Out of Bounds (Harry Potter)

Out of Bounds (Harry Potter)

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"I'm afraid that if I say friends you'll hit me." Harry joked after a moment of thinking it over. I let out a small, amused chuckle when he said that. Punching his shoulder lightly, he pretends that I hit him really hard. "Ow! You see what I mean?" He laughs along with me.

"Oh shut up." I smile at him, shaking my head slightly.

Elsie Malfoy is the younger sister of the infamous Draco Malfoy. It's been a secret to those who don't attend Beauxbaton Academy. Now that their Father is away in Azkaban she wants nothing more than to stay closer to her brother more than ever. The secret's out -- there's another Malfoy in town. Harry Potter, the sworn enemy of Draco, actually likes this girl. She can't let anyone find out about that.

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yoongcy yoongcy Jul 24, 2017
Everyone's like I love her fashion sense when I'm here lol "They are in like 1995 she shouldn't be wearing stuff like that" lmao
hufflepuffisda hufflepuffisda Nov 19, 2017
She ISSSSSSSSS nottttttttttttttttttt aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa snob
Weirddemiwood Weirddemiwood May 05, 2017
Am I the only one always seeing Tranduil and Lucius as the same person...yes?...ok.... I'll go and hide
_Slim_Shorty_ _Slim_Shorty_ Jun 30, 2017
"Of course I was being biased.......We all know he ain't innocent"
ThatBabyQuinnDoh ThatBabyQuinnDoh Feb 06, 2017
When A Made up person has more fashion than you, you know your life sucks
bookloversapprentice bookloversapprentice Feb 09, 2017
I shall name you squishy and you shall be my squishy come on squishy!