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The alien baby by _lunachanwrites_
The alien babyby _lunachanwrites_
Emily is learning about becoming a scientist at college when one day she gets abducted by an alien. She comes back pregnant.
Pregnant By An Alien by IrisE6
Pregnant By An Alienby Iris E
This story is a made up story i made myself! This story is about a girl getting pregnant by an alien
There's something a little odd about Danvers Jr.  by HeroHall
There's something a little odd Hero Hall
(Don't own the characters unless OC ) Alex always knew she was going to be a mother but motherhood isn't as she expected. When a space shuttle crashes an unexpected gu...
The Invisible Sister (MLB FF) (Adrien/Chat Noir x Oc) by NatashaD2967
The Invisible Sister (MLB FF) ( Natasha.D
Macy Dupain Cheng was the sister of Marinette. But the thing is that she was pretty invisible. Not literally, but more practically. She wasn't noticed by anyone in her l...
azur lane: akage and the alien baby  by 221September
azur lane: akage and the alien bucketman
in the azur lane universe, akage got abduction by alien and impregnate her with alien egg, is she going to become a mother? We fine out