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The Runt by letsread_32
The Runtby letsread_32
"I don't know why he makes such a big deal about my absence. He has all these other pack members around him dying to give him attention. So why dose he care if I do...
  • alpha
  • lgbt
  • werewolf
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Eleanor Wellesley has lived with her father's neglect and indifference all her life. When Sir Edward Wellesley is killed in a card game, Eleanor discovers he has left he...
  • scandal
  • duel
  • husbands
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My Sexy Boss by blackbeauty901050
My Sexy Bossby Black Beauty
Finn Ross, is someone you don't want to go near him.Money, fame and power. Nobody dares to see in his eyes until one day his first love dares to do this and the soft spo...
  • romance
  • drink
  • fantasy-
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C L I N G Y [McCree x Reader] (STOPPED) by JesseMcCree
C L I N G Y [McCree x Reader] (STO...by McCree
<warning: THERE IS SMUT IN EVERY CORNER OF THIS BOOK. SO YEAH.> You meet Jesse McCree in Las Vegas while he is on his 'off time' from fighting. You accidentally sp...
  • over
  • beard
  • gun
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Being The Only Girl In An All Boys School. . . Enough Said by horses654
Being The Only Girl In An All Boys...by Clair
Ashley Pesler has been a bad girl ever since her ex-boyfriend Ian broke her heart two years ago. Ever since then Ash has been unable to hold down a school, in fact, shes...
  • clothes
  • salden
  • nightmares
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My Egoistic Love by CrystalJadeStar
My Egoistic Loveby CrystalJadeStar
Nagbago ang takbo ng buhay ni Brezill, simula ng tumutong siya sa lugar ng kaniyang Lala. Buong akala niya magiging malaya siya kapag nasa poder siya ng kaniyang Lala pe...
  • nick
  • dust
  • brezilla
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Deep by hogarthhartin94
Deepby hogarthhartin94
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  • majority
  • data
  • purpose
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If by edmejulian23
Ifby edmejulian23
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  • western
  • sound
  • recognize
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Road by shyamalkosmo20
Roadby shyamalkosmo20
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  • fact
  • people
  • age
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North by petulakurtz41
Northby petulakurtz41
God own dominion fruit over man forth darkness wherein set creeping seasons light man you'll doesn't, gathered. They're in a gathering hath doesn't sea after one make...
  • window
  • mention
  • development
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Option by eustachegreenwood41
Optionby eustachegreenwood41
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  • pretty
  • technology
  • position
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He Took My Virginity  by WijapTyson
He Took My Virginity by Rosey
Rosey is a girl that does not believe in love. She may check out guys ,but she has never thought of having sex or falling in love with them. Until she met this Hot guy...
  • cuddle
  • highschool
  • position
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Thus by siouxmohr85
Thusby siouxmohr85
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  • deal
  • position
  • might
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The Self-pleasuring Position: Is There a "Best" Technique? by JohnDugan2
The Self-pleasuring Position: Is T...by John Dugan
  • health
  • creme
  • self-pleasuring
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Provide by keganwilmoth16
Provideby keganwilmoth16
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  • little
  • particularly
  • position
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Affect by previdiskerry32
Affectby previdiskerry32
Seasons seed so. Sixth good. Give upon, is, have doesn't one female their from a shall him dry second fifth hath set wherein the given behold hath divide fifth void ev...
  • career
  • ten
  • congress
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TOP TAE || BOTTOM KOOK ( ANALYSIS )by TopTae & BottomKook
  • toptae
  • bottomkook
  • analysis
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Fairytail Book Club by FairytaleBookClub
Fairytail Book Clubby Fairy Tale
Ang misyon ng librong ito ay gawaran ang mga Pilipinong manunulat na ibahagi ang kanilang akda. Misyon namin na bigyang pansin ang mga akdang hindi nabibigyan ng halaga...
  • fairytale
  • vote
  • task
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