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Trust No One: A Camp Camp and Gravity Falls Crossover by Emily-Cipher
Trust No One: A Camp Camp and Eliza Boleyn-Deetz
A Camp Camp and Gravity Falls Crossover...
a hell called home (completed) by liamwhitney26
a hell called home (completed)by liam
he could never escape this hell, could he? everyday, it was a new mistake. everyday, a new bruise or scar appeared. max could never escape this hell called home. ---- tr...
Runaway Boy [Dadvid] by johannqwu
Runaway Boy [Dadvid]by johannqwu
(NEW CHAPTERS, MORE COMING SOON I PROMISE) Camp Campbell shuts down for the end of summer, which means it's time for the campers to go home. Max however had different pl...
The Great Big Scare by LilyLovesLolipops
The Great Big Scareby Lily
"You have to be kidding me." (Yes that's the best description I could think of). I joined the band wagon and wrote some Dadvid for you! This is my first big s...
Gotchu || Dadvid and MaxNeil Camp Camp by Livid_Micro
Gotchu || Dadvid and MaxNeil Eri and Toga
Max is eleven this year at Camp Campbell! Little does he know that by the end of the summer, he's going into foster care and David doesnt know what to do. While Neil is...
Real dad {dadvid CC}  by vixiegloom
Real dad {dadvid CC} by im slowly dying
Max has lived a hard life, and can't take any more abuse, so when camp is close to its end, David got rather suspicious that something might be going on with max. Max re...
Camp Camp: Someone who cares (Dadvid) BEING RE-WRITTEN by pieceofcampcamptrash
Camp Camp: Someone who cares ( Oscar the Grouch
This is something I wrote a long time ago and doesn't really represent me now. You guys can read it but the child abuse might be triggering. Also I don't believe I handl...
I Guess Miracles Are True. | a dadvid and gwenvid fic |  by yourmother2929
I Guess Miracles Are True. | a spencer 💗
max was abused, but suddenly one day he was fed up with his so called fathers shit and took a run for it. he had to find a way to possibly suriving in the wicked streets...
They Don't Care, But I Do. | A Dadvid Story | by yourmother2929
They Don't Care, But I Do. | A spencer 💗
Hey! Thanks for clicking on this story! The other one i didn't really like and I only did two chapters, so this is a remake. Some Warnings. Gwenvid Abuse Depression Pan...
The End of Summer: A Dadvid Story. (Finished) by zoemadness636
The End of Summer: A Dadvid zoemadness636
At the end of summer Maxes parents get arrested after the Miller agents find out they've been working with Mr. Cambell. After the adults talk, David volunteers to take M...
|A camp camp story| gwenvid  -DISCONTINUED- by purpletowers
|A camp camp story| gwenvid purpletowers
All the campers are fifteen now and it's time to go back to camp Campbell for the summer! But things don't start off with such a swing. Secrets are kept from friends and...
Life Sucks But You Make It Better - Max x Reader by Kaliedakat
Life Sucks But You Make It allie <3
summer, the perfect time to catch up on shows and do nothing with friends. this got ruined for you when you were sent off to attend your uncles shitty camp. making frien...
Camp Camp One-Shots by The_Pannest_Cake
Camp Camp One-Shotsby Bob
I have found that there aren't many Camp Camp one shots books on here so I decided to make one. (Little note, lots of these are old and kinda bad so like yeah) Anyway...
Camp Camp Titanverse by Hadwinmarshall9
Camp Camp Titanverseby Marshall Hadwin
Ancient creatures are awaking and choosing sides, which side will the Lake Lilac teams choose?
Guns (hitman dadvid au) by lagearlightupshoes
Guns (hitman dadvid au)by God
(This story is based on the hitman au by @gutzix on tumblr 😙)
Camp Camp Group Chat? by ricebunns
Camp Camp Group Chat?by grace
Doing this cuz i'm bored as hooey Camp Camp belongs to Roosterteeth
Gwenvid shit. •Ended 😔• by _Soleaa_
Gwenvid shit. •Ended 😔•by Lea
fanficts and short stories of my Babs... mom!Gwen and Dadvid AU's included in this. make request if ya want to (^v^) Cover art not mine
C a m p C a m p S h i t by gRikEL_01
C a m p C a m p S h i tby Nobody Lives Here
^ T h e T i t l e S p e a k s F o r M e
Sparks - Gwenvid by forgottenFruitloop
Sparks - Gwenvidby Forgotten Fruitloop
Gwenvid Au where Camp Campbell has shut down. Time has past and David has opened his own summer camp.
The Walking Dead AU(Camp Camp Crossover) by AwkwardPotato2276
The Walking Dead AU(Camp Camp ❤❤❤
This is a crossover between The walking dead the telltale game. I just like the characters better and camp camp. If you haven't watched camp camp or played the walking d...