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The Special Agents by morningthunderstorms
The Special Agentsby Sami
"Special Agent Maldonado?" "Yes, Director?" "We've got a case." "Cause of death?" "Not sure yet." "I'll tell my te...
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Backwards by Tomboylovesmusic
Backwardsby Tomboylovesmusic
Mitch is struggling in school. He is dyslexic, but nobody, not even Mitch knows. His teachers and his mother thinks he's not trying hard enough or he's just being lazy a...
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Saved. (New Alpha and Omega book) by pentatonix_takeover
Saved. (New Alpha and Omega book)by pentatonix_takeover
Different from the other one I have!! There is no correlation between books. Two Omegas who have been to hell and back... Will anyone want to help two misfits?
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Flipped by ptxbroadway
Flippedby Alexa
I'm allergic to the world. I never leave my house, and I don't plan on leaving. The only people I've seen for the past year are my best friends, and my family. But one d...
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Adopted By Pentatonix by Kathryn_Ruth
Adopted By Pentatonixby Kathryn
IN MAJOR EDITING!!!!!!! April is an orphaned girl, after she was taken away from her abusive father. She's taken to an orphanage where it's just like her old home. The s...
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Criminal by EldestSchild
Criminalby Riley!!
~He sneaks through the window at night. My parents never hear him. He's sly, sleek, silent.~
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Daddy? || s.h by -anxieteh
Daddy? || s.hby darlin'
"just call me daddy little one." #12 in action 1/12/18 #1in Stockholmsyndrome 7/15/18
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Can't Sleep... Love? (Mavi) by LittleCarokind
Can't Sleep... Love? (Mavi)by Caro
Mitch has trouble sleeping when he's in a foreign bed. But there's this one person that helps him through the night. Each night.
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MAVI: The Beauty and The Bass by MitchSivan
MAVI: The Beauty and The Bassby Autumn
Mavi or scömìche?
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Falling For You (scirstie fanfiction) by smoshptx
Falling For You (scirstie Christy/Emi/Court
As the whole pentatonix crew goes on tour, Scott starts to realize a change. Scott was gay and he is dating Mark but something in him was telling him that he should find...
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~ Mavi Oneshots/Short Stories ~ by Speddyz
~ Mavi Oneshots/Short Stories ~by Jason
The title is pretty self explanatory.. Enjoy ;) Also a little warning: If there are ** on each side of the name its smutty. ●○● Thats if its requested of course. :3 I'm...
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Teach Me by lovebeingqueen
Teach Meby lovebeingqueen
If Pentatonix were teachers in a high school. Mitch and Avi hate each other. They are both in charge of rival departments and don't agree on anything. What will happen...
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The Alpha And The Omega by Superfruit_IsLife
The Alpha And The Omegaby Mama Alpha
Completed :) -BUT- There is a second book... And a third... And um... A fourth xD
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Strawberries and Crème (Scömíche One-Shots) by welp-here-we-go
Strawberries and Crème (Scömíche Trashy Yet Classy
Scömíche one shots, updated whenever :)
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Falling - A Pentatonix Story by morningthunderstorms
Falling - A Pentatonix Storyby Sami
"I really really love you, and I don't think I will ever be able to stop saying that. Just so you know." "Well, I really really love you, and I think you'...
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Misbehavin' || Scott Hoying x reader (EDITING) by SadAwkwardFangirl
Misbehavin' || Scott Hoying x A Sad Dark Corner
Luke's group smile as if they know they are about to win. Us? Our eyes focusing on the floor. The tension spreads as the dramatic silence kills everything. Bullets of sw...
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In Theory by welp-here-we-go
In Theoryby Trashy Yet Classy
Based on a one-shot I started that's not really a one-shot anymore. (Slowish Updates) ~ Scott Hoying is a Music Theory teacher who has no filter and an obnoxious confide...
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Opening Act by Kathryn_Ruth
Opening Actby Kathryn
Hailey Morrison was online one night, watching the new Pentatonix video. What happens when she has the chance to become the opening act on Pentatonix's 2016 world tour??
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Milk by cheesecakewhisperer
Milkby cheesecakewhisperer
All he wanted was some milk. He didn't know it would change everything. - Mitch Grassi disappeared the summer before his senior year. It's time for him to come home. Wa...
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Fall Apart (Scömìche) by ptxbrina
Fall Apart (Scömìche)by SCÖMÌCHE
Mitch had his whole life planned out. He knew what college he wanted to go to, where he wanted to work, what he wanted to do, and he had absolutely perfect grades. When...
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