Girl On Fire by -ThisGirlOnFire-
Girl On Fireby Katey-Anne Othen
Adelaide Rosewood loved and lost. She was a girl who was loved by her mother, until she died in a freak accident when she was a teenager. Adelaide was moved to London by...
  • deatheaters
  • firstwizardingwar
  • azkaban
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Play the Game ✔️ by VeroniqueLeNoir
Play the Game ✔️by Kimberly McNally
"Come on! We want to get a good seat!" She smiled brightly. "Yeah, I'm coming--" She was entranced by the floating candlesticks and the night sky vi...
  • heartbreak
  • fanfiction
  • auror
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The Fifth Founder  || A HARRY POTTER ROLEPLAY || by Nesert_Isheru
The Fifth Founder || A HARRY POTT...by Serena
Hogwarts professor assigns a collaborative project to his Alchemy class, a small group of ten talented seventh year students. But when they discover an important piece o...
  • philosophy
  • dungeons
  • literate
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Tarot Cards & Time Turners by nushiewrites
Tarot Cards & Time Turnersby Nushie
Cleo Flint wasn't known for her honesty, so leaving her time to start a fake seer business didn't really weigh on her conscience. Thanks to her flair for History of Magi...
  • potterverse
  • robert
  • fanfiction
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The Mauraders' Plus One by Castlecloak4462
The Mauraders' Plus Oneby ☆Cassie☆
When Cassie woke up, she was ready for hogwarts. She had no idea hat was in store. She went through sorting, full moons, and Christmas break. On the way she met Remus Lu...
  • harrypotter
  • potter
  • harry
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Reputation by Simply_Bombastic
Reputationby Steph Spaghett
A Potterverse oneshot The year is 2015. An inside look at the busy lives of a post-war wizarding family.
  • potterverse
  • oneshot
  • severus
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Siriusly fishy love ( A Sirius black love story) by iztheflowerprincess
Siriusly fishy love ( A Sirius bla...by iztheflowerprincess
Abigail Williams is a painfully awkward, clumsy, and silly girl. But she has a secret...she is half mer and half human, which creates several problems regarding touching...
  • hogwarts
  • lovestory
  • lilyevans
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Oniria e Innsomnia by Lizie_CoBlack
Oniria e Innsomniaby The Fool is...
Y volutas de magia condensada los envolvieron. Sus patronus lentamente desapareciendo. Rápidos y confusos escenarios con ellos volviendo. "Un cabellero de la corte...
  • patronus
  • todorokishouto
  • fluff
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Abnormal (A HP Fanfic) by SakuraSamurai
Abnormal (A HP Fanfic)by SakuraSamurai
Rose Thorn Evans is the younger sister of Lily Evans by 2 years. As the runt of the family you would expect that she should be pampered. You were wrong. Ignored and alo...
  • buildup
  • fanfiction
  • potterverse
LITTLE FISH → Draco Malfoy by lustfooly
LITTLE FISH → Draco Malfoyby champagnepapi
BOOK ONE : YEAR FOUR ❝Why do people call you Fish, rather peculiar, isn't it? To be nicknamed after an animal.❞ ❝It's a nickname restricted to my friends, thanks. And I...
  • slytherin
  • potterverse
  • draco
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And Then There Were None by Books_Cleverness
And Then There Were Noneby Books_and_Cleverness
Someone escaped into Hogwarts and started to pick out the Gryffindors one by one, can Harry save them in time? New romances brew, and old friends come together in the Po...
  • gryffindor
  • potterverse
  • snamione
Comfort within the storm (Newt Scamander x reader) by tumblrcringeattack
Comfort within the storm (Newt Sca...by Whitster
You were hurt. You should've known dating that Auror was a bad idea. Perhaps the rain will wash away the sorrow... Or an unknown someone.. SIDE NOTE: This is my first st...
  • potterverse
  • sad
  • newtie
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The Treasure of the Ghost of Hogwarts by imtheradioflyer
The Treasure of the Ghost of Hogwa...by R.A. Aquino
Brent Selwyn, Erin Lovegood, Lemon Longbottom and Blair Rudolfs are new students at the famous school of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Follow their story a...
  • witch
  • potterverse
  • harrypotter
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Hogsmeade Station 🚂 HP Location Guide by hogsmeadecommunity
Hogsmeade Station 🚂 HP Location G...by Hogsmeade
In which the admins provide information and facts about the various locations present in the Potterverse.
  • hogsmeade
  • leakycauldron
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