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Pregnant By An Alien by IrisE6
Pregnant By An Alienby Iris E
This story is a made up story i made myself! This story is about a girl getting pregnant by an alien
Smoke And Fire Completed  by BoingxGorgeous
Smoke And Fire Completed by Estelle Du Plessis
With some big problems coming their ways how will they handle it?
Pregnant With A Dallas by um_hi_questionmark
Pregnant With A Dallasby um_hi_questionmark
Amber has had a hard life, and to top it all off, she gets pregnant at the one and only Cameron Dallas. too bad he has no idea, he moved away before she gets the...
Together Completed by BoingxGorgeous
Together Completedby Estelle Du Plessis
Maya knew she wanted to be with Josh but he always thought of it as just a girl who has a crush on a guy a bit older than her. The three years age difference made no cha...
Keeping A Painful Reminder by KitStrawberry
Keeping A Painful Reminderby Kit(strawberry)
Trinity is a normal teenage girl about to start high school until one awful night. She spends the following months going through all the ups and downs of being a pregnan...
Our Journey As Teen Parents by Raylynn2020
Our Journey As Teen Parentsby Raylynn Skylar James
Maya never thought that her mother's life would become hers. But when a part of it comes true how will it all end?
•15 and pregnant• by sammmii06
•15 and pregnant•by sammmii06
This story is about how marinettte get preggers at 15 <3 This won't be dirty just some swearing so 11+ <3
Jayden  by herrnamee_nini
Jayden by herrnamee_nini
Hope u guys like it !!!
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The life of madisyyn k. by st0riesby_diamond
The life of madisyyn Write it up
This is a fictional story about a girl named madisyyn kylister is a girl with life and relationship problems POV: 1st person cover photo: tamera denise
Night Of Our Life Completed  by BoingxGorgeous
Night Of Our Life Completed by Estelle Du Plessis
As Maya is entering a new stage in her life she hears three words that comes unexpectedly but which can also change her life for good.
Lucaya Pregnancy by LucayaLove109
Lucaya Pregnancyby Elle King
Maya never thought she would ever go through all of it but when an unexpected teen pregnancy hits her and her beloveds how will it end?
Rape Pregnancy Lies  by NeneZi2
Rape Pregnancy Lies by NeneZi2
A 15 year old girl is raped by someone she later finds out that she's related to.Her rape leads to the uncovering of the dirtiest family secrets which most would prefer...
Eyes Wide Open (Sequal to Girl Meets Yearbook) Completed  by BoingxGorgeous
Eyes Wide Open (Sequal to Girl Estelle Du Plessis
On New Years Eve Maya surprises her boyfriend so big neither of them knows how to deal with anything of this what is currently happening.
Life With Uriah Kermit Matthews (Sequal to Night Of Our Life) Completed  by BoingxGorgeous
Life With Uriah Kermit Matthews ( Estelle Du Plessis
Maya and Josh were living their lives with their cute baby boy but they had no idea what would come of everything