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love is a illusion || Nerrison  by mj50cool
love is a illusion || Nerrison by mj bensley
"fuck you Harrison" nerris pulled at her hair. why did she get paired with Harrison. if she hadnt they never would have gotten into a fight. meaning she never...
Another Summer (Camp Camp) by fearndthings
Another Summer (Camp Camp)by help im stuck in a glass jar...
((Note from the futurrrrree, im not finishing this lol, cringey.)) A year has gone by and Camp has started up again. Love and betrayal left behind. We are here to have a...
Two Magic Kids (Nerrison) by Madison_Is_A_Writer
Two Magic Kids (Nerrison)by ✨Madison✨
What would happen if two magic kids get together? This fanfic will (hopefully) fulfill your Nerrison needs. Cover art by meanoww ~•~•~•~• Highest Ranks: 1st in 'Nerriso...
A warlock requires a War Key by ciingulomaniic
A warlock requires a War Keyby ciingulomaniic
Ah, the classic game of truth or dare. But what happens when a dare blooms into a date? In a war of puppy live and looks, maybe it isn't a dare after all. Besides, roll...
Because I can. (A Nerrison Fanfic) by Basic_blogs
Because I can. (A Nerrison Fanfic)by Dawgy Dawg
Because it's a cute ship. When Nerris starts to feel things for her arch nemesis, she doesn't know how to react, so she goes to the main trio, Nikki, Max, and Neil. th...
Ask Nerrison by StinkB
Ask Nerrisonby Meme
Ask Nerrison ( Nerris and Harrison ) ( i made the profile myself )
Ask max  by Spacecase_is_gay
Ask max by Originally MelonSai
Have a question about max from Camp Camp here ya go Max: wait what Me: what Max: what the fuck
It Started With Hatred, And Ended With Love (Nerrison fanfic) by Nekosco
It Started With Hatred, And Terunori Kuga's Waifu
Nerris claims she hates Harrison, but really, she really likes him. A lot. But doesn't know it.
Lost and found by chicken_nugget_tord
Lost and foundby Emilie UwU
Max has liked Nikki for a long time. Little does he know that Nikki feels the same way. When all the campers go to camp for one last time, the summer takes an unexpected...
Unlikely pair ( Camp camp au Nerrison fanfic ) by StinkB
Unlikely pair ( Camp camp au Meme
This au is all the Camp Camp characters are all animals ( animals that walk on 2 feet, kind of like furries ) but only certain parts of them are animal and most is huma...
Camp Camp One Shots by wolferiyne
Camp Camp One Shotsby da wae
Requests open! No maxvid or x readers please (or even smut) Im ao i can't do x readers forgive me- Camp camp belongs to Rooster Teeth Oneshots by me
Camp camp - Oneshots  by reader-no555
Camp camp - Oneshots by Edith
hi! this is my first one-shot fanfic so i'm sorry if this is crap, but there WILL be ships in this and those will probably include: - MaxNeil - Nerrison - Nikki x ered t...
/random Camp Camp shit/ by SomeCrazyPerson87
/random Camp Camp shit/by ╰┈➤ 𝓞𝓻𝓲𝓵𝓪 ✎
//This account is shared by two people, and I'm Ori!// -This is just a place for me to express my cc headcanons and ships. -Please don't be offended if we don't have the...
Camp Camp oneshots (REQUESTS OPEN) by heyheyheyyogurt
Camp Camp oneshots (REQUESTS OPEN)by Cora <3
Hi! Please read the first chapter for rules and stuff and make sure to enjoy!
Magic Beyond The Stars : CAMP CAMP Nerrison Oneshots Book by _xXMidnightMoonXx_
Magic Beyond The Stars : CAMP mmooniii
Just some super cute oneshots about Nerrison! I hope you like the various aus, oc episodes and oneshot fluffiness galore! I make my own oneshots but don't be afraid to c...
Camp Camp Nerrison oneshots (Nerris x Harrison) by seasonalpsychopath
Camp Camp Nerrison oneshots ( seasonalpsychopath
celebrating the lovely ship of Nerrison because Rooster Teeth is mean and doesn't give us enough Nerrison
camp camp headcannons by iDontExist564
camp camp headcannonsby iDontExist564
Title says it all tw: angst
Big book of yoai oneshots  by goodnye
Big book of yoai oneshots by goodnye
Give requests and I will do them as soon as possible!
||Experiments||Camp Camp AU|| by Dying_Dorito
||Experiments||Camp Camp AU||by no longer active.
David decides to take a few campers on a nature walk. Harrison, Preston and Nikki are the lucky ones. During their hike, they all take a blow dart to the neck. A man end...