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The Bride and The Groom by MaskedVixen
The Bride and The Groomby MaskedVixen
Wendy Park is a 30 year old software engineer and whistleblower for Murkoff Corp. and Its experiments. Eager to release the truth to The public, she's caught trying to e...
Silent Bride|| Outlast by AngelGothBaby
Silent Bride|| Outlastby Jake
What if you're unable to yell for help. What if the only you thing you depend on to get yourself to safety isn't there? Evelyn is a 19 year old patient who has to unde...
A Warrior's Sweetheart (Incineroar X Decidueye) by FlamingArrowShipper
A Warrior's Sweetheart (Incineroar...by FlamingArrowShipper
Alola everyone!! Here's my second book on this adorable ship. Again, please don't judge this and if you want to, then get out.
No Hope {Outlast} by succyakamaizono
No Hope {Outlast}by succyakamaizono
You weren't one for bright ideas, so when someone came up with the idea to follow Miles Upshur to Mount Massive Asylum, you were all for it, that was, until you climbed...
Escape - Outlast [COMPLETED] by jullepri
Escape - Outlast [COMPLETED]by jullepri
You're locked in the Mount Massive Asylum. When the shit hits the fan, you need to get out, but you've to find Waylon Park, your best friend, first. Along your adventure...
Outlast x reader one shots by Deadly_lover_13
Outlast x reader one shotsby Deadly_lover_13
You get a chance to be with the Outlast man/s of your dreams my childrenz.
One Of Us || Outlast × Reader (Miles, Waylon, Blake) by nyxtriestowrite
One Of Us || Outlast × Reader (Mil...by 👌
It all started when that wounded man came in, and another followed him. Something about the whole scenario seemed off. Little did Y/N, they were right. However, it wasn'...
Out of Company by jellyexhibition
Out of Companyby 𝙈𝙧. 𝙇𝙞𝙜𝙝𝙩𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝘽𝙤...
(Book 1) "Eddie, I arrived here to give you company! You looked sad... and lonely." Eddie glanced at the small girl in front of him. His breath was coming in...
Don't Save Me by middleofgunfight
Don't Save Meby middleofgunfight
Jeremy found out that Waylon blowed the whistle on him.
°×times Changed×°|waylon Park X Eddie Gluskin  by chekdcute
°×times Changed×°|waylon Park X Ed...by THE_WRITERJOKES
Au where everyone was able to survive the events of outlast and are now fully recovering exept for a certain engineer After waylon being gone for to long Lisa and waylo...
BETTER DAYS {OUTLAST II} by succyakamaizono
BETTER DAYS {OUTLAST II}by succyakamaizono
Being Blake Langermanns sister had it's ups and downs. Ups were things like becoming friends with his wife, Lynn, and getting free helicopter rides. Downs were whenever...
Outlast one-shots requests open by godisalie42069
Outlast one-shots requests openby Go away
for the simps and whores. follow me on tumblr @ 7habitsofhighlyeviceratedpeople
《Outlast Fanfic》 Waylon+Miles by _ButterBun_
《Outlast Fanfic》 Waylon+Milesby Mars
I've gotten into the Outlast fandom and I have absolutely no regrets :0 And during the first one and Whistleblower, I thought it wouldve been hella cool to have Waylon a...
Mount Massive High (EddieGluskin x Reader) by Bellynta
Mount Massive High (EddieGluskin x...by ꋬꇙ꒐ꋬꋊ ꊰꋬꋊꊰ꒐ꉔ ꅐꋪ꒐꓄ꏂꋪ
You were the eye of the school. The richest since your father was a famous CEO manager. Most of the guys just wanna be with you, but they just weren't your type. But kno...
Outlast Eddie Gluskin x Yn by EmabytautaitBytautai
Outlast Eddie Gluskin x Ynby Emuxx3
This story begins with me Yn and Waylon Park. We had to do a report about this insane Asylum but everything went not like we wanted...
updates and journals. by darkhornfics
updates and journals.by Darkhornfics92
i will be putting all my messages, journals, previews and updates here for now on. it would be better so I won't have to add them on my stories. ;)
Are You Outlast? by chloepallant
Are You Outlast?by Chloe
We are locked away. Experimented on like apes. We are just pawns on a chessboard to them. Disposable. So, when you are in the grasps of freedom you reach out with both h...
Dreamless Nights  by shanweeb
Dreamless Nights by GalaxyChildArt
Ashley Merl (original outlast character) never expected to survive the events of Mount Massive Asylum, but to her luck she did. In doing so she discovered that her frien...