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I Will Stay With You Forever  by AshuKumari7
I Will Stay With You Forever by Ashu Kumari
The story takes place after the marriage of King&Uea. It's a gay fanfiction. If you don't know about the story of King and Uea, I would prefer you to watch their drama n...
JUST A FLEETING FEELING by tearingcoala1244
JUST A FLEETING FEELINGby tearingcoala1244
A story which takes on from ep 6 of bed friend with just a little twist that King is kinn Porsches's son. And it where Kinn was the one who wanted king to take a partne...
Bed Friend One-Shot Fanfics by kielxzd
Bed Friend One-Shot Fanficsby kiel
Compilation of KingUea fics I made. Also uploaded in Ao3. Check the link on my profile.
Synchronicity   by ComfortZone_area
Synchronicity by Comfort Zone
- In place of madness I'll offer up a prayer I'm in love with you Guided by the constellations - Uea -I never thought I'd be able to love someone this much Now that I...
NetJames fanfiction  by imymeminemay
NetJames fanfiction by I my
NetJames Oneshot Mature content Work of fiction
🩸 blood shed and love ❤ by MultiStand6
🩸 blood shed and love ❤by Multi Stand
This book contains : violence Bad language Abuse Trauma And is a bl book if you are homophobic this place is not for you 😊
For The Love of Us | KingUea & MaiJade Special Novel | ENG TRANS | by CelineBailah
For The Love of Us | KingUea & Celine Bailah
"Because love has many forms, including different endings." This time their love will end with, "And they lived happily ever after" or not? Special v...
king x uea x jade by Supposetivegirl
king x uea x jadeby uraraka😍😍
Warning ⚠️ jade has always been such a shy type and he developed feelings for two males who he likes and their names are King and uea
Bed Friend - One Shots ( KingUea ) by multipixie
Bed Friend - One Shots ( KingUea )by multi pixie
Small stories for my adorable little beans King and Uea. Some are based on episodes, some not. I hope you'll enjoy them. // I do not own the original storyline or the ch...
Gwenchana  by Jonnie58
Gwenchana by Jane Brenna Godmother
An ex lover returning home, a nightmare and some cancelled plans were the perfect ingredients for a concoction to unleashing Jade's inner demons once again. There's some...
(Unofficial Eng Trans) Bedfriend Series by kielxzd
(Unofficial Eng Trans) Bedfriend kiel
Uea hates playboys while King is one. Despite both being friends with Jade, they never got along. They don't like each other but for some reasons, they began to have a p...
TALE OF TWO MOON... by debolika
TALE OF TWO debolika
It is a story of different type of Love. I don't wanna disclose much here I want you guyz to go check it out... The much I will say the main character of this story is K...
Middleman's Love | ENG TRANS | by CelineBailah
Middleman's Love | ENG TRANS |by Celine Bailah
Jade works as a graphic designer together with his best friends Uea and King. he is a real middle man: he is the middle child, he has always had average grades at school...
Accidentally Married by Mystical_twilight
Accidentally Marriedby Scarlett Jewel
Nai, the wedding planner of the Boonruang family, had to step in to be the groom when the bride who was set to get married ran away on the weddings day.
Forever my love by https_jimmysea
Forever my loveby BEA 🤍
KingUea is engaged and I'm super imaginative 🙈. KingUea wedding on valentines day too since all their anniversaries are on valentines. Make sure to read Bed friends - l...
Love is an Art by Loving_writer7
Love is an Artby Loving_writer7
Couples name :- Main couple "Netjames" Side couple "Phayurain" "Prapaisky" NETJAMES :- James is son of lian and kuea...
BL one shots/short stories  by AshuKumari7
BL one shots/short stories by Ashu Kumari
Hey guys! Here I'm with new stories, that I want you to read and give me reviews about it. There you got stories of thai bl couples. It's just a little collection of my...
LOVED by Rhys2624
LOVEDby Rhys
You know the drill. One of them already has trauma, so i gave the other one some trauma too. King also has his own demons that he's been painstakingly hiding in the ba...
HIS HIDDEN LIFE  by siha_athi
HIS HIDDEN LIFE by siha_athi
SAIFAH THEERAPANYAKUL eldest son Vegas and pete but no one knows about him he left his family 5 years ago and no one knows were is he what happened to him ..why he disa...
Breakdown  by faichuchu
Breakdown by Chihanah Pritchardy
Phayu: why did u sleep with my father? Rain:sorry I just have no other option. I know u won't forgive me but plz know that I have my own reasons.