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Together In the Fire by KicktotheMax
Together In the Fireby KicktotheMax
This story takes place after season 3. Kion is unsure of what lies in store for him next. His so called mate, Queen Rani, isn't acting normal, and he doesn't know what t...
King Kion & Queen Rani ( Rulers Of The Tree Of Life )~{ ON HOLD } by thelionguard1507
King Kion & Queen Rani ( Rulers Of...by قيادة الأسد الحارس 🦁🐾
Adventures of Kion and Rani as King and Queen of the Tree Of Life with their pride , Day Pride and Night Pride . Currently ON HOLD !
Lead as one. (Kion X Reader) (On Hold) by FrejaLightwood
Lead as one. (Kion X Reader) (On H...by Freja1105
Found unconscious by the king of the Pride Lands, Simba, Y/n was taken in by him. Growing up along side Kiara and Kion, she was almost treated as a loyal herself. Kion a...
The Return Of Evil #3 by kionxfuli4362
The Return Of Evil #3by Kion x fuli
Hi all this is the third part to my story if you haven't seen the first and second book I'd advise you to go and check them out first before you read this one.
The lost cub by Brietjeee
The lost cubby Brietjeee
This is NOT RELATED to my other lion king/guard book(s), unless it says so in the description. This is just a random story what came up in my head, so I decided to type...
revenge of kion #2 by kionxfuli4362
revenge of kion #2by Kion x fuli
This is the second book please read my first one so you know whats happened my first book is called beast within kion hope you guys enjoy this book
Lion Guard: King of Life by Fictionknight2
Lion Guard: King of Lifeby Fictionknight2
A year has passed since Kion was named King consort of the Tree of Life. Thus far, Kion and Rani enjoy their new life together but when a new lion enters their domain he...
A Heart's Desire by PrincessGG101
A Heart's Desireby PrincessGG101
When Kion is faced with a mysterious illness, Queen Rani becomes depressed at the fact that the one she loves might die and is unable to attend her royal duties. With th...
King Kion and Queen Rani by thelionguard220
King Kion and Queen Raniby TLG 💕💕 .
This is a story about Kion and rani .
The Lion Guard: Season 4 by TheLionGuard8
The Lion Guard: Season 4by The Lion Guard 88
This takes place years after Kion's Coronation, starting with their kids Cover made by @IAmNameTag
The Lion Guard: Without Him by get_you_the_moon_252
The Lion Guard: Without Himby -V-
"Ushari now!" Scar screamed. "Kion!" ~ When's Ushari's poison sinks too deep, the Pride Land's only option is to say goodbye. ~ The Lion Guard belon...
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The Lion Guard Meets Selena Burns by cookiemonsterRULEZ
The Lion Guard Meets Selena Burnsby Kaitlyn N. Lowe
I was a normal girl in biology class one morning, watching The Lion Guard instead of completing my lab when it happened. I was sucked into the computer screen and into t...
The Lion Guard: Untold Stories by UltimateRaichu
The Lion Guard: Untold Storiesby UltimateRaichu
Who is Kion? How did Kion and his friends meet? When did Kion and Rani first met? How did Rani's parents died? How did the Night Pride formed? How did Kion and Rani fall...
Lion Guard What If-Kion Grew Up With Rani by amazingspiderfan110
Lion Guard What If-Kion Grew Up Wi...by Spectacular Spider Fan
I thought of this and its very interesting, so interesting that i didnt put it in my other lion guard book Possibility, where i take a look at scenarios for the show. Bu...
My True Love💕 by NoaSChan
My True Love💕by Noa Chan❤️
After being king, Kion have lots of responsibilities, and kinda forget about his friends and doesn't have enough time for them. He fought with Rani, and she decided to b...
The Night Pride by Sarahs-World
The Night Prideby Sarah
Kion:" Queen Rani". Rani:" Kion. I'm glad the roar has returned to the tree of life again". Kion:" And this time to stay". Rani:" I'm...
Whatever It Takes - A Lion Guard FanFiction by ChekaTLK
Whatever It Takes - A Lion Guard F...by Cheka
A story about the lion guard, after season 3. This story is written with the intentions that the reader has seen the third season of the show. If you haven't seen it the...
Lion Guard: The Journey To The Tree Of Life by LionGuardFan13
Lion Guard: The Journey To The Tre...by Blue Shadow
This story takes place after season 3 episode 10 mama binturong. Im writting this story for two reasons: First I love lion guard one, of my favorite shows, and because I...
[Bách hợp - hoàn] - Phim Thật, Tình Thật by Akichan0306
[Bách hợp - hoàn] - Phim Thật, Tìn...by Aki Chan
* Thể loại: Bách hợp, Showbiz - diễn viên kì cựu & diễn viên tân binh. * Nhân vật chính: - Ann Sirium: Diễn viên kỳ cựu của làng điện ảnh Thái Lan, người được coi là gươ...
Hard To Get ( Lion Guard Fanfic ) by FoxTrapBand
Hard To Get ( Lion Guard Fanfic )by Alex Fox
{ Kion x Fem!Reader } ‼️ON HOLD‼️ After meeting you, Kion became lovestruck and tries to save you at any opportunity but you tell him off say you don't need saving. You...