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The New Me by RaydenW6
The New Meby RaydenW6
A retelling of Sky's story. What would happen if he had gotten a second chance?
the welcoming Ceremony by BlxKpopfan4ever
the welcoming Ceremonyby ZB1Luvs
the theerapanyakun family prepares to welcome the new generation's lovers into the family with a banquet party with a few little surprises in tow
The Only One Those Eyes Look At by Feychild1225
The Only One Those Eyes Look Atby Feychild1225
Rain and Sky have their worlds turned upside down by the two mysterious new students at their boarding school.
The Chaotic Life Of Theerapanyakun Family by Xianwang_143
The Chaotic Life Of Blandkpop_Lover_4ever!
On a dark night rain meet a dangerously handsome man who was injured, rain had helped him but what he didn't know was the dangerously handsome man will change his life f...
Baby I'm Sorry by ComfortZone_area
Baby I'm Sorryby Comfort Zone
_ Baby I'm sorry, somehow Even without you, I'm OK Baby I'm sorry, somehow It's bearable Don't ever worry about me again I'm sorry I'm so sorry I'm so sorry Words that c...
He's My Wife by ang3l_n_d3vil
He's My Wifeby Angel
They are going to pay for taking his wife from him.
What the heart wants by Feychild1225
What the heart wantsby Feychild1225
AU where Phayu and Prapai are at the same university as Sky and Rain. Sky has no history of trauma and Rain is the same precious little cinnamon roll as always. This i...
Second  Chance (loveintheair x kinnporsche) by akemizeah
Second Chance (loveintheair x akemizeah keiko
a story where Phayu and Prapai tought Sky and Rain are cheating (this is an omegaverse)
Their Light by voidstilesislove
Their Lightby B🖤
Call it best friend instincts or the constant gut feeling that was screaming to him that something was so very wrong the moment his best friend, Sky, walked into that bu...
5 TIMES PRAPAI INSISTS ON tearingcoala1244
Just a story about Prapai being clingy with his parents. (And maybe with other people too) 🥇1 on Prapaisky *28/04/2023 🥇1 on kimchay *20/09/2023 🥇1 on Kinnporchethe s...
Wingless by AnastasiiaKurganova
Winglessby Lovewriting
Sky is a nineteen year old boy with a problem. His wings. Giant purple wings that make his life miserable. He hates them. However, when Prapai walks into Sky's life, so...
mafia love( kinnporschexlita) by Avani3167
mafia love( kinnporschexlita)by Avani
hy guys this is my first story I am writing I am not that good at English so please understand and support me😇 about story prapaisky( pheniox) payurain(Venice) kinnpors...
Win You Back  by berrybiiu
Win You Back by 🌈
Rain have a crush on Phayu and doesn't bother to hide it. Phayu only see Rain as his junior and keep telling himself that he doesn't love the younger. But then, Phayu ha...
JUST A FLEETING FEELING by tearingcoala1244
JUST A FLEETING FEELINGby tearingcoala1244
A story which takes on from ep 6 of bed friend with just a little twist that King is kinn Porsches's son. And it where Kinn was the one who wanted king to take a partne...
Whipped  by berrybiiu
Whipped by 🌈
Another messy story
Unexpected Mettings by Xianwang_143
Unexpected Mettingsby Blandkpop_Lover_4ever!
The function is still going on as the university will welcome the chief guest. The chief guest should arrive at the start, but for some reason, said guests cannot arrive...
Eminence by Kcrescent_V
Eminenceby Kcrescent_V
The two best friends, One too dumb to survive on his own and the other soo sharp that it makes it hard for others to survive. Rain's mom is worried about her son's depe...
Our family  by Shadow_Xplr
Our family by Shadow_Xplr
Prapai son of Kinn and Porsche theerapanyakul is next in line to lead the main family or the Theerapanyakul mafia the biggest mafia in Thailand. His cousin Venice is nex...