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In You (A BounPrem AU) by bounpremASMR
In You (A BounPrem AU)by ☪
Boun had a girlfriend of eight years - they had planned their future together; adopting dogs, getting their own house, traveling the world, and surpassing his girlfriend...
After rain comes the clear sky (Kaoearth) by Mystical_twilight
After rain comes the clear sky ( Scarlett Jewel
Rain will pass. The sky will be clear again. The sun will shine bright and the dark clouds will go away. For someone who has been through a storm, clear sky is a new be...
Other Half (Omegaverse) by misa_nee
Other Half (Omegaverse)by Nagi 🖤
The Dechaphatthanakun heir, the next-alpha-in-line is famous due to the power that he hold. Kao never really cares about his power nor his position because to him, only...
Meant To Be by misa_nee
Meant To Beby Nagi 🖤
Earth meet Kao when he tries to run from some goons. To his surprise, they met again and learned that Kao is the owner of the restaurant where he works. In this world, s...
Doctor save Me by mikaystoriess
Doctor save Meby MKST
Prem a Doctor that came back from abroad meets Boun a CEO and also business partnet and friend of his older brother Kao Boun was cold, he got into an accident and was sa...
Dare by misa_nee
Dareby Nagi 🖤
The two of them meet when the other almost hit by a ball. Seeing again in the school cafeteria, eventually the two become friends. Before they know it, they are into dee...
KaoEarth ONESHOTS AU by jundiablos
KaoEarth ONESHOTS AUby junijunipers
I re-post every KaoEarth AU oneshoot I made on my twitter as a threads. All of them are COMPLETED. Warnings! - most of them are MPREG - there would be OMEGAVERSE - fluf...
Fated to be Forever // KAOEARTH OMEGAVERSE AU by jundiablos
Fated to be Forever // KAOEARTH junijunipers
#Book III of FATED The Series# From being a butler, a mate, and a lover, into a parent! See how will Kao and Earth diving into parenthood with their lovely twins! Alzure...
I Always Will by misa_nee
I Always Willby Nagi 🖤
Both Ohm and Boun, found their mate. It doesn't matter to Kao but what bothers him is Earth. A wizard with a beautiful smile but with sad longing eyes. Will his curiosi...
Kidnap My Heart by misa_nee
Kidnap My Heartby Nagi 🖤
Kao is known as Korn, tha vocalist of the band named "The Fallen". He bought a cat for his sister but it escaped and found by someone. Pretending to be a nerd...
Truly, Madly, Deeply by misa_nee
Truly, Madly, Deeplyby Nagi 🖤
A typical love story or so you thought... The story takes place in a certain university wherein Kao help a freshman and fell in love with him at first sight.
Crop Top by prithaheart
Crop Topby prithaheart
When your boyfriend Possessive but still understand you the most 😘🖤💛
Birthday by misa_nee
Birthdayby Nagi 🖤
A one-shot (but a little late) story of our bunny's birthday #Cooheart25thBD 💛
Bittersweet Love // #KaoEarth AU by jundiablos
Bittersweet Love // #KaoEarth AUby junijunipers
A part-time worker at a coffee shop named Earth reunites with his first love, Kao. An unexpected encounter will take him through many unexpected events in his static lif...
Thai BL oneshots || FILO + ENG ‼ // discontinued by euphoricgunatp
Thai BL oneshots || FILO + ENG ‼ CLER
Just a book full of my Twitter THAI BL Oneshots and AU Prompts. Care to follow my twitter acc @/euphoricgunatp I'll most likely put a ♡ symbol before a chapter, if its a...
Fall in Love to Fall out of Love by vrryple
Fall in Love to Fall out of Loveby berryple
[KAOEARTH] "Since the day that I've met you I fell for you, Until we both fell in love. But suddenly you've change with no reason. I'm still fall in love but you fa...
all boys unversity by broccoli_chaowtur
all boys unversityby itzmepao
where four cute boys decided to study in a only boys unversity because of their own reasons What if they'll meet a group of boys? update every mon-fri evening
Yours  by c0ohearteu
Yours by c0ohearteu
When Crown Prince Ohm finds the love of his life, his Royal Aide Kao wonders if it could be his turn to find love. His calculated, careful nature finds its match in the...
Finally You and I (OhmFluke KaoEarth AU) by yuyunstar
Finally You and I (OhmFluke yuyunstar
《Short story|Completed Fanfiction》 (Ohmfluke/MinSky and KaoEarth/KaiSpring) A short story of an AU of an AU --- 4STORM is a four-member band that started as an extracurr...