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The Fish and the Riverman (Mchanzo fanfiction) by maddywillow15
The Fish and the Riverman ( 𝕸𝖆𝖉𝖉𝖞 𝖂𝖎𝖑𝖑𝖔𝖜
This will be another Mchanzo fanfiction where McCree is a fisherman and Hanzo is a merman. This book will be a completely different story line than my other books. Hanzo...
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Magic McCree (not the original) by uncookedbowlofrice
Magic McCree (not the original)by Undercookedbowlofrice
NOT FOR KIDS It's exactly what you think it is Literally EXACTLY what you think "Magic" McCree means Also some McHanzo P.S. dont expect it to be good. Or not t...
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Colors AU (Mccree x Hanzo) by TooManyFandoms564
Colors AU (Mccree x Hanzo)by TooManyFandoms564
In a world where color is absent, the only way to see it is to find your soulmate. A/N This fic was inspired by an AU idea i saw from tumblr, i didnt follow it line by l...
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The Gardener (McHanzo)  by Wolves_eat_Biscuts
The Gardener (McHanzo) by Wolves_eat_Biscuts
Inspired by an AMAZING ARTIST called @volgayart on Instagram, blessed me with this idea for this fic. I hope they like it!! !Also! This book is slow. Its supposed to be...
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The Hunter and the Werewolf (MCHANZO FANFICTION) by maddywillow15
The Hunter and the Werewolf ( 𝕸𝖆𝖉𝖉𝖞 𝖂𝖎𝖑𝖑𝖔𝖜
I've lost count on just how many McHanzo fanfics I've done, but here is another, because I just can't stop writing about them! McHanzo is for sure my favorite OTP! Anywa...
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In Hindsight... (McHanzo) | Bodyguard AU | ✔️   by Flutterbolt667
In Hindsight... (McHanzo) | FlutterFreely
Jesse McCree knew this mission was going to end in flames as soon as Reyes assigned it to him. What he didn't know is that those flames would be blue, hurt like hell, a...
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Little Dragon (McHanzo x Baby!Reader) by TheToastWithMost
Little Dragon (McHanzo x Baby! IThinkImADemon
Just a bunch of fluff with Hanzo and McCree, plus their adorable baby~ **Warning:** Mention of Mpreg! Some cursing but not a lot! Baby is a female
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Check yes, maybe? [MCHANZO] by jxxrinn
Check yes, maybe? [MCHANZO]by jxxrinn
[PLEASE READ THE REVISED VERSION; THE GROCERY CHAPTER IS THE LAST CHAPTER OF THE OLD VERSION] Jesse Mccree is an 18 year old teenager who lives with his two dads, Gabrie...
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Young McHanzo AU by wolfiphobia
Young McHanzo AUby wolfiphobia
Fantasy Young McHanzo AU where hanzo is an heir wanted for murdering his brother and (Mystery man)McCree finds him. i took the cover from kojiak on tumblr (If you ha...
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McHanzo by videct
McHanzoby videct
OTP mpreg by the_real_meep_lord
OTP mpregby Carter and Cody
Title says it all.
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McHanzo Fluff by MixelPixel
McHanzo Fluffby MixelPixel
Quite literally, fluffy McCree and Hanzo. ENJOY, YA HEATHENS (Nothing adult, just a quick crack fic that I might add stuff to later. Cover art isn't mine, credit to orig...
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McHanzo - This Is Our Love Story by TheOnlyAngelGirl
McHanzo - This Is Our Love Storyby TheOnlyAngelGirl
This my first fanfiction with McHanzo... I hope you like it... WARNING: Mature content...Read on your own responsibility... It's also on my Archiveofourown. https://arch...
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Please Kill Me- I mean Mchanzo oneshots by SeasonalFurryThot
Please Kill Me- I mean Mchanzo SeasonalFurryThot
This contains ONLY FLUFF. No smut (except for some hints but nothing too desriptive.). However, I might make another book for it. ;) Anyways, if you want to request an i...
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Lonely Christmas - A McHanzo Fic by CelticWarriorMoon
Lonely Christmas - A McHanzo Ficby CelticWarriorMoon
I KNOW IT'S NOT CHRISTMAS ANYMORE, just please think of it as a post-Christmas fic 'cos that's honestly more fitting - Somehow, despite the happy occasion that was in it...
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Scopes [Mchanzo] by xianlxi
Scopes [Mchanzo]by xianlxi
Hanzo Shimada decides to try using a sniper rifle and his eyes land on someone...interesting. It is McHanzo. WARNING IN ADVANCE SMUT ⚠(Just look for these signs)⚠ ...
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Mchanzo x child reader by Smittenkitten21
Mchanzo x child readerby Daytona
Finding a baby in their room wasn't really planned when Jessie wish on a shooting star to have a family with Hanzo. All rights of the overwatch characters go to the ma...
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Overwatch Oneshots by Apikachucanwrite
Overwatch Oneshotsby The Author
Some short stories I came up with for my favorite characters!! Note that all of them don't have to be ships!!
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When Strangers Meet by XxOrangeFizzxX
When Strangers Meetby XxOrangeFizzxX
What happens when Hanzo meets McCree in an unexpected situation. Will Hanzo help McCree or will he just walk away and not look back?
McHanzo Oneshots by -water-witch-
McHanzo Oneshotsby Water Witch
A bunch of McHanzo oneshots. Irregular updates. If you have any ideas, leave them in the comments! ~Cover art by ishtrash on DeviantArt~
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