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A Shattering Touch - Tomura Shigaraki X Reader by MillieFanfic
A Shattering Touch - Tomura Shigar...by 𝕞𝕚𝕝𝕝𝕚𝕖
Y/N L/N and Tomura Shigaraki grew the League of Villains from the ground up with the common goal to kill the number one hero, All Might. What happens when their relation...
Dark Side || BNHA x Death Note || Villain Reader by MyShipsDontSail
Dark Side || BNHA x Death Note ||...by Qween Momoyao
Y/n L/n, more commonly known as Shinigami, the notorious wark web assassin and con-for-hire with a terrifying quirk, was asked on a martyr operation to spy at UA high as...
Mapa Dearest by WeebtheCat
Mapa Dearestby Weeb the Cat
This is a story about all of the kids in MHA that I believe deserved better as kids. So far this includes Shigaraki, Dabi (and all the Todorokis), Toga, Shinsou, and Bak...
Footsteps of a Fallen Angel by SweetTsundere21
Footsteps of a Fallen Angelby 🍭🎀BabyTsun🎀🍭
"Just because my dad is the number one hero, doesn't mean I was born to follow in his footsteps." -Yagi [Y/N] ⁙ Yagi [Y/N] the secret daughter of Yagi Toshinor...
Crybaby by ARAcosplay
Crybabyby ARAcosplay
TW for stalking, kidnapping and dubcon Graphic Smut is included Dabi sets his eyes on a civilian. Tenko just wants to be wanted
Tenko Shimura - Shigadabi  by Thats_Gay_LikeMe
Tenko Shimura - Shigadabi by Lesbians4Shigaraki
The League of Villains sat in the main room of the hide out. No one said anything and it was mostly silence. That's was until Twice decided to turn on the TV. The news w...
A ShigaDabiHawks Oneshot Book (DISCONTINUED) by BEANS_EEEEEE
A ShigaDabiHawks Oneshot Book (DIS...by Jordy
Follow Me by Gryffinclaw2299
Follow Meby Gryffinclaw2299
Tomura Shigaraki x Fem Reader Y/n is just part time worker just struggling to get by. Everything is normal until the person who's been following her for weeks ends up s...
✔️𝐅𝐨𝐫𝐜𝐞𝐝 𝐌𝐚𝐫𝐫𝐢𝐚𝐠𝐞 - Shigaraki x Reader by _Hidden_Otaku_
✔️𝐅𝐨𝐫𝐜𝐞𝐝 𝐌𝐚𝐫𝐫𝐢𝐚𝐠𝐞...by Otaku
━ ❝ 𝐅𝐨𝐫𝐜𝐞𝐝 𝐌𝐚𝐫𝐫𝐢𝐚𝐠𝐞 ❞ ━ ➺ In which, Kai sets you up for marriage with the Young Leader of the League Of Villains. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ✎ ┊𝐶𝑜𝑚𝑝𝑙𝑒𝑡𝑒𝑑...
Two Lost Souls (BNHA Fanfiction) by CuteAsACupcake_
Two Lost Souls (BNHA Fanfiction)by CuteAsACupcake_
"Hey kid.. you like my PJs?" These were the first words Keira Shane uttered when she saw a young Tenko Shimura walking down the streets. Since that moment, she...
My Hero Shimura ( Nana Shimura x Male Reader) by HYPHEN_07
My Hero Shimura ( Nana Shimura x M...by HYPHEN_07
(Y/N) (L/N) life changes after becoming the successor of the World Renowned hero Nana Shimura but will his newly developed romantic feelings for her get in the way of bo...
Izuku Yagi, The Successor of Optimus Prime by Overseer874
Izuku Yagi, The Successor of Optim...by Overseer
One Day while Izuku is walking Home from his Daily beatings from Izumi, Katsuki, Shoto and Momo. He hears a voice that's clearly in pain coming from an abandoned Warehou...
MHA reacts to the Multiverse by Galatic_Moon
MHA reacts to the Multiverseby Galatic_Moon
{Mainly Focuses on Main Characters but Will Also Go to Others} The multiverse is huge, universes and universes wide. My Hero Academia is only one. What will happen when...
(DISCONTINUED) you broke through my "special" condition ♡︎overdeku♡︎ by immakidnapyou
(DISCONTINUED) you broke through m...by well fuck *sigh*
[soulmate au] izuku midoriya, diagnosed as quirkless at the age of 4, on top of that, he has this rare condition regarding his right eye, the eye which was supposed to d...
Your job is not over yet! by VeggiePicker
Your job is not over yet!by Pick
Disclaimer: This is a humanxpony/others story. It is not "Equestria Girls", but "Friendship is Magic". No Ponies or other creatures will become anthr...
My Hero Academia 1 (mha x oc) by bnha-kny-jjk
My Hero Academia 1 (mha x oc)by ♡~☆el☆~♡
this is basically my hero academia, but with a new character called yagami kokoro. there will be a character introduction before the first chapter which will explain her...
Todoroki Family Chat by thatpiscesbitch
Todoroki Family Chatby Egg
ANY ART USED IS NOT MINE// Endeavor makes a family group chat in the hopes of connecting with his kids better Endeavor is a stupid bitch and the chat gets out of hand im...
My Hero [BL] (Midoriya Izuku x Tenko Shimura)  by WhiteMim
My Hero [BL] (Midoriya Izuku x Ten...by P l u s | U l t r a
Tenko Shimura accidently killed his family, now that he killed his family, he have no home and no one to save him, he was hungry and alone, in this planet where 90% is h...
IzuOcha: Love is the Answer by KS1024
IzuOcha: Love is the Answerby KS1024
Through a series of events, Izuku Midoriya and Ochako Uraraka both realize they have feelings for each other and start dating. Their relationship starts off great at fir...
Nicotine | Shigaraki Tomura x Reader by NobilityoftheSea
Nicotine | Shigaraki Tomura x Read...by H
"Your love's a fucking drag, but I need it so bad." Shigaraki X Any! Reader Rejected by society, Y/N wanders the streets, looking to escape. They are on the ve...