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In Deep by AuthenticCee
In Deepby $
Lil Gangbanging Ass by theyamourme
Lil Gangbanging Assby Babygirl <3
"And I don't think I'm God, But you can die if you say my name in vain" #NLMB.
Escape (A Lil Bibby Story) by Yellow-Sherbert
Escape (A Lil Bibby Story)by TayaBoo💕👑✨
"FUCK, why do you do this to me Bibby?" I asked frustration shooting through my voice as I finally looked up at him. He furrowed his brows as his eyes filled...
From Condos to the Streets by rinaaaology
From Condos to the Streetsby RINA
Gianna doesn't know what to do with her life after high school. In the mist of finding out what she really wants she applies to a mysterious 'volunteering' program in Ch...
How To Love by babybucksxx
How To Loveby babybucksxx
Hazel is from Chicago but she moved away for two years after her and her mom got into and her and Brandon broke up .. now she's back.
Leah & KJ-Family Ties (Part 2 to book 5) by Riaababy
Leah & KJ-Family Ties (Part 2 to G Ria
Follow Kayden,Bibby and Herb's Children as they go through life juggling everyday struggles while trying to stay sane LITERALLY! Let's see what these two bring THIS IS...
Finally found love.  by prettygawl5
Finally found love. by Yeahimnae 👅
Rylee is a 19 year old college student and dental assistant going day by day hoping that she makes it till the end of day with her abusive boyfriend beating her every ch...
Love Conquers All (Trilogy)NLMB by Riaababy
Love Conquers All (Trilogy)NLMBby G Ria
They've been through it all. Can they finally be happy or will it be a never ending battle. Just remember Love Conquers All! Read It Was A One Night One Night To A L...
Unexpected Changes (Book 2)  by Yellow-Sherbert
Unexpected Changes (Book 2) by TayaBoo💕👑✨
One year later, 19 year old Ar'mariah is transiting into becoming on her own.. What most people dread... Adult Hood. But with Bibby still along her side, he tries to mak...
Pieces (Lil Bibby) by heyparadise
Pieces (Lil Bibby)by heyparadise
It's like a puzzle; so many pieces. Brandon (Lil Bibby) and Trinity both trying to find the perfect piece to their puzzle. Could they be each other's missing piece?
Forbidden Love (A lil bibby story) by Lulareanna
Forbidden Love (A lil bibby story)by Prncess
I think she was afraid to love sometimes. I think it scared her. she was the type to like things that are concrete,like the ocean. something you could point to and know...
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Welcome To The Trenches (NLMB) by TripleThreat12
Welcome To The Trenches (NLMB)by Ria x Tata x Ali
You know them by NLMB the group in which fellow rappers Lil Bibby and G Herbo are part of But do you know what went on before the fame? Follow them and the rest of the N...
Demon🦇🖤 by DemonVonn
Demon🦇🖤by 🦇🖤
Fuck Wimme I'm Da Fastest 💨
Love&Baskettball by gubbergang
Love&Baskettballby gubbergang
Basketball and Love ,dope dealers and drugs secrets and lies Can't nobody make it in this world no more Shit could get heavy in the ATL Sending my...
From Condos to the Streets: The Trilogy by rinaaaology
From Condos to the Streets: The RINA
They've been together since teenagers. They went through happiness and hardships, killings and births, Drama and everything you could possibly imagine. They showed us th...
Chapter17 by eirydadon
Chapter17by eirydadon
Love is rare so you never thought it would be you that it would choose. Pain is all that you understand so you never saw the angel that was sent to heal you until god ca...
Bibby's Bad Bitch (A Lil Bibby Love Story) by bibby_lilbaby
Bibby's Bad Bitch (A Lil Bibby Bibby's Wife 🤤💦
Lil Bibby, 22 and Xena, 21 are in a committed relationship, it had been this way since they met one day while he was out on the block. She would walk by everyday and nod...
Letter by PatriciaMaeRama
Letterby Patricia Mae Rama
magkakatuloyan sa paraang ng pag sulat ng letter?
The Hidden Evil  by CHELSEAaWATSON
The Hidden Evil by Chelsea
Evil:profound immorality, wickedness, and depravity, especially when regarded as a supernatural force. "the world is stalked by relentless evil" synonyms: wick...