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My Arranged Marriage by sweet_snow_flake
My Arranged Marriageby Alex Davis
Raelynn Collins has a normal life from going to parties, spending time with her friends and working in her father's company as co-CEO to going to university like a norm...
  • fiction
  • billionaire
  • blake
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Celestial Dragon: Mating Season (B1) |Under Edit by bookeatingworm
Celestial Dragon: Mating Season ( bookeatingworm
Lucy decides it's time to train after being kidnapped again and saved again. She left for 5 years coming back as a dragon slayer. But with secrets. Mating Season approac...
  • natsudragneel
  • secrets
  • pasts
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Paralyzed- Rewritten by how_to_be_awkward101
Paralyzed- Rewrittenby Manasa
I could be roommates with Hades and I'd be more excited. Out of all the people on this planet, I had to end up with Elliot Avlet as my roommate. We were best friends as...
  • roommates
  • wheelchair
  • teen
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One Night by youngandliving
One Nightby Kel
Xo is a level headed and cautious girl. She never does anything crazy, and she certainly doesn't sleep with a random guy she just met a mere four hours earlier. That is...
  • warm
  • life
  • fall
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In Search of my Dimple Girl | ongoing by Jerry_36
In Search of my Dimple Girl | Vedika
#4 in short story on 15.05.18 Anika." I said, my head pounding. "Can you sing me a song?" "Um, what? Me?" "No, the shadow behind you."...
  • sso
  • multimillionaire
  • shortstory
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Fairy Tail: It Was A Mistake by anloriiee
Fairy Tail: It Was A Mistakeby Loreann
The next day, after the wild party at the guild, four female Fairy Tail mages found themselves not in their room, and of course, not in their bed. It wasn't long enough...
  • jerza
  • lisanna
  • gruvia
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Archer's Arrow  by Secrets_NeverSeen
Archer's Arrow by Jackie Rose
Winter wanted a new beginning. She switched schools to escape her past and hide from her monsters. At first she thought she'd made the best decision of her life. But th...
  • noromance
  • ex
  • stalker
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Zodiac high by Teensuperxy014
Zodiac highby ?
High school is tough for everyone, but what happens when you put all the zodiacs in one class? New friendships are born and enemies revealed, everything is happening in...
  • scorpio
  • zodiacs
  • aquarius
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Delicious (BWWM) by ForeverThick
Delicious (BWWM)by Annike Harte
  • bwwm
  • love
  • pregnancy
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Bitter and Sweet by EXOsARMY
Bitter and Sweetby Moonchild
Headstrong CEO Elizabeth Diamond has been negatively affected by past relationships and a negative family life, resulting in her seeming cold and insensitive. The only t...
  • family
  • findinglove
  • pasts
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I Hate that I Love You by EvelynAlvarado5
I Hate that I Love Youby EvelynAlvarado5
"You lied! To me, to everyone!" She shouted at me. She was angry, more angry than I've ever seen her before. "Mariana, I had to. I didn't have...
  • wattys2018
  • lier
  • lies
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Stay - pansmione by Tamara__14
Stay - pansmioneby Tamara
"You're a very kind person..." She trailed off and bit her lip. "Beautiful," she added, a rose tint colouring her cheeks. The war is over. Peace has...
  • friendships
  • girlxgirl
  • wizardry
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Land of Wonders by _Flower_Princess_21_
Land of Wondersby 『ʜᴀʏɪsᴀ』
I WELCOME YOU ALL TO THE PLACE OF WONDERS! A place filled with nothing but thoughts and opinions. And if mingled with and mixed together, they form a new solution named...
  • author
  • ideas
  • bommer
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The Badass Nerd by anicatara
The Badass Nerdby Oreomuncher
"My wink makes guys turn to water but my punch will paralyse them forever. I'm just being modest." ***********************************************************...
  • wattys2018
  • love
  • badass
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The Sakamaki Brother by Akihiro_Sakamaki
The Sakamaki Brotherby Aki-Sama
Kaoru is the 2nd oldest son and only son of Karl Heniz 4th wife, Alyssa . He is difficult to deal with a times. He is going to live with his half-brothers now. They met...
  • vampires
  • lovers
  • brothers
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'Keep It Anonymous' by hooded_soul
'Keep It Anonymous'by Lia
They have been neighbours for three years now, both with secrets and pasts, both go to same school. But, They haven't encountered each other.....yet. Desperate to find a...
  • prom
  • feature
  • secrets
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When It Hails...(A Raura Fanfic) by divapurple
When It Hails...(A Raura Fanfic)by ~
One night changed my life forever. Jake Carson has been my best friend since I can remember. He was my first crush before everything came crashing down, and now he wants...
  • friends
  • lauramarano
  • love
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Endergirl's OC book by Endergirl1590
Endergirl's OC bookby Little Old Wise One :3
This is a complete list of all of my ocs, which all belong to me. I will be updating this constantly with every OC I come up with. This book contains everything you need...
  • animemoments
  • randomness
  • pasts
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Lolita .Vs. Lolita  by ChibiAnimations
Lolita .Vs. Lolita by ⚜️Chibi Midget ⚜️
Angel is honey's rival.From the first time they met,They were at war with each other.Its like water and oil,they don't mix.Though no one understood why.Why would two tee...
  • honey
  • tamaki
  • pasts
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The Elites: Origins by ayzabelrose
The Elites: Originsby Zel
The Elites have all went through different stages in their lives. But what exactly have thay experienced? In this story of the past, witness the challenges seven of The...
  • elites
  • olympians
  • darkness
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