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Hard To Get ~> Lion Guard Fanfic by YourLocalTrashPandaa
Hard To Get ~> Lion Guard Fanficby Trashy
{ Kion x Fem!Reader } ‼️ON HOLD‼️ After meeting you, Kion became lovestruck and tries to save you at any opportunity but you tell him off say you don't need saving. You...
Scar x Zira: The Lost Heir by eel0225
Scar x Zira: The Lost Heirby I love animals
This story plays out events that are my theory on what happened before, during, and after Scar's Reign. Scar and Zira are the leaders of the Outsiders and they are plann...
True colors - The Lion King [ LGBTQ+ , Trans , Genderbend ] by JoeHemlock
True colors - The Lion King [ JoeHemlock
Simba was bullied by other lion cubs because he has a short mane, they mocked him and said he looked like a girl, but unkown to others their words did not hurt Simba in...
Aurora: Lion King by BiancaEvans2
Aurora: Lion Kingby LegolasG5*
This story is about an orphan cub found on the edge of the pride lands. That was adopted by Sarabi and Mufasa. They named the cub Aurora as they found her at dawn. How d...
Nakala by jayemerald
Nakalaby JayDiamond
Scar is gone but his spirit burns with unfinished business, but he was found another to carry on his task. Kion, the former leader of the Lion Guard, turns Outlander and...
Our Precious Time - The Lion Guard (Book 1) by Dablitfam23
Our Precious Time - The Lion Nothing
One year has passed after Zira's Death and Kovu was announced as the future king. Simba and Nala are still the king and queen but soon after a couple more years their da...
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Kion's Betrayal: Revenge of Kion's Pride by SpiderEye-
Kion's Betrayal: Revenge of Kion' SpiderEye-
Kion has been exiled from his home, and with Vitani at his side, he wants blood. This story is on FanFiction.Net Cover by amazingspiderfan110
The Lion King: Kion's Betrayal   by anash2969
The Lion King: Kion's Betrayal by Amber Nash
Alternate universe where the lion guard doesn't exist. Kion gets mistreated by his older brother as a cub and fights back with anger and hate, then slowly gets manipulat...
The Lion King Chronicles: Nala's Tears {Editing} by adelaide_angel
The Lion King Chronicles: Nala's Allison Joy
Nala is born the daughter of Sarafina and Jahi during the reign of Mufasa. Her cubhood days are spent alongside Simba, Tama, Kula, and Malka. The five of them spend thei...
(Comic/manga) The Beast Within Kion  by kionxfuli4362
(Comic/manga) The Beast Within Kion x fuli
Kion.....leader of the lion guard and protector of the pride lands finds himself in a odd situation questioning his affection for one of his comrades and friend, he soon...
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The Lion Guard: Without Him ✔️ by get_you_the_moon_252
The Lion Guard: Without Him ✔️by -V-
"Ushari now!" Scar screamed. "Kion!" ~ When's Ushari's poison sinks too deep, the Pride Land's only option is to say goodbye. ~ The Lion Guard belon...
King x King (Simba x Kovu) [Lion King] by opaque__
King x King (Simba x Kovu) [Lion 𝐚𝐮𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐧
A story that takes place where Simba confesses how he feels for Kovu. Then things backfire, but in a good way. 2/14/2019: the story is based around certain events connec...
The Lion King: The Rightful King by TheAverageWriter13
The Lion King: The Rightful Kingby TheAverageWriter13
It has been three months after Kiara and Kovu's adventure. Everything is now back to normal. For the past months Kovu had been tagging along with Simba and his lectures...
The Lion Guard: Season 4 by TheLionGuard8
The Lion Guard: Season 4by The Lion Guard 88
This takes place years after Kion's Coronation, starting with their kids Cover made by @IAmNameTag
Kion and The Roar of Darkness by Outlander234
Kion and The Roar of Darknessby Queen Zira
Before Nala had given birth to Kion she grew terribly ill forcing them to travel to the Tree of Life to get help. On the trip Zira betrayed her friend and stole Kion. No...
Whatever It Takes - A Lion Guard FanFiction by ChekaTLK
Whatever It Takes - A Lion Guard Cheka
A story about the lion guard, after season 3. This story is written with the intentions that the reader has seen the third season of the show. If you haven't seen it the...
The Love Triangle by Fallenfromtheskies
The Love Triangleby Fallenfromtheskies
A rouge lioness joins the Pride Lands to have a better life, sadly encountered by the reign of Scar. After beating him, Simba comes to power, but problems start arising.
Lands Of Royalty by Dablitfam23
Lands Of Royaltyby Nothing
Little time passes when the Lion Guard was born again, the settles outside of the Pride Lands have tensions rising between them and the other lands outside and even beyo...
The Lion King | The lost Brother by Lunarclannn
The Lion King | The lost Brotherby Cynthia Saelens
You might be familiar with the story of Mufasa and his Brother scar. Little did you know they had another Brother. A big Brother who was supposed to be King. yet someday...
Kion and Rani: The Twist by JawsonProductions
Kion and Rani: The Twistby 100% Original Username
What if, The Pridelands and Tree Of Life were at war? Going all the way back to Ahadi's fathers, Mohatus, reign as king, The Pridelands had been an enemy to the Tree Of...