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Always Here: A Jay Halstead fanfic by Ynhalstead
Always Here: A Jay Halstead fanficby Foxette William
✧✧✧✧✧✧It's always going to be us no matter what. Always.✧✧✧✧✧ ✧ ...
Hey Brother by Chicago_PD_
Hey Brotherby Chicago_PD_
Gracelyn Casey is lieutant Matt Casey's little sister. Matt wants to protect his little sister from danger at all cost. What happens when Gracelyn becomes a detective fo...
Bondi Rescue ~ Imagines And Preferences Fanfic ~  by user910haha
Bondi Rescue ~ Imagines And how_you_doin?
All of your fav Bondi Lifeguards imagines and preferences. I will try and do all of them.
A different type || Bondi Rescue || Mouse  by shellswrites
A different type || Bondi Rescue | shellswrites
They watch each other every day. She watches him and he watches her. But they never meet. So what happens when the do? What happens when the beautiful horse rider Shelb...
The Mouse and The Wolf |BxB| by dollygrand
The Mouse and The Wolf |BxB|by Dolly Grand
Oliver's life turns upside down when he learns that werewolves exist and one of them is his mate, but things get dangerous when he starts to learn more about himself. ...
Bondi Rescue Imagines  by heyitsvicki
Bondi Rescue Imagines by Vicki
Based on all the Bondi Rescue Lifeguards. They have inspired me to write this book. Also the support that they're giving me right now is honestly so nice of them! I'm so...
The Cat And Mouse Game || Haikyuu || Yandere!Nekoma x Male reader  by Eeveelover_love
The Cat And Mouse Game || ↳︎Clueless_Euphoria
You never planned on joining in the first place, but they were so persistent and they seemed nice. So, you joined them. Everything was going well. Everything was going f...
Bondi Rescue Imagines  by aestheticxellie
Bondi Rescue Imagines by Ellie
Rescues down at Bondi Beach fans have requested with other lifeguards Thank you for your support! PM me if you want to use any ideas! And PM requests :) P.S. this is no...
Tusks by TheoryKierei
Tusksby TheoryKierei
Book two of the Shifter Series. After just losing Arron to the one guy he could barely stand, Erin's life seemed to have become just a repetitive bore. When a new stude...
~Cat chases Mouse~ Adrien Agreste/Chat Noir x Reader by _miraculous_spidey
~Cat chases Mouse~ Adrien tom holland lover
You are (y/n) bourgeois, the sister of Chloe bourgeois. You are only a few month's younger than Chloe but still are in the same grade. You go to school at Collège Franço...
The Responders by Chicago_PD_
The Respondersby Chicago_PD_
Ever since Blake was adopted by Benny Severide, and became inseparable with Kelly, she always wanted to be a firefighter. Just like her brother. Recruited straight to Fi...
S.C.I mystery  by Godtbassforever
S.C.I mystery by Lonely soul
Every investigation assigned to the S.C.I team are mass murders, committed by unpredictable serial killers with horrendous and gruesome methods of slaughter. However, am...
New Family by onechicagooo
New Familyby onechicagooo
Jessica Evans is seventeen years old and has spent fourteen of those years in the foster system with no real family or name. That's until she finally works up the courag...
My Hybrid Mates| BTS  by minnie_kim01
My Hybrid Mates| BTS by Minnie
[COMPLETED] Every human and hybrid alike has a mate or mates that their hearts beat and long for. Some accept them and some... eventually accept it. Mina absolutely love...
Special Crime Investigation Journal Of Mysery Book 2 by Autumn260103
Special Crime Investigation Autumn
Our S.C.I leader Mouse Xiao Bai and Cute Psychologist Cat Zhan Zhao's love story
One day, Oh definitely  by linsteadfanfict
One day, Oh definitely by Stella_luna
Erin takes the deal to save bunny, so she leaves everything behind including a conflicted jay. 5 years later they cross paths again.....
Bondi Rescue One Shots by janie_thomps
Bondi Rescue One Shotsby janie
I take requests! One shots about out favourite boys in blue (all of these stories are mine)
Augustine's Sanity by STESLARA
Augustine's Sanityby Sara Nichole
His whole life, Augustine D'Silvetta has felt absolutely insane. Crazy. Off the rocker. Having a couple of screws loose. No matter how anyone phrased it, Gus has felt th...
Tiny Mouse Troubles |BEASTARS| by Fics_4_Funz
Tiny Mouse Troubles |BEASTARS|by ℍℚ_ℙ𝕣𝕖𝕤𝕚𝕕𝕖𝕟𝕥
Born as a human mouse, y/n has been judged her whole life. When she walks out onto the streets filled with animals, they all stare. Animals don't even hide the fact that...
Give Me Color.  by LordAkihiro
Give Me Color. by MoonLight Writer
The Black Cat was loved by her God, and her friends. She was kind and caring, and love to make them happy. She loved her God. But not in the way he loved her. For the...