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It takes time... by Chicagox
It takes Chicagox
A freshly qualified detective joins the intelligence unit run by hank Voight, everyone takes immediate liking to her, apart from her new partner jay Halstead. She is a...
Another One by Callie_07
Another Oneby Callie_07
Follow the youngest Halstead on her journey through her rough life. Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Chicago characters, those are owned by Dick Wolf. Check out http:...
✓VEGAS [CHICAGO FIRE] by -stfurose
all of kelly severide's wrongs led him right to her. © -stfurose, 2020.
New Family by onechicagooo
New Familyby onechicagooo
Jessica Evans is seventeen years old and has spent fourteen of those years in the foster system with no real family or name. That's until she finally works up the courag...
Chicago PD:  Secrets In The Past by ICrzy01
Chicago PD: Secrets In The Pastby ICrzy
After losing Mouse to reenlist into the army, Sergeant Hank Voight realizes he needs a new tech expert for the Intelligence Unit. He had many people apply or be offered...
𝐅𝐈𝐑𝐄 𝐈𝐍 𝐌𝐘 𝐇𝐄𝐀𝐑𝐓, kelly severide ¹ by queensassy20
𝐅𝐈𝐑𝐄 𝐈𝐍 𝐌𝐘 𝐇𝐄𝐀𝐑𝐓 | he was the fire and she was the heart Ever since Everley was a teenager, she wanted to save lives. And once the brunette girl had her...
FOLLOW YOU BLIND by chi_hard
Jay Halstead and Hailey Upton have been partners for 3 years and there has always been some chemistry there. But what happens when Jay ends up shot and may not survive...
Overdue Debt by Chicagox
Overdue Debtby Chicagox
Detective Halstead and Detective Upton go undercover in attempts to bust a drug deal, but leave trying to solve something far worse... -Chicago PD-
You Never Said Goodbye  by sing4trouble
You Never Said Goodbye by sing4trouble
"You just left and didnt give me a reason why!" Kelly screamed at his ex-wife. "I coudn't stay here. Not after we buried our daughter. There were to many...
Since We Were 18 by Chicagox
Since We Were 18by Chicagox
Quinn Lopez works in the intelligence unit run by hank Voight, she has known jay halstead ever since they joined the academy together at 18. When Quinn's life starts to...
Baby Severide by Stella45678
Baby Severideby Stella45678
What if Kelly Severide had a young daughter? This is the story of his little family and shows another side of Lieutenant Serveride. I hope you enjoy. Please go check out...
There's Another One?! by Chicagox
There's Another One?!by Chicagox
Will and Jay Halstead lead normal lives, or so they thought. What will happen when a 15 year old girl shows up at Chicago med injured? Is she really as much of a strang...
If You Met Me First  by sing4trouble
If You Met Me First by sing4trouble
Shelby found herself standing infront of Firehouse 51. She was running from her past, from her father, and from her ex. She came to Chicago to start new. To start over...
Chicago PD - Back in Chicago by prettylittlecupkakes
Chicago PD - Back in Chicagoby prettylittlecupkakes
Hiiii! I have never written anything, but I have soooo many ideas I decided to give fan fiction writing a try. So this story is basically me rewriting Chicago PD from th...
The backstory you don't know by Chicagox
The backstory you don't knowby Chicagox
How will hank Voight react when his 14 year old daughter shows up at his unit battered and bruised. Maybe there's something she's keeping a secret... -Chicago PD-
The Other Lindsey (Chicago Fire, PD, Med) by louismintoxxx
The Other Lindsey (Chicago Fire, Rachael Minto
When Alice-Jean 'AJ' Lindsay was 15 years old her twin sister was in trouble, the only person she could turn to was Hank Voight, a man who took the Lindsey twins in and...
Trials, Tribulations and Triangles.-Chicago PD/Fire by PrincessMisery86
Trials, Tribulations and PrincessMisery
Lexi Shay (Leslie Shay's twin sister), a Detective in the Intelligence Unit, deals with her sister's death, the end of her relationship with Severide and her budding rel...
Clueless and Discovering  by anasdramaticfic
Clueless and Discovering by ana
What if jay is connected to one of Haileys C.I.s? (Sorry for the description I'm really bad at them but please read and vote thanks!)
ELLE by SytherinPrincess926
ELLEby SytherinPrincess926
What if there was another new firefighter brought into the house along with Gallo. Disclaimer: The only character I own so far is Elle Madden
quarantined (upstead) by written_by_maya
quarantined (upstead)by Maya 🥀❤️
"My place?" Jay asks, breaking the silence. We discussed this before, jokingly, Jay and Vanessa and I. We said that if we were to get quarantined, Jay and I w...