Truth or Dare ✔️ by VeroniqueLeNoir
Truth or Dare ✔️by VeroniqueLeNoir
Hermione's growing up fast and if her friends knew how fast, they just might be a little jealous. Or possibly disturbed... Sirius has been alone inside his head for far...
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Hogsmeade Station 🚂 HP Location Guide by hogsmeadecommunity
Hogsmeade Station 🚂 HP Location G...by Hogsmeade
In which the admins help you find your way through the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and acquaint you with all the common and important locations. [Information credits...
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Abnormal (A HP Fanfic) by SakuraSamurai
Abnormal (A HP Fanfic)by SakuraSamurai
Rose Thorn Evans is the younger sister of Lily Evans by 2 years. As the runt of the family you would expect that she should be pampered. You were wrong. Ignored and alo...
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The Mauraders' Plus One by Castlecloak4462
The Mauraders' Plus Oneby -That_One_Halfblood-
When Cassie woke up, she was ready for hogwarts. She had no idea hat was in store. She went through sorting, full moons, and Christmas break. On the way she met Remus Lu...
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Draw Your Desire  by plasticineheart
Draw Your Desire by Emily
What happens when Professor Lupin comes across some x-rated drawings... of himself? Harry certainly gets to find out when he realises Lupin has them. Length: approximate...
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Oniria e Innsomnia by Lizie_CoBlack
Oniria e Innsomniaby The Fool is...
Y volutas de magia condensada los envolvieron. Sus patronus lentamente desapareciendo. Rápidos y confusos escenarios con ellos volviendo. "Un cabellero de la corte...
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Fantastische Tierwesen und wo sie zu verstecken sind by Tschnuffi
Fantastische Tierwesen und wo sie...by JenRen
Leseprobe: „Pass gut auf Pickett auf! Ich bin gleich zurück - wenn nicht, ruf' die Leute vom Ministerium! Sofort!" Hedwig schüttelte heftig mit dem Kopf. „Nein! Ne...
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Lupus Conjectura by Purplemist14
Lupus Conjecturaby I.F
❝I aim to set out on roads that no one has ever trodden before.❞ _Anonymous. "What if werewolves were given a chance at a normal human life too?" Out of thousa...
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Reputation by SourGrapes_Snape
Reputationby Your Worst Nightmare
A Potterverse oneshot The year is 2015. An inside look at the busy lives of a post-war wizarding family.
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