Paralyzed- Rewritten by how_to_be_awkward101
Paralyzed- Rewrittenby Ya girl
I could be roommates with Hades and I'd be more excited. Out of all the people on this planet, I had to end up with Elliot Avlet as my roommate. We were best friends as...
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Alpha Baine by aquiver
Alpha Baineby ana b.
"Thank you." She whispered softly, and at that moment I knew I would only want this every day. To have her in my arms, to feel her body against mine, to feel h...
  • love
  • wolves
  • pasts
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Pasts and Secrets by SilvermistAnimeLover
Pasts and Secretsby SilvermistAnimeLover
When the World Meeting is interrupted by a book, the nations are forced to read each other's diary entries out loud. To the whole world. What secrets will be revealed? W...
  • secret
  • veneziano
  • past
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My Baby || BWWM (editing and adding more chapters) by Qvvveen
My Baby || BWWM (editing and Dream💍☁️
"Whatever and don't call me baby girl," I told him as I went to my closet to get some clothes. "You my baby girl," he said. Courtney is a 19 year o...
  • lies
  • possessive
  • maturecontent
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Number One Slut [number one #1] (Unedited) by jody_mason
Number One Slut [number one #1] ( jody
Rome Jennings is known for winning the title of 'number one slut ' since freshmen year It's a game she and her four best friends play to see who can sleep with the most...
  • pasts
  • romance
  • queenbees
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Fairy Tail: It Was A Mistake by anloriiee
Fairy Tail: It Was A Mistakeby Loreann
The next day, after the wild party at the guild, four female Fairy Tail mages found themselves not in their room, and of course, not in their bed. It wasn't long enough...
  • miraxus
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Underwater (a Bates Motel/Norman Bates fanfic) #wattys2018 by A_Shot_In_The_Dark
Underwater (a Bates Motel/Norman ̶ɱ̶i̶s̶s̶ ̶ɱ̶Φ̶Ʈ̶i̶Φ̶П̶l̶ę̶s̶s
//SLOW UPDATES!!! DON'T ASK ME TO UPDATE, I DO IT ON MY OWN TIME, because it's not the easiest to write// Ridley Sykes was just an innocent high school girl when she mov...
  • love
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Celestial Dragon: Mating Season (B1) by bookeatingworm
Celestial Dragon: Mating Season ( bookeatingworm
Lucy decides it's time to train after being kidnapped again and saved again. She left for 5 years coming back as a dragon slayer. But with secrets. Mating Season approac...
  • completed
  • nalu
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One Night by youngandliving
One Nightby Kel
Xo is a level headed and cautious girl. She never does anything crazy, and she certainly doesn't sleep with a random guy she just met a mere four hours earlier. That is...
  • man
  • warm
  • life
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It's Just A Deal by sweet_snow_flake
It's Just A Dealby Alex Valladares
Raelynn Collins has a normal life from going to parties, spending time with her friends and working in her father's company as co-CEO to going to university like a norm...
  • grumpy
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Winter Fire  by Secrets_NeverSeen
Winter Fire by Lilli Knight
Winter wanted a new beginning. She switched schools to escape her past and hide from her monsters. At first she thought she'd made the best decision of her life. But th...
  • unnexpected
  • boardingschool
  • sass
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Imp of Power by Lizzie_Glam
Imp of Powerby ~ Lizzie ~
A new school. A new mystery. When a group of students from Trinity Academy get accepted into one of the most prestigious schools in all of the realm, their lives change...
  • secrets
  • magic
  • royals
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Sugar Baby ✓ by CamilaJohnston
Sugar Baby ✓by ❄️Camila Johnston❄️
Monica White is struggling to pay bills and barely has enough food to eat so she decides on a job. Being a sugar Baby. When Monica applies she finds herself working for...
  • romance
  • sugardaddy
  • rich
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Who Spat In Your Pizza, Alpha Dude by Wolfgirl060
Who Spat In Your Pizza, Alpha Dudeby Showing off is the fool's ide...
{Tripping over, I fall to the ground. Wow I sound like those little preppy girls right now. What's next, my 'soulmate' will come out and help me. We look eyes and it wi...
  • survivor
  • different
  • rogue
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Opposites Attract  by aalyarastogi
Opposites Attract by aalyarastogi
Krianne Black. The name that haunted millions and controlled billions. The first female CEO of Black Enterprises, yet better than all the previous male CEO's of the comp...
  • bad
  • company
  • dark
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In Search of my Dimple Girl | ongoing by Jerry_36
In Search of my Dimple Girl | Vedika
#4 in short story on 15.05.18 Anika." I said, my head pounding. "Can you sing me a song?" "Um, what? Me?" "No, the shadow behind you."...
  • love
  • byvedika
  • dimplegirl
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Perhaps A Perfect Match | Jerome Clarke x reader by CompellingHumans
Perhaps A Perfect Match | Jerome DÖVË
When Amber's cousin joins her once again at the boarding school, House of Anubis. She meets some great new friends. She fits right in and gets along with everyone. Is th...
  • houseofanubis
  • boardingschool
  • feelings
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Delicious (BWWM) by ForeverThick
Delicious (BWWM)by Annike Harte
  • pasts
  • love
  • bwwm
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Dark & Light by booklover466
Dark & Lightby Veronica Marie
A girl covering up her own darkness. A boy hiding his own light. Two troubled teens are thrown together, with broken hearts and hurting souls, struggling...
  • light
  • anguish
  • teenfiction
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Lolita .Vs. Lolita  by ChibiAnimations
Lolita .Vs. Lolita by ⚜️Chibi Midget ⚜️
Angel is honey's rival.From the first time they met,They were at war with each other.Its like water and oil,they don't mix.Though no one understood why.Why would two tee...
  • hikaru
  • haruhi
  • betrayal
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