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The Supreme Dark Secret  ni cayeen_cutie
The Supreme Dark Secret ni Cayeen Tearney
What if, the supreme that everyone's admire has a dark secret? Papano kung ang supremong hinahangaan at iniibig ng lahat ay may itim na lihim na kailan man ay hindi pa n...
Diligan Mo ng Suka ang Mainit Kong Lumpia ni DreeeNissss
Diligan Mo ng Suka ang Mainit Dre Nis
Paeng, a nineteen-year-old orphan, has a gift of seeing ghosts. He turned himself into a Ghost Fighter to make a living. *******...
The Devil Who Wears My Eyes ni hasminxklara
The Devil Who Wears My Eyesni momma witch ;
Ariella George is a woman of her words. She stands for her own reasons and find her way to get what she wants. Even if a devil with an angel's face drive her mad, her eg...
Strange Within ni minervallorn
Strange Withinni Domo
"Bestfriend mo noong elementary tapos hindi mo maalala man lang yung kaniyang pangalan?!" Grade 7 na ko, as in high school ngayong pasukan. Maraming bagay yung...
To Save a Demon ni izastateofmind
To Save a Demonni Iza's state of mind
Genre: Mystery-Thriller/Horror/Time-travel fiction "There's no such thing as black and white. Everyone is gray. No one is born pure good nor pure evil." Spirit...
Hiraya ni UndeniablyGorgeous
Hirayani Binibining Mia
Ang Ikalawang Serye. A girl dying from Leukemia was given a chance to make a wish, and there she met a mysterious guy who will lead her as she enters a new world where e...
TAKEN BY A DEMON Book 2 ni AnneThatWrites
TAKEN BY A DEMON Book 2ni Anne
Heaven and hell have conditions for us to enter. They won't base it on how we have lived our lives. They'll give us the privilege to choose. Depending on our choice if w...
Loving the Unknown ni avimarids
Loving the Unknownni Maridelx
Olivia, a college student and a ghost-see that is stucked in between. Finding herself in the middle of her unknown path. Thinking of how her choices and decisions put he...
La Casa en el Llano. ni Chande114
La Casa en el El Chandè144
"Un hombre se aventurara en una casa desconocida en pleno Llano Venezolano, un secreto que oculta esa misteriosa residencia se descubrirá"
Beneath The Mist ni kianascent
Beneath The Mistni K
The dark. The blackness most are afraid of. They said 'Don't be afraid of the dark.' Honestly, you should be; you don't know what's out there. Humans are at the top of t...
La Casa de Romero ni tintang_kupas
La Casa de Romeroni Makinilyang Pipi
Apat. Mayroong apat na patakaran sa angkan ng Romero na siyang dapat sundin ng bawat membro ng pamilya. Ito ay itinatag ni Pablo Romero- ang pinagmulan ng aming salinlah...
My Love Is a Sigbin ni MiChimera
My Love Is a Sigbinni Chim
What if you found yourself falling in love with a beautiful mythical monster? ~~~ According to myths, Sigbin is a hideous monster that sucks blood through shadows and ki...
Claimed (Bloodline, #2) ni purpleyhan
Claimed (Bloodline, #2)ni Ann Lee
Bloodline Series #2 || She fought and traveled for weeks to find the truth, but she didn't know that her return to her real home meant one thing -- chaos. ( ongoing )
Where Are You Believers? ni Mizkhey_the_goddess
Where Are You Believers?ni Mizkhey ( KIM😍)
"...and if everything turned suspicious, trust your intuition." **************** Isang kasinungalingan ang namamagitan sa katotohana...
Inauspicious [BL] ni clarixiaomei
Inauspicious [BL]ni clari
One is a sign of bad luck; Two is a sign of good luck. Three is for good health; Four is for prosperity and wealth. A line of five and sickness proceeds; A line of six...
Her Unknown Past ni themutedwriter
Her Unknown Pastni themutedwriter
Let this story guide your souls to the afterlife. Beware, beware at her strange silver eyes for she can see everything through it- it can be spirits, ghosts and even dem...
Death Follows ni HiImDin
Death Followsni DinDin
"SINUSUNDAN NI KAMATAYAN" Siguro sa buong mundo, ako lang ang nakakaintindi sa salitang yan. I have this weird powers, if you can call it a power. But I know i...
Beware of the Class President ni JFstories
Beware of the Class Presidentni Jamille Fumah
FLAMES: F- Forever, L-Love, A-Angry, M-Married, E-Enemy, S... Sinister ... Isang taon na nahinto ang sikat na estudyante sa Sto. Cristo, naaksidente na sanhi ng pagka-co...
Kiss The Wind [愛 Ai Series 1] ni FinnLoveVenn
Kiss The Wind [愛 Ai Series 1]ni ༺M A R C E L I N E༻
Darrel wakes up from an accident that causes him to lose his memory. It's hard for him to live without knowing his past self. That's why his family let him live in a hou...
The Six Sense Student ni Depths13
The Six Sense Studentni DepthsOfNightfall
"Tulong, tulungan niyo ko.." "Hindi, hindi to totoo!" "Hindi ako papayag! Buhay pako!" "Tulungan mo kami..." Tama na.. tama na...