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To Outlast Your Never-Ending Career by chaoticbutterfly
To Outlast Your Never-Ending Careerby chaoticbutterfly
(Outlast and Outlast: Whistleblower x Reader) As a psychiatrist at Mount Massive Asylum, Y/N finds herself in an unfortunate situation where she has to outlast the suffe...
Yandere Various Outlast X Reader  by EPICNESSQUEEN21
Yandere Various Outlast X Reader by EPICNESSQUEEN
(Name) (Last Name) was falsely accused of a crime. They claimed she was mentally ill. So she is sent to Mount Massive Aslyum. She catches the eyes of some staff members...
Lost in the Dark - Little Nightmares x Outlast by AMinecraftCreeper
Lost in the Dark - Little Nightmar...by Is this the real life?
Investigative journalist Miles Upshur explores The Maw after receiving an anonymous tip about the ship. 100 reads- 5/5/2018
Outlast Imagines by Queen_Warrior186
Outlast Imaginesby Queen_Warrior186
It's what the title says Outlast character Imagines and I'm taking requests from anyone. I'm willing to writing about : * Eddie Gluskin * Miles Upshur ...
Eddie Gluskin x Reader AU by Rainbow_Jeffica
Eddie Gluskin x Reader AUby Rainbow_Jeffica
(If you Enjoy this Please give a Follow to Motivate me further in Writing this for you guys.) (In this Alternate Universe Eddie Gluskin Survived the Gash Wound he got wi...
Outlast Preferences and Boyfriend Scenarios by ThatPurpleSlacker
Outlast Preferences and Boyfriend...by H I A T U S
Alrighty, so this is just a selection of preferences and boyfriend scenarios for everyone's favorite Outlast characters. I'll be writing for Eddie Gluskin, Miles Upshur...
Outlast Memes! by beesnootfound
Outlast Memes!by 𝙈𝙮𝙚𝙧𝙨 𝙎𝙞𝙢𝙥
Memes about the best horror game ever! (in my opinion) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I do not own the picture, art goes to the rightful owners! ⚫update⚫ Srsly why did you...
Falling into Outlast; She's Mine! (Various Outlast males X Curvy Nurse Reader) by EPICNESSQUEEN21
Falling into Outlast; She's Mine...by EPICNESSQUEEN
(Name) (Last Name) loved playing the outlast games. Being Outlast and Outlast Whistle Blower. One day she wondered what it would be like if she work at Mount Massive Asy...
Out of Company by Kurobarifu
Out of Companyby ⭐ のような茶 ⭐
(Book 1) "Eddie, I arrived here to give you company! You looked sad... and lonely." Eddie glanced at the small girl in front of him. His breath was coming in...
Surviving Mount Massive Asylum.  by AngelGothBaby
Surviving Mount Massive Asylum. by Din
I hate this story with so much passion you don't even know. I wouldn't read it if I was you. But go ahead if you really want too. Insanity The definition of insanity, i...
The 3 Protaganists Headcanons by ArachniDoctor
The 3 Protaganists Headcanonsby A.D.
My headcanons for the 3 Outlast Protaganists, Miles Upshur, Waylon Park and Blake Langermann! (Also ft. Eddie Gluskin, Walrider and Possessed Miles Upshur ever 5 chapter...
Mine and Mine, alone  by darkhornfics
Mine and Mine, alone by Darkhornfics92
This is an Outlast Au were all the luntics we all love today are living to together in a mountain town they built together. The town is run by the most dangerous crimina...
One Of Us || Outlast × Reader (Miles, Waylon, Blake) by oomphingmushvoi
One Of Us || Outlast × Reader (Mil...by 👌
It all started when that wounded man came in, and another followed him. Something about the whole scenario seemed off. Little did Y/N, they were right. However, it wasn'...
Meeting Mr. Blaire by KarsenSnow-2014
Meeting Mr. Blaireby Karsen ❄️
Kayla Johnson is a young woman who is trying to get a job at Mount Massive Asylum. After she submitted her paperwork, she goes to a bar and meets a man named Jeremy Blai...
Ruby Miller is a trainee at the Mount Massive Asylum in Colorado and absolutely hates her boring job and her asshole of a boss. One day though, everything escalates. The...
Get Out  by _Mangelina_
Get Out by Arrivederci
Angelina was a run away 19 year old. Her family disowned her because she had a voice of her own and stood up for herself. They claim that she's "an ungrateful littl...
Get Out Alive by KayersStories
Get Out Aliveby Kara
[Outlast In-Game Reality] You and the one and only Markiplier are somehow brought to Mount Massive Asylum. Can the two of you survive the horrors and make it out alive...
Ask Waylon And Gluskin! by TheTaylaCanGame11
Ask Waylon And Gluskin!by TheTaylaAndKeiraShow
Ask these two weirdos about something! Also, I'll add some other characters if you tag them in too
The Nightmare Continues (outlast) by xfairyhunter
The Nightmare Continues (outlast)by xfairyhunter
Miles Upshur and Waylon Park safely made it out of Mount Massive Asylum. Word about Murkoff and it's vile experiments got out into the media and the both of them are liv...
outlast by madsismadd
outlastby mads
Outlast oneshots. •on hiatus•