Girl On Fire by -ThisGirlOnFire-
Girl On Fireby Sierra A. Black
Adelaide Rosewood loved and lost. She was a girl who was loved by her mother, until she died in a freak accident when she was a teenager. Adelaide was moved to London by...
  • firstwizardingwar
  • azkaban
  • potterverse
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Truth or Dare ✔️ by VeroniqueLeNoir
Truth or Dare ✔️by Kimberly McNally
Hermione's growing up fast and if her friends knew how fast, they just might be a little jealous. Or possibly disturbed... Sirius has been alone inside his head for far...
  • sirmione
  • featured
  • romance
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Remedy For Guilt by sleeplesspensieve
Remedy For Guiltby sleeplesspensieve
The daughter of Bellatrix and Rodolphus Lestrange is a Healer who finds herself not only haunted by her past but also questioning her choice in career. When Lyra Lestran...
  • lemons
  • lightbdsm
  • drama
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Fehler der Vergangenheit by Tschnuffi
Fehler der Vergangenheitby JenRen
¦¦ Zeitreisen-FF ¦¦ Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts ¦¦ Als die neugewählte Ministerin Hermine Granger mit einem Spezialauftrag an Teddy Lupin gelangt, steht dieser für ein...
  • gryffindor
  • potter
  • potterverse
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Not Exactly Torture by SilverAconite
Not Exactly Tortureby SilverAconite
Not everyone has the same idea of torture... A game of truth or dare in which the Weasley twins' plans more or less backfire. **Everything belongs to J.K. Rowling and a...
  • truth-or-dare
  • şş
  • malfoy
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Siriusly fishy love ( A Sirius black love story) by iztheflowerprincess
Siriusly fishy love ( A Sirius bla...by iztheflowerprincess
Abigail Williams is a painfully awkward, clumsy, and silly girl. But she has a secret...she is half mer and half human, which creates several problems regarding touching...
  • remuslupin
  • marauders
  • fanfiction
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The Life and Lies of Elwyn Emerindyl by Emerindyl
The Life and Lies of Elwyn Emerind...by Nathan Coombes
A continent apart from the rest of the magical world, a one time sanctuary for the magical world away from the eyes of muggles to separate from magic to mix with it, the...
  • potterverse
  • magicalworld
  • australia
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Lupus Conjectura by Purplemist14
Lupus Conjecturaby I.F
❝I aim to set out on roads that no one has ever trodden before.❞ _Anonymous. "What if werewolves were given a chance at a normal human life too?" Out of thousa...
  • ministry
  • stmungos
  • angst
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Fierce; Oliver Wood by hanoween
Fierce; Oliver Woodby [beep beep hannah]
He gripped her waist delicately, swaying side to side in time with the music. "Have I told you recently that you're utterly gorgeous?" "No," she murm...
  • quidditch
  • fanfiction
  • oliver
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Unknown Anomalies and the Secrets of Muggles by Akurougi
Unknown Anomalies and the Secrets...by Cryptxt
We follow the story of one Aaron Everstead, an eccentric member of a council for a secret order within the muggles that studies the arcane and all about the magic realm...
  • potterverse
  • potter
  • fanfiction
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The Mauraders' Plus One by Castlecloak4462
The Mauraders' Plus Oneby ☆Cassie☆
When Cassie woke up, she was ready for hogwarts. She had no idea hat was in store. She went through sorting, full moons, and Christmas break. On the way she met Remus Lu...
  • harrypotter
  • potterverse
  • mauraders
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Death Eater one-shots by Synerella6661
Death Eater one-shotsby Liv D. Yad
This will contain one-shots about our favourite killers. I will write angst, fluff, lemon, drabble etc. If you would like to see your favourites here feel free to send m...
  • otps
  • yaoi
  • malfoy
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Obscurus Rising: Part 1. by SonamBurke
Obscurus Rising: Part 1.by Sonam Burke
We've all seen the MACUSA and what the start of the American magical world looks like, now come and see the adventures of Precinct 33 of the Canadian Ministry of Magical...
  • magic
  • action
  • adventure
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