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The Siren Crimson by JeongYenNie
The Siren Crimsonby WenlyMarcus
This is my Trash of The Count's Family Au. Where's Thames family is known as a Siren. Jour Thames the woman from one of the Siren loyal blood that married with Deruth He...
Cale Turn Into A Girl?!  by ilovemoney0_0
Cale Turn Into A Girl?! by Your wife💅
In the morning " AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! RON!!! " Bang~ The bathroom door open and the person who open it was Ron with a worry expression on his face when h...
Chrysanthemum and Iris by DudaCardoso58
Chrysanthemum and Irisby Skyscanner
(LCF and TBOAH reaction fic). Permanently sealing away the God of Despair had stronger consequences than expected. Even the God of Balance did not expect the turmoil thi...
Go Into The ORV world [ORVxTCF] by Hell0n0o
Go Into The ORV world [ORVxTCF]by Whitey Rabby
Cale, who was forced to rest everyday after he stabbed himself with the dagger, woken up in the world which he's familiar with, Korea. But he was so sure that it is also...
Scamming in My Next Life as a Villain! [TCF Fanfiction] by holymaidenofcaleism
Scamming in My Next Life as a √мυι
The son of a Count in Northeast of Roan Kingdom, is named Cale Henituse, had lost his mother and his father had neglected him. The once cheerful child was now quiet, col...
TBOAH React To Traveler Cale by AccendereDark
TBOAH React To Traveler Caleby AccendereDark
Sometime just before the Plaza Terror Incident, the trash of the Henituse family, Cale, mysteriously disappeared without a trace. Aside from his family, no one cared whe...
Cale Henituse's Younger Sister? by Lalalax5
Cale Henituse's Younger Sister?by lalalala
Cale Henituse become a regressor at the age of 40 years old to a 10 years old child. However, turned out that he has a younger sister which he does not have before in th...
0% Love by Drowninginwips
0% Loveby Drowninginworkbutstill
When Kim Rok Soo wakes up, he's in the world of The Birth of a Heroine, an otome game. He becomes Cale Henituse, a trashy character who dies in every single route. And w...
Wmmap x Tcf (au 1) by Yinyue_jun
Wmmap x Tcf (au 1)by Yinyuejun
What if Claude was a future self of Alberu Crossman and was married with Cale Henituse, but sudden got in to a coma for 24 years and when he woke up he knew a lot has ch...
Longing for Affection || LOTCF/TBOAH by Verzelly_G
Longing for Affection || LOTCF/ Verzy
OG!Cale receives a family. || Cale's unrelated works receiving a family. Part 1: Eruhaben & Original Cale Henituse. Part 2: Fredo Von Ejellan & Original Cale Henituse. P...
TCF React to Cale by AN27024
TCF React to Caleby Æva Cream
Just as Cale promised Billos to destroy the merchant guild, a sudden bright light covered his eyes. When Cale open his eyes, he could see all of his allies whom he foug...
Good Night, Sleep Tight. by RoyalKareem
Good Night, Sleep Royal-Chan
Just compilation of Tired Cale/KRS and his simps. Made to encounter [Overworked]
Catalyst of Distinction by shixchix
Catalyst of Distinctionby cale's nonexistent slacker li...
Same beginning, different endings. Two realities with different catalyst. HE is the catalyst of the distinction between these two universes. [TCF reaction fic]
TBOAH Reacts by AccendereDark
TBOAH Reactsby AccendereDark
Sometime just before the Plaza Terror Incident, the trash of the Henituse family, Cale, mysteriously disappeared from his bed in the midst of recovering. Aside from his...
let me lay your mind to rest. by msyashen
let me lay your mind to kile
more misunderstandings of our scammy (what?) with his simps and some fluffy scenes with the tcf's family. ♡ pictures in this songfic are not mine. credits to the owners...
transmigration error by boothling
transmigration errorby boothling
In the timeline of The Birth of a Hero the war was finally over. People was celebrating the win while a still grieving crazy priestess of The God of Death, sobbing clutc...
TBOAH Reaction fic by jlitchC59
TBOAH Reaction ficby Janhavi Chaudhary
This is a TBOAH reaction fic. The people reacting are from the world where Kim Rok Soo of the earth 2 where sealed god's test took place was supposed to transmigrate at...
Loving Have Consequences  by mnn_mnn_mnn
Loving Have Consequences by Cale Hermoso
[ONE SHOT - COMPLETED] Cale Henituse living his one week remaining life to the best he can do. He'll leave this world without any regrets. Date posted: April 22, 2022 La...
I'm a merman in trash of the count's family!!  by saresuka
I'm a merman in trash of the pastelcat
Akari was a normal person but then he meet his death but the God of water wanted something (art and photo are from Pintrest and I'm lazy to find the real artist but all...
||Totcf & Tboah Reacts|| Trash Of The Count's Family (Discontinued) by Nyx_Aster
||Totcf & Tboah Reacts|| Trash Nyx
Have you ever wondered what would happen to the people in [Tboah] if they had gotten help from some otherworldly sources like us? And what would happen if we add some p...