If you play the guitar or piano, I think you're awesome.

Be nice to shy kids for Masky and Hoodie
Laugh no matter how much it hurts for Laughing Jack
Smile even in pain for Jeff The Killer
Live with no regrets for BEN Drowned
Be yourself no matter what you look like for Slenderman
Be a warrior for Eyeless Jack.
Creepypasta is dying. Spread the word if you care.
99% of you wouldn't put this on your Bio. Be that 1%.


Moving on:
Obsessed with music.
My friends told me I should be a therapist. I feel bad for whoever I have to help. They said I'm easy to talk to and a good listener. Wtf... People usually come to me for advice, saying I'm good at comforting people and giving advice. It sucks to be hung up on a guy, so I help my friends with their relationships.

I saw someone do this... (Favorites or Adjectives)

A(nimal)- Thylacine... or wolf

B(ands)- P!atd, 5sos (I knowww), The Cab, Simple Plan

C- I'm actually learning cello right now. I'm at a beginner's level of course

D(eductive)- I'm usually pretty logical

E(gotistical)- at times.

G(enre)- I love reading dramas and horror.

H(ogwarts house?)- Either Slytherin or Ravenclaw apparently

I(nterests)- I love writing and music in general... so much fun.

J(udgemental)- Sorry but it's true

K(lutzy)- I trip over everything and walk into walls at least twice a day.

L(oyal)- one of my few good traits.

M(acabre)- IRL, the way I act... my friends know.

N(egative)- I'm usually pessimistic

P(eople)- school friends, program friends, my sister...

Q(uiet)- I don't talk much in real life.

R(easonable)- Even when I'm saying absolute bullshit, I SOUND right.

S(mile)- Rare, fades away relatively quickly

T(esty)- awful temper

U(nmotivated)- I lose inspiration so easily.

V(iolin)- I've been playing for almost a decade and still suck. I'm probably a bit better than an amateur.

W(riters)- Jonathan Stroud, Rick Riordan...

Z(ealous)- I can be rather passionate
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