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Braver l'interdit - [BAEKHYUN] by _longguo_
Braver l'interdit - [BAEKHYUN]by †ᴸᴼᴺᴳᴳᵁᴼ†
Les mathématiques sont difficiles, encore plus quand elles sont enseignées par un prof arrogant tel que Monsieur Byun Baekhyun.
Our Different  World (Fantasy) (ProfXstudent)  by _imyoulife_
Our Different World (Fantasy) ( Shekanai_
Phoebe Las Heras- Stella Celeste Gomez-
Repeated Encounter [SOON]  by bundlealeyzz
Repeated Encounter [SOON] by Leyyy
~ProfxStudent~ [Zenbe University #2] Avira Veranda is a college student who recently moved into a new university. She is an independent person who doesn't care about her...
Soulless of The Pure by niegelclydrius
Soulless of The Pureby Al
It is all about how much of monster each one of us. It narrates how cruel her past and she became the monster that everyone else is. She is pure until no more. Audenzia...
SCP Foundation x RWBY by Storiesfan111
SCP Foundation x RWBYby [REDACTED]
When team RWBY is assigned by Professor Ozpin to investigate an area shrouded with mysteries and anomalous disappearances (including team JNPR who he sent before RWBY) t...
Twenty Minutes Of Summer by dilawnabuwan_
Twenty Minutes Of Summerby LUNA
Summer is the time when people enjoying the view and warm weather and relaxing their body and mind, pero iba ata ang naging dala sa akin ng summer. Kakaibang bersyon ata...
To Thaw The Heart                  (Detective Conan & Magic Kaito x Reader) by DeathsSecretary666
To Thaw The Tһȏṭᕼųŋɬɛཞ_420
"Y/n no you can't shoot children-" "Hmm" "Wait what are you- OH SHI-" Honestly I don't see enough fanfics for this fandom/fandoms(idk anym...
Professor's Love by Lismin_lover
Professor's Loveby Park Y/N
Always Your Lismin
A Disaster In Sinnoh - Pearlshipping by deadboixxx
A Disaster In Sinnoh - dead
Ash wins the Kalos League and becomes the youngest trainer ever to do so. But instead taking place as champion of the region, he decided to continue his travels througho...
Octonauts INCORRECT QUOTES by Ninjagoweaselshera
Octonauts INCORRECT QUOTESby Sir Author
Back in the day, I asked the question "is anyone even a part of this fandom?" and apparently lots of you are! I'm just very dense and introverted, so I did not...
Selcouth by shiruackk
Selcouthby Kie Alonzo
Some people falling with a person they don't know, person they don't know whome they falling Inlove, and some people falling Inlove with their professor unexpectedly
Hot Nights With My Prof (R-16) by ThunderFrost07
Hot Nights With My Prof (R-16)by Song Dong Sun
Hello! Another on-going story po hehe✌ Ang storyang ito ay naglalaman ng maraming kathang isip ng baliw na otor ( dats me ) marami po itong mature na scenes ( hanudaww...
The Journey Of Destiny:Kanto by kurama2233
The Journey Of Destiny:Kantoby 千ㄖ乂ㄚ(千乇几)
what happens when two people r tasked to become the strongest people out there and when they r tasked with some things which r considered impossible by many but what if...
prof love || jikook by KimVictorya9
prof love || jikookby 𝙺𝚒𝚖 𝐯𝐢𝐜𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐢𝐚
إذا هل وقعت في الحب ؟ لا ..!! لماذا لا تستطيع إبعاد ناظريك عنه إذا ؟ لا أحد يمكنه إبعاد أعينه عن ما هو جميل ..!! و انا فعلت ..!! لكنه بروفيسور و أنت طالب ..!!
Kneel Down, Professor by darkliylys
Kneel Down, Professorby ALI
A young new professional professor in VHU, the most exclusive and top 1 high-rank university in the world. He's cold as ice, as rude and grumpy as a lion. But not to me...
May our stiches keep us together ( Prof. Stein x Prof. Y/n) by BlackRose833
May our stiches keep us together ( BlackRose
Your a death scythe that came back from a 5 year long mission to report yourself to lord death himself. Lord death asks you to fill out the position of dwma nurse and a...
Ce prof.... by SomeoneWhoLoveDilf
Ce An0nymA
C'est l'histoire d'une élève qui tombe amoureuse de l'un de ses professeurs(Oui,gros cliché mais bon osef...).
Old rivals, New friends by IWrite_1
Old rivals, New friendsby 'ME'
Hi readers. You are going to read now, the stories of Gary and Leaf. Gary, with his smart attitude has always been my favorite and green Leaf too is a hit, so here, I sh...
The Dark Boy by hastiness8901
The Dark Boyby hastiness
Ash felt sad........ He felt betrayed........... No. He was betrayed. Prof. Oak refused to give Ash his starter because Oak decided Ash was not responsible enough to ta...
. O amor no Ensino medio <3 by amigopcof
. O amor no Ensino medio <3by nataniel_noite
〹﹚🐢﹢﹒Essa historia tera Yaoi e Yuri﹒ᶻᶻ ˗ˏˋയ ✩ e n vai afeta a nem uma das pessoas fora dessa historia 🌹 💫﹒∇﹑✦﹐então respeite ﹒⨯﹐❀ ⟡.🌊﹒﹌﹒-𖣠﹕ em alguns ships eu vou p...