telling you it's true. All that time we were seeing each other it was strictly at our favorite motel and nowhere too personal f...
Three Short Stories by bookDemon17
Three Short Storiesby bookDemon17
Content: 1)The Voice In My Head 2)Assailant 3)I Told You So
Blood and Chocolate by VanessaParkins
Blood and Chocolateby Vanessa Parkins
A lustful king takes an earl's wife and, ignoring his own court, plays a most elaborate game of love. But when the Earl's anger catches up to him, everything the king on...
The Roué and His Spinster (The Lifetime Series I) by mendmilove
The Roué and His Spinster (The Mend
What is the meaning of love between a Roué and a Spinster? Different views......Battle of wills...... Can this two individuals recognizes the love that they had for each...
Thoughts Of a Great Listener by SetaDelRe
Thoughts Of a Great Listenerby Seta Del Re
A window to my high school life with my friends, that shows our exciting and fashionable lifestyle and journey including some essays; humor, friendship and relationship...
Winter in June by CrimsonTower95
Winter in Juneby CrimsonTower95
A young lady's proud attitude leads her to turn her back on everone and pursue her selfish interest. As days go by, her agenda begin to reveal. In attempt to cover her w...
Hoosier Girls by Reyesnorton
Hoosier Girlsby Dana Reyes-Norton
Four best friends have grown apart by their sophomore year of high school but Beth is always trying to keep them together. Although it seems Cosette cares more about hoo...
Relatable by loralei_bell
Relatableby loralei_bell
The untold true story of an adolescent girl and her traumatic beginning. The love she felt growing up for all the wrong men, her addicted father, and her obsessive mothe...
Yu-Mi-Po by freudian69
Yu-Mi-Poby freudian69
Hi all, this is a small effort to describe myself in a few words. I hope to find friends and less hatred.
Who Am I Without Him ? A Series Of Love Stories Going Wrong, Right, And Left by m0istlord
Who Am I Without Him ? A Series raelives
You know them books that have love stories , dysfunctional and all in between, of all sorts? Yeah, this is one of them .
A PEN AND PAPER by heaurtlynch
"I believe in the power a pen and paper can hold. It can write new beginnings, as well as ending tragedies." ...
Spectra [Sample] by EbonyOlson
Spectra [Sample]by Ebony Olson
Spectra will be published on Amazon on Wednesday 22nd February 2017. One touch of Spectra's fingers leaves the predator Bay craving more. Spectra is a Balance; a decede...
I don't love by edibletoe
I don't loveby Da Edible Toe
This is a translation of my original story I'm currently working on in Czech. English IS NOT my native language, but I'm trying my best. STORY: ~ I don't even know you...
Darling, Forgive Me by KayKarr
Darling, Forgive Meby KayKarr
A poem written in imagist style. Please leave a comment enlightening me about your interpretation of the poem, thank you!